Why does the Japanese national team play in blue in soccer?

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Have you ever wondered why the Japan national team uniform or shirt is blue? Many people have this doubt, because there is no blue color in the flag of Japan or in something that represents the country. So why does Japan's soccer team wear blue on their uniform? Is it superstition? Is there some millennial or traditional motif?

Will the fact of japan flag would being white and red imply choosing blue? In fact, several countries use colors in their uniforms that do not represent the country's flag, the Netherlands even uses orange, Italy also uses blue and the main reasons are related to the royal family of these countries.

For those who don't know, Japan also has a yellow uniform that means honesty and another uniform with red details that represents the rays of the Earth rising sun.

Why does the Japan soccer team have a Blue kit?

The main reason Japan has a blue kit is because blue is one of the main colors of the football/soccer Association of Japan (FJF or JFA). This is what many websites and people claim, but researching it could be that the JFA just adapted the color of Japan's blue uniform.

A common belief is that the uniform color "represents the blue sky and ocean symbolizing the national territory of Japan", but this meaning was attributed later.

Other research claims that when Japan first participated in the World Cup qualifiers in 1954, there were few football/soccer players and there were not even professional leagues. So, the football/soccer team Tokyo University formed the selection and wore the blue uniform that was the same color as the University of Tokyo.

This theory became popular mainly because of the international success of the University team representing Japan in the ninth Far East Championship 1930's. The actual origin of the blue team's color is undocumented and unknown. Some even relate to the fact that Japanese teams use dark colors in away matches.

Others claim that the main reason Japan still uses Blue is because of the luck they had at the 1936 Berlin Olympics where Japan won 3×2 over Sweden. Because of this epic game the Japanese earned the nickname Blue Samurai. Now who can say the real reason Japan won the blue color as the main one?

Why does the japan team play in blue in football/soccer?

Why are the Japanese called Blue Samurai?

The 1936 game certainly influenced the choice of blue and the nickname of blue samurai. The truth is that blue has nothing to do with samurai, so it all stayed that way for reasons of popularity and crowd influence. Not to mention that blue is a popular and eye-catching color that catches the eye of football/soccer fans.

The only time the Japan team stopped wearing the blue uniform was between 1988 and 1991 when coach Kenzo Yokoyama discreetly wanted to expose the red as a form of marketing for Mitsubishi Motors. The results during those years were terrible which led the team to return to the blue.

We believe that the nickname of blue samurai is due to the simple fact that Japan is the country of samurai and the uniform is blue. The main technique that stands out in the Japan soccer team is its defense. It may be strongly related to the battles that took place in ancient Japan. I don't believe it has anything to do with a 1936 game.

It is worth mentioning the Japanese women's soccer team called Nadeshiko [撫子] a rose garden flower. The pink kit represents the nickname well, but it was her style of play full of excellent, elegant and artistic passes that dubbed the Barcelona women's team. Basically it's the population that nicknames the teams! That's pretty obvious!

Why does the japan team play in blue in football/soccer?

The legend of the 3-legged crow related to Blue Uniform

Have you ever wondered why Japan's official logo is a three-legged crow? Some claim that this is strongly related to the blue color of the Japanese national team. According to legends, this three-legged crow was Emperor Jimmu's guide when visiting the Kumano region.

The Raven is the messenger of divinity Kumano Gogen that leads people with a pure heart to luck and prosperity. The fact that the JFA used the color blue conveys what we call semiotics and causes a symbolism of luck. Now it remains to be seen who came first, the blue uniform or the color of the JFA.

The important thing is that reports indicate that Blue has been used since 1917, so it is really difficult to know the true origin of the blue uniform, but the meaning is simple, everything involves superstitions, luck and prosperity.

Did you have any idea of these facts related to the colors of Japanese uniforms? Do you know other theories related to the blue uniform of the Japanese team? I hope you enjoyed the article and we look forward to your sharing and comments.

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