7 Animes to watch with kids

Anime was part of the childhood of many Brazilians, reaching a good audience on open TV channels. Who doesn't remember the classics Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha and Knights of the Zodiac?

However, the anime and manga universe is better than ever. And if you're a fan of the oldies, you certainly want to pass this culture on to the little ones. First of all, it is important to present works with a lighter plot and easier to understand, without too intense battles or inappropriate content for the age group. 

That's why we've gathered 7 animes to watch with your kids and enjoy the characters' journey of overcoming and adventure. 


Currently with four seasons available on Crunchyroll, Haikyuu is a phenomenon in the category of sports anime. The light and fun story follows a teenager who is enchanted by the universe of sports. After watching a championship match, he decides to join the school's volleyball club. 

However, the protagonist will need to face several issues such as height difference and challenges to help his team gain recognition in the scenario.

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Kuroko no Basket

One of the favorite anime of many lovers of Japanese adaptations, Kuroko no Basket follows five basketball stars who pass through high schools in search of great talent. Kuroku Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga are two young men from Seirin High school, as well as great basketball players. Taiga dreams of becoming one of the greatest athletes in the world, while Kuroku is still considered weak by his classmates.

Before achieving their dreams and showing their own worth, Taiga and Kuroku must face great challenges and win the long-awaited Generation of Miracles, a team made up of the five greatest players of Japan. The anime is available on Netflix catalog and has 3 seasons.

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It's almost impossible to talk about anime to watch with kids without approaching Naruto. the work of Masashi Kishimoto is a classic that continues to enchant new generations with the story of the young orphan Naruto Uzumaki, a boy who has the dream of becoming Hokage, the leader of Vila da Folha. Despite having grown up without his parents, Naruto is determined and continues to pursue his dream. 

Along with team seven and led by Kakashi Hatake, the ninja will have to deal with discoveries about himself and face different enemies. All nine seasons of Naruto Classic are now available on Netflix, as well as the full continuation of Naruto Shippuden.

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One Piece

At some point you must have heard about the ''pirate that stretches'' anime. It is one of the most incredible (and longest) stories in the universe of Japanese adaptations. the work of Eiichiro Oda accompanies a group of pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy.  

The young man dreams of becoming the Pirate King and find the so famous One Piece, an epic treasure present in legends and desired by all sailors. In 2021, the work even received confirmation of an adaptation for a series that is being produced by Netflix. 

The anime is still in release and its previous seasons are already available in the Netflix catalog.

7 animes to watch with kids - one piece

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia accompanies ok, a young woman in love with magic and who achieves a great achievement: entering the Luna Nova school of magic. At 16, she starts studying to try to reach the level of the witch. Shiny Chariot, your biggest inspiration. However, Akko will need to work harder than expected to understand and master her powers.

The animation is produced by Trigger studio, while the manga is published in Brazil by JBC. Adaptation is available at Netflix.

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Himouto! Umaru-chan

When it comes to anime with a charismatic protagonist, Himouto! Umaru-chan successfully accomplish this mission. The anime follows a princess considered an icon at school, but is actually an ordinary girl who has favorite activities like watching anime, playing games and wearing comfortable pajamas.

With a fun plot and only 12 episodes, the anime is a perfect choice to watch in just one weekend. the anime is available on Crunchyroll.

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Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan found by Yuki, Kyo and Shigure Sohma. After being rescued, the young girl discovers that the members of the Sohma family are linked to the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, the result of a curse that causes them to transform when they are weak or in contact with girls.

All anime episodes are available on streaming Crunchyroll.

In addition, we highlight that all animes listed have dubbing and subtitles in Portuguese. Finally, we emphasize that the chosen works have an adequate rating to watch with the family without worrying about violent scenes or inappropriate content for the age group. 

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