What is the power of the Japanese passport? Free access?

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We have already written an article talking about the japanese citizenship and that its main benefits are having a Japanese passport. Today we are going to talk about the numerous benefits that this Japanese passport provides! The power of the Japanese passport is so great that it allows free entry into over 155 countries.

With Japanese nationality and Japanese passport, we are treated like Japanese in other countries, this can help us to get scholarships and integrate in research groups abroad.

The Japanese passport is the 4th most powerful passport in the world, and it allows entry into hard-to-get visa countries like the USA. Let's see in this article a list of countries where the japanese passport allows entry without a visa or with a visa.

Countries that the Japanese passport allows you to enter

Below we have a list of countries, it will indicate which country allows entry no visa, or need a visa. Some countries ask for WTP which is an electronic travel authorization that is done quickly and practically.

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AfghanistanVisa required
Albaniano visa
AlgeriaVisa required
Andorrano visa
AngolaVisa required
antigua and barbudano visa
Argentinano visa
ArmeniaVisa on arrival
Austriano visa
AzerbaijanVisa on arrival
Bahamasno visa
BahrainVisa on arrival
BangladeshVisa on arrival
Barbadosno visa
Belarusno visa
Belgiumno visa
Belizeno visa
beninVisa required
BhutanVisa required
Boliviano visa
Bosnia and Herzegovinano visa
Botswanano visa
BrazilVisa required
Bruneino visa
Bulgariano visa
Burkina FasoVisa required
BurundiVisa required
CambodiaVisa on arrival / eVisa
CameroonVisa required
Cape GreenVisa on arrival
Central African RepublicVisa required
ChadVisa required
Chileno visa
Chinano visa
Colombiano visa
comorosVisa on arrival
CongoVisa required
Congo (Rep. Dem.)Visa required
Costa Ricano visa
Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast)Visa on arrival / eVisa
Croatiano visa
CubaVisa required
Cyprusno visa
Czechiano visa
Denmarkno visa
djiboutivisa on arrival
dominicano visa
Dominican Republicno visa
Ecuadorno visa
Egyptvisa on arrival
El Salvadorno visa
Equatorial GuineaVisa required
eritreaVisa required
Estoniano visa
EthiopiaVisa on arrival
fijino visa
Finlandno visa
Franceno visa
GabonVisa / eVisa Requirement
GambiaVisa required
Georgiano visa
Germanyno visa
GhanaVisa required
Greeceno visa
Grenadano visa
Guatemalano visa
guineaVisa required
guinea-bissauvisa on arrival
Guyanano visa
Haitino visa
Hondurasno visa
Hong Kongno visa
Hungaryno visa
Icelandno visa
Indiavisa on arrival
Indonesiano visa
WillVisa on arrival
IraqVisa required
Irelandno visa
Israelno visa
Italyno visa
Jamaicano visa
JordanVisa on arrival
Kazakhstanno visa
KenyaVisa on arrival / eVisa
Kiribatino visa
Kosovono visa
KuwaitVisa on arrival / eVisa
kyrgyzstanno visa
Laosno visa
latviano visa
LebanonVisa on arrival
Lesothono visa
LiberiaVisa required
LibyaVisa required
liechtensteinno visa
Lithuaniano visa
Luxembourgno visa
Macaono visa
Macedonia (FYROM)no visa
Madagascarvisa on arrival
Malawivisa on arrival
Malaysiano visa
Maldivesvisa on arrival
maliVisa required
Maltano visa
Marshall Islandsvisa on arrival
Mauritaniavisa on arrival
Mauritiusno visa
Mexicono visa
micronesiano visa
Moldaviano visa
monacono visa
Mongoliano visa
Montenegrono visa
Moroccono visa
Mozambiquevisa on arrival
Myanmar [Burma]Visa / eVisa Requirement
namibiano visa
nauruVisa required
Nepalvisa on arrival
Netherlandsno visa
New Zealandno visa
Nicaraguano visa
NigerVisa required
NigeriaVisa required
North KoreaVisa required
Norwayno visa
Omanvisa on arrival
PakistanVisa required
palauvisa on arrival
Palestinian territoriesno visa
Panamano visa
Papua New Guineavisa on arrival
Paraguayno visa
Peruno visa
Philippinesno visa
Polandno visa
Portugalno visa
Qatarvisa on arrival
Romaniano visa
Russian FederationVisa required
RwandaVisa / eVisa Requirement
Saint Kitts and Nevisno visa
Saint Luciano visa
Samoavisa on arrival
San Marinono visa
Sao Tome and Principeno visa
Saudi ArabiaVisa required
Senegalno visa
Serbiano visa
Seychellesvisa on arrival
Sierra LeoneVisa required
Singaporeno visa
Slovakiano visa
Sloveniano visa
Solomon Islandsvisa on arrival
SomaliaVisa required
South Africano visa
South Koreano visa
Southern SudanVisa required
Spainno visa
Sri LankaWTP
Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesno visa
SudanVisa required
Surinameno visa
swazilandno visa
Swedenno visa
Switzerlandno visa
SyriaVisa required
Taiwanno visa
Tanzaniavisa on arrival
thailandno visa
East TimorVisa on arrival
GoVisa on arrival
tongaVisa on arrival
Trinidad and Tobagono visa
Tunisiano visa
Peruno visa
TurkmenistanVisa required
tuvaluVisa on arrival
UgandaVisa on arrival
Ukraineno visa
United Arab Emiratesvisa on arrival
UKno visa
United States of AmericaWTP
Uruguayno visa
uzbekistanVisa required
vanuatuno visa
Vatican CITYno visa
Venezuelano visa
vietnamno visa
YemenVisa required
ZambiaVisa on arrival
ZimbabweVisa on arrival

What do you think about the power of the Japanese passport? Do you think it's worth getting japanese citizenship to have this passport?

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