17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

Articles and lists with reasons to visit Japan are in abundance. Personally, I never found lists talking about reasons why you never want to visit Japan. Tastes are personal things, so no matter what country, there will always be things we don't like. For this reason, we will share a list of 17 reasons why you never want to travel to Japan.

As I like to make things complete, within the 17 reasons there will still be secondary reasons far exceeding the number of 17 reasons. I believe there are more than 100 reasons in this article for you not to want to go to Japan at all! And at the end I want to leave a list of quick reasons that I won't need to go into details.

I hope you definitely don't want to go to Japan after reading this article. I tried to write an article suitable for all types of readers. So take a good look at the way the article is written and the final direction it takes for you to understand the message I want to convey with him. In the end I left a conclusion and I hope you read.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

1 - Fear of Natural Disasters

This is one of the main reasons that prevent someone from wanting to visit Japan. A country with more than 100 volcanoes, annual typhoons, daily earthquakes and even terrible tsunamis, can scare anyone who wants to visit the country. Fortunately I say with certainty that this reason need not be an obstacle, and that it is much easier for you to die shot in Brazil than in a natural disaster in Japan. Do I really need to be afraid of earthquakes in Japan?

The luck is that the Japanese and their homes are well prepared for earthquakes. And even if tiny earthquakes happen almost daily, they do absolutely nothing. The only one responsible for a large number of deaths is the famous tsunami, and the most deadly recently was in 2011.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

2 - The difficulty of socializing in Japan

One of the real reasons for moving someone away from Japan is the great difficulty in relating and socializing with Japanese natives. Some Japanese are grumpy and ignorant old people, others are so shy as to make human contact impossible with ease. Only with much effort will you be able to understand Japanese thoughts.

Maybe you want to socialize with the Brazilian community in Japan, most are always on hand to help you. And although some Brazilians in Japan are busy and surly, I’m not saying this sarcastically, many can really help you to have a good experience.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

3 - The language is very difficult and the Japanese do not speak English

As much as I find it very easy to get around Japan, many use the language as the main reason for not wanting to go to Japan. To make matters worse, the Japanese really suck at English as much as the Brazilians do. Only a tiny portion of the population struggles to learn another language.

Fortunately, we found information with our beloved Roman letters in most of the big cities which helps a lot when getting around. Japan is also well signposted, it is really not necessary to be fluent in the language to live in Japan. The proof of this is in the majority of Brazilians living in the country.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

4 - The climate, the seasons and allergies

Japan is one of the few countries in the world where stations work correctly. Here you will find an intense spring full of flowers that cause allergies in many people, a very hot summer with heavy rains that even kills people, an all yellow autumn full of falling leaves and a cold and intense winter full of snow that covers the cars .

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

5 - Things are not cheap as you think

Although nothing compares to the terrible Brazilian taxes that make a 1200 iPad cost 4000 reais, things in Japan are also expensive. This is because the salary of a Japanese is 7x higher than ours, so basically for those who are there it is not so expensive, but for tourists. If you are going to visit Japan prepare at least 100 reais for daily food. If you don’t know how to save in Japan, get ready to pay 6000 yen on a custom shirt.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

6 - Everything is sold in units

Even if you buy a packet of cookies, it will likely come with other packets of cookies inside. It can be useful to make you eat less, but be prepared to buy bananas, corn and other foods individually rather than by the kilo. Lots of packaging that will sometimes annoy you when cleaning and separating the trash.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

7 - Everything in Japan is very cute

Maybe you are someone who doesn’t like anime and cute stuff, Japan will easily irritate you by exposing these cute stuff everywhere or the kawaii concept. In Japan you will see signs with cute characters, people dressed as cute characters, posters of anime characters on the train and much more. If you are someone who hates cuteness and fantasy Japan is not for you.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

8 - Having to take off your shoes

Some may find it extremely annoying to have to take off their shoes whenever they enter a home, school or public place with tatami mat. Undoubtedly, the culture of taking off your shoes and other aspects can end the desire to visit Japan, no matter how hygienic and beneficial it is for everyone in the home.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

9 - The houses are very small

Be prepared to stay in a small, tight apartment for a hefty price. If you think enough, you might want to stay in a smaller place like a capsule hotel or a shared hostel. The Japanese are small and prefer small and practical things, so get ready to squeeze in Japan.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

10 - You don't want to see epic mountains

Japan's 80% is composed of mountains with volcanoes, forests, cliffs, natural hot springs, snow and many wild animals. Why would anyone want to visit Japan to enjoy these things? Isn't it better to sit at home watching TV while drinking a cold beer?

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

11 - Cities are gigantic, making impossible a beautiful view

The streets in Japan are narrow, the city is very bright and full of buildings, which prevents people from enjoying a beautiful view. Ironically, cities do not usually have lighting other than those present in stores, banners that pollute their visual environment.

12 - Japan is very organized and clean

It is not a good idea to visit Japan if you don’t like clean places. The Japanese are constantly cleaning up places, trash on the street never! You will have to walk blocks until you find rubbish because even this is not easy to find. In Japan you cannot skip lines or stand on both sides on escalators. There is a natural order for everything in Japan.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

13 - The Japanese are very punctual

Don’t think about being late, nothing in Japan is usually late. Trains, buses, meetings and all things always happen at the appointed time. If something unexpected happens, you will have to listen to thousands of apologies from employees or through loudspeaker ads. THE punctuality it is a catastrophic scenario for Brazilians.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

14 - There are many animals walking freely in Japan

You do not want to see monkeys, rabbits, deer and other wild animals walking on the streets of Japan. You may prefer to see these animals in a zoo and not in free, comforting places. Do you prefer to see only dogs and cats on the street, never imagined bathing in a natural hot spring with monkeys? You are probably terrified of it!

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

15 - The fearsome public baths of the Japanese

Many do not accept the idea of having to bathe in fantastic hot springs naked without any clothes. Others may find the water too hot and are bothered to know that most of the japanese houses they have a bathtub (hot tub) instead of the traditional shower.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

16 - You only wanted sushi, but you only find diversified restaurants

Many imagine eating only sushi in japan, but I discovered that Japanese cuisine has nothing to do with sushi or fish, but with rice and noodles. Many can't stand the bittersweet taste of Japanese food rich in ingredients and spices. Maybe you prefer food full of salt and pepper. Maybe you get lost with the gigantic amount of restaurants with menus of cuisines from all over the world and you're undecided on what to eat.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

17 - Respect for others is very great

The Japanese are kind of obliged to respect others (you will be too). If you think about grabbing someone in public and exchanging kisses you can take the horse out of the rain that is not easy. They avoid looking at others for personal things while trying to make the most of things thinking about the next. You may be irritated by so many thanks or excuses that you will hear when walking down the street. Not to mention people bending over and over, even when talking on the phone.

17 reasons why you never want to go to Japan

Other quick reasons why you don’t want to go to Japan

After this serious hoax that I wrote, I decided to list even more things that can make someone not like Japan. These are reasons that don’t affect everyone and that can be described quickly in one line.

  • Many vending machines;
  • People wearing masks;
  • Pachinko;
  • Yakuza;
  • There are many nerds and Otaku;
  • There are many train lines;
  • Long lines to restaurants and other places;
  • Noise when sucking noodles;
  • Right hand in traffic;
  • No tattoos;
  • Streets crowded with people;
  • Wear uniforms;
  • Lots of superstition and ghosts;
  • People sleeping on the train;

Are there reasons for not traveling to Japan?

If after those reasons you still want to go to Japan, you can kill yourself! You might also want to read the infographic on the same subject written by my friend Tsuge.

I tried to write this article in a somewhat sarcastic and ironic way, although the first 10 reasons are really a big obstacle to making your trip to Japan. The message I want to convey with this article is that no matter the difficulties, there are always positive reasons for you take that trip.

Another message I wanted to convey in this article is that many of the difficulties and negative reasons that people create are not real. Sometimes people generate so many exaggerated ideas in their heads that it ends up making their own lives and other people's lives difficult. I hope you have understood this article with a somewhat ironic content and want to share it with friends. Thank you and see you next time!

No one can give you negative reasons except yourself!

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