Some temples and shrines in Japan #1

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Japan has over 88,000 Shinto shrines and over 85,000 Buddhist temples. So if we are going to talk about each temple in an article, it is very difficult. So we decided to create this article and present some of the thousands of temples in Japan.

Here you will find a brief description of the temple and a video of our friend Santana showing the beauty and surroundings of the temple. It is worth remembering that as there are thousands of temples, there are also temples with the same names, but in different places.

Shokoji Temple – 聖光寺

This temple is located north of Lake Tateshina (蓼科) and there are about 300 Somei Yoshino Sakuras (cherry trees). The cherry trees at Shokoji temple bloom late because it is 1200 meters above sea level where its temperature is lower than any other spots in Honshu.

Joukouji Temple – 常光寺

Joukouji Temple is located in Shiojiri City in Nagano Prefecture. The city's population is over 66,000 people.

Chokoji Temple – 長興寺

The temple is located in Shiojiri City in Nagano Prefecture. The Buddhist temple is of the Soto sect, and was founded in 1527. In the temple you will find a beautiful garden and the blue pine mountain. Every month the monks give talks on flowers, tea ceremony and the history of the place.

Itsukushima Shrine – 厳島神社

Itsukushima Shrine is a Shinto shrine located on Itsukushima Island, near Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, that was built over water.

Sensoji Temple – 浅草寺

This temple is located in the city of Tokyo, in Asakusa and is one of the most popular temples in Tokyo. Sensoji was built nearby for the goddess of Kannon. The temple was built 645. 

I hope you enjoyed the videos and the article. Share with friends, to expand the culture of Japan.

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