Neko Cafe - Shall we play with the cats?


You may have heard of maid cafe where girls dressed as maids serve you coffee and food. Or you may also have heard about cosplay coffee, which is the same thing, but the girls are dressed in characters from some anime or other work. But things don't stop there, in Japan there are also Neko Cafe or Cat Cafe where you interact with real cats.

Inside of one neko coffee you can play with cats, pet them, hug them while having coffee. Perfect for those who cannot have cats at home, and want to enjoy the benefits of owning one.

Origin of Neko Cafe

The first cafe with cats opened in Taiwan in the city of Taipei in 1998. The Neko Café became famous in Japan and started to attract many tourists. In Japan, the first Cat Café opened in the city of Osaka in the year 2004.

Neko cats cafe

Like Cats, Cat Café are quite popular in Japan. To improve marketing and earnings, some take advantage of cat coffee to sell souvenirs and make a complete cat store, the first was created by Norimasa Hanada in 2005. Over time this business expanded and until 2010 more than 100 cats coffee appeared in Japan. Currently in Tokyo alone, there are more than 40 Neko Café. 

Cat cafes have strict rules to ensure the cleanliness and welfare of the animals. They need to ensure that cats are not disturbed by excessive or unwanted attention, such as small children or when they sleep. Some coffee with cats encourage the adoption of animals.

Cat Cafe Videos

Coffee with cats is a very kawaii and adorable. Here you can find cats of various breeds and sizes, an environment made for cats to feel at home and totally comfortable, as well as toys to interact with them. Why don't you take a look at the videos below and get to know all the details of cat cafe:

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