Ashi-waza – Foot techniques and therapy

Ashi-waza [足技] is a set of Japanese foot therapy techniques. Ashi literally means feet, while Waza means technique. This art was used both in fights and in body therapies, in this article we will talk about both.

Ashi Waza as Fighting Techniques

The Ashi waza is considered a big part of karate, judo and other types of fighting, which involves the study of techniques with the feet. Positioning of the feet to withstand the impact and techniques of defense or attack in the broad sense.

No Karate, the parts of the feet and legs are named and specified for each type of fighting technique. Fukurahagi refers to the calf, Futomomo refers to thigh Knee corresponds to the knees, while the feet are called Soku.

Soku is the main member of Japanese foot techniques, where it is used to deliver and receive blows and impacts. These areas are called Haisoku, Kakato, Koshi, Teisoku, Sokuto, Tsumasaki and Sune.

Any technique that uses the feet or legs in any type of Japanese fighting can end up being classified as ashiwaza, as this word means nothing more than a technique with the feet.

Ashi-waza - techniques and foot therapy

Ashi-Waza as therapy

Foot therapy was developed in 2003 at the school TOYO SEITAI SENMON GAKUIN (Oriental School Specialized in Spinal Alignment Technique), located in Shizuoka (Japan) by master Daisuke Sugiyama.

He combined the techniques of Thai Massage and Seitai (Body Organization), extracting the best of both techniques, thus developing his own method called Sugiyama Ashigi.

The technique provides a new experience for those who need therapeutic care and at the same time benefits the person who applies the technique. There are numerous benefits for both those who receive or apply the techniques.

Benefits for those receiving foot therapy:

  • Increases range of joint motion;
  • From the soles of the feet, the “Ki” (energy of vitality) is emanated, which is often greater than that of the hands;
  • The pleasurable rhythm generates a comfortable stimulus throughout the body;
  • It is possible to massage and release tension throughout the body, not just specific points;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Elevates and improves metabolism;
  • Eliminates toxins;
  • The flow of lymph fluid becomes smooth, improving health;
Ashi-waza - techniques and foot therapy

Unlike what the image above shows, foot therapies are done using the feet and not the feet.

Benefits for Therapists:

  • You therapists who apply the technique receive Self-preservation;
  • Decreases physical wear and improves productivity;
  • Balance Development;
  • Improves and re-educates your posture;
  • Stimulates the areas and reflexes of the feet;
  • Improves the sensitivity of the soles of the feet;
  • Strengthens the lower limbs;
  • Reduces fluid retention in the lower limbs;
  • Improved blood circulation;
  • Fat burning in the lower limbs;

Helio Nakaura was the first foreign student to study and practice this method in Japan, and now he intends to spread this technique to benefit the greatest number of people. He even took an online and face-to-face course for this, you can see details by going to his website below:

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