Zazen – Buddhist Zen Meditation

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End your anxiety, depression and stress with this Japanese and Chinese meditation technique called Zazen [座禅]. The aim of zazen is to "just sit" with an open mind, without getting attached to thoughts.

Zazen is the main form of Zen Buddhist meditation. Where the za [座] means to sit down; already the Zen [禅] refers to a state of deep and subtle meditation. hard to explain the zazen with words, better practice it.

The practice of zazen consists of sitting in a comfortable position, with the spine erect, for periods of up to 40 minutes, interspersed with Kinhin meditation.

Zazen - Buddhist Zen Meditation

How to do Zazen

We recommend doing zazen in a quiet, clean and undisturbed place. It shouldn't be a dark place and it shouldn't be too bright. Meditation can be done alone, but in a group it can be more stimulating.

Zen Buddhist practitioners often use an image of Monjushri Bodhisattva or other Buddha image. One should not do this meditation when tired, drunk, hungry or with a full belly.

Zazen - Buddhist Zen Meditation

Clothing should be comfortable and should not be dirty, luxurious and heavy. Place a zabuton in front of a wall and place a zafu on it (they are pillows).

Sit down, placing the base of your spine in the center of the zafu so that half of the zafu is behind you. After crossing your legs, place your knees firmly on the zabuton.

Watch everything around you. Let your thoughts and feelings come and go, don't try to control or eliminate them, let them free. Maintain abdominal breathing, with short inhalations and long exhalations. 

Zazen - Buddhist Zen Meditation

During zazen, our hands are positioned forming an ellipse, which represents the cosmos in us, and us in the cosmos. With the palms facing up, we place the fingers of the left hand on the fingers of the right hand. This is called Hokkaijoin.

The Kinhin it is zazen in motion, walking. It usually lasts for ten minutes and is done in the zazen room. It serves to stimulate circulation and allow us to sit back in zazen. 

In meditation you can also rock your body with your palms facing up over your knees. Swing your body from left to right, back and forth, then form the hokkai-join again.

Do not focus on any object or try to control your thoughts. When you maintain a correct posture and your breathing calms down, your mind will naturally calm down.

Much better Breathing

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Zazen - Buddhist Zen Meditation

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