Things about Japan: Food

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In today's article we will have a great compilation of information and curiosities about Food. Below you will find curiosities and information related to food and cuisine in Japan.

  • Japan has the most vending machines in the world. These machines are known as hanbaiki;
  • Convenience stores called konbini are found everywhere. There you can find all kinds of food that you never dreamed of finding in Brazil. You can also buy the famous obentos, which are Japanese lunch boxes, without the need to make your lunch.
  • Japanese food is not as expensive as most people think. Vegetables and meats have a high price compared to Brazil, but are quite affordable on the Japanese salary.
  • It can be said that the Japanese people eat the most well in the world. It has already been proven in several surveys that Japanese cuisine is one of the richest and most diverse in the world;

food in japan

  • The main foods in Japan are rice, noodles, fish accompanied by various leaves and roots, vegetables and legumes... and it's common to season all food with ginger.
  • The traditional Japanese breakfast is called Asa gohan, which means morning rice. It's a complete meal similar to lunch and dinner, with white rice, fish, misoshiro and tsukemono, and you're satisfied with a bread xD
  • There are indeed expensive fruits and vegetables, which can cost up to 2 thousand reais, however, they are artistic fruits, with different and rare shapes for collectors, but the price of a normal and very accessible natural food, and if you play around they eat much more fruits than us, who waste them.
  • There is no beans in Japanese cuisine, there is sweet beans that are only used to make sweets, this means your mother cannot make up excuses that if you don't eat beans you will get sick, considering that Japan is the country with the most centenarian elderly people.
Kaiseki cuisine 802
  • In Japan there is barbecue, the meat is not expensive, there are even restaurants where you can make your barbecue, roast the meat, and eat with friends.
  • It is normal to find sweets, dumplings, various things derived from rice and rice flour;
  • It is normal to find rice plantations all over the city;
  • Despite Japanese cuisine being very natural, full of things that many do not like such as vegetables and fish. Japanese people are able to transform these foods and leave them with completely unique flavors that arouse the interest of many who detest them. I myself do not like fish, but I love sushi.

Processed foods

  • It is normal to find industrialized foods with gifts and packaging for anime and games;
  • Sweets, Japan is rich in sweets and chocolates with completely different flavors, and it's normal to find chocolates with tea flavors, wasabi, pepper, pumpkin, even bars that can be roasted in the oven. Not only sweets, but also savory snacks have their exotic flavors, not only from fish but from various things. It's common to find avocado-flavored Doritos and Cheetos, and even Pepsi flavor.
  • There are several types of foods for children to eat while playing, such as Powders that turn into sweets in the shape of sushi or bento;
  • There are several flavors of processed foods such as sweets and snacks, sodas and beverages, which have their flavors for a limited time or region.
  • Everything made in Japan is made to be easy and practical, including the ways to open packages and boxes of foods like milk;
  • It is normal to find vending machines (hanbaiki) even in the middle of the woods, on highways, mountains, right next to a supermarket, and the interesting thing is that no one breaks into or steals as in Brazil.
  • KitKat is one of the most famous sweets in Japan, unlike Brazil, which only has one flavor... there must be more than 8,000, orange peel, chocolate with pepper, raspberry, wasabi, beans, tea, etc;
Things about japan: food

Customs and Etiquette

  • Before eating, you say Itadakimasu, an expression used to thank the food, and when you finish you can say Gochisousama [deshita].
  • It is normal to serve hot and cold drinks in vending machines, and the Japanese really like coffee, tea, and bitter things. You have no idea how much green tea there is bitter there.
  • Ohashi, chopsticks are often much more practical than any fork or spoon, and even easier. But don't worry, it is not unusual to eat using a fork in Japan.
  • Garbage is completely separate and should not be exposed on the street like in Brazil, because of crows... there is a 100% Functional collection system;
  • To go hungry in Japan is impossible due to thousands of varieties of things to eat. Food from shopping centers that is usually expensive here for some people, there is much cheaper without taking into account the earned salary.
  • In Japan it is customary for students to bring their own bentos to school;
  • In Japan there is beer for children. Would that be an incentive to drink in the future?
  • It is easy to find sweet foods with a bean flavor. This bean sweet is as sweet as sweet potato sweet;
  • Food in Japan is taken seriously, it's like an art, the obento boxes are living proof of that. Sometimes they exaggerate in their creations, making people drink even from toy toilets.
  • Regarding recycling, it is not common to find trash cans on the streets. When buying something from vending machines, you should carry the trash until you get home or find a place to dispose of it.

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  • Onigiri – rice balls stuffed with chicken, meat or sauce are very popular, especially as a quick snack;
  • It is easy to find gadgets to help in cooking such as apple and banana slicers, package openers, and much more.
  • In Japan, it is not common to find French bread. But there are various different types of bread, mainly filled, including even yakisoba-filled bread.
  • It is normal for them to mix sweet and savory flavors, it is possible to find shrimp snacks with chocolate;
Things about japan: food
  • It is common to find small empty stands in the middle of nowhere where you can find various fruits and vegetables. In these places, people simply take the product and leave the money in a box, and no one usually steals.
  • There are several festivals in Japan, where it is possible to buy dango, takoyaki, tempura, and others;
  • It is very common to make faces, artwork, on the foods;
  • Unlike Brazil, they usually separate the food into several containers, even the bento usually comes all separated.

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