What is the difference between Japanese and Western youth?

Have you ever wondered what life is like for a Japanese teenager? What is the difference between Japanese and Western youth? In this article, we will try to compare the 2 lifestyles.

Try to consider that this subject is relative and does not represent all young people. We are fully aware that every human being is different from one another. So let's leave words in bold that reinforce that we are not referring to everyone.

Young Japanese teenagers are totally different from Westerners to the point of being unrecognizable. While some should imagine that young Japanese are mature people, they could be totally wrong.

What is the difference between Japanese and Western youth?

Some young people simply sleep, scream or play in the middle of the classroom, sometimes even more than in the west. They are young and do crazy things like in any country, despite having striking differences.

The behavior of Japanese vs Western youth

the western youth usually be disrespectful, rebellious and do what they want without thinking about the consequences. In Japanese culture, being rude or disrespectful it's something terrible and has negative consequences for both the young person and the whole family.

What is the difference between Japanese and Western youth?

Western teenagers have much more freedom in relation to their social life. The Japanese, on the other hand, cannot do anything wrong, as this harms their social life and even their life in the labor market.

it is obvious that There are young rebels who manage to do evil without being harmed. Many absurd things happen in the school life of Japanese teenagers such as Ijime.

Some young Japanese have enormous freedom and do what they want, being present at home only at night.

What is the difference between Japanese and Western youth?

Japanese teenagers tend to be more childish than Westerners. They like cute things, anime, make jokes and have reactions not so common among western teenagers.

In Japan you are only considered an adult after the age of 20.

Some young Japanese feel very uncomfortable talking to adults. They are quiet listening and rarely speak. Probably to avoid doing something wrong, but among young people they open up.

What is the difference between Japanese and Western youth?

Other facts about Japanese teenagers

In high school, Japanese students tend to dedicate themselves heavily to their studies to enter the university and the job market. At this time things are taken very seriously and their routine becomes totally focused on studies.

Young Japanese tend to study hard, but in their spare time they go out in groups to shop or go to karaoke. They usually get into relationships only in high school.

Apparently Western teenagers seem to think they are superior to others, with a certain authority, thinking they can do whatever they want. Japanese both young and old usually humble yourself before others as a sign of respect and humility.

What is the difference between Japanese and Western youth?

Today's modern Japanese culture is about being individual and expressing yourself. This contradicts traditional Japanese culture which greatly discourages individuality. This is one of the reasons why we don't try to imagine that young Japanese people follow a pattern.

Even though many Japanese teenagers isolate themselves on the internet and social networks. In some cases, Westerners are spending more time talking on their cell phones than the Japanese themselves, who don't use their phones as much. Line how we use whatsapp.

Although the Japanese have a reputation for being perverted. The morals of young Japanese are very high compared to Westerners. Whether in conversations with friends or in romantic life. We can see this in anime and manga where even a kiss takes time.

What is the difference between Japanese and Western youth?

Final thoughts on Japanese and Western youth

Teenagers tend to have different sub-cultures. Finally, below we will leave some articles that talk a little about these sub-cultures.

What is the difference between Japanese and Western youth?

Of course, there are many other factors in Japanese culture that differentiate Japanese people from Westerners. Things like politeness, respect, humility and positive traits are well exposed in Japanese society, whether some want to or not.

I personally prefer to live in a society full of rules, morals and forced education than to live in a country that preaches a false freedom of speech that is responsible for a lot of misfortune and lets evil run wild.

Japan offers many more healthy entertainment options for Japanese teenagers. Perhaps this is one of the key points of the Japanese not being so interested in wrong things that harm others emotionally or physically.

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