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Society is constantly expanding, and it is not news to anyone that big cities are increasingly crowded and that there is a very high housing need, causing the Japanese to start using the casa compartilhada.

So, today's text will address what these share houses are, why they are so impactful and important in Japan, the types of rooms that can be found in these accommodations and what are the advantages of using one.

The growth of cities is a problem that many people have faced over the years. Not that it's a negative thing, after all, the city's growth is, in a way, beneficial for it and its inhabitants.

But the little space and the large number of people can harm some essential elements for its functioning, such as housing and traffic, regardless of whether or not where you live home monitoring.

Not to mention the high prices for both maintenance and rent of a house or apartment. Even when properties are located close to large urban centers, the price can go up and become quite unfeasible for many people.

Therefore, it often pays more for you to live with someone else to share the costs and have a little more comfort, even if the place is not that big or is so close to important places in the city.

Thinking about this type of situation, Japan uses a system, which may or may not have building automation, which is called Share House and which has been a model widely copied in the rest of the world, in addition to being quite functional and used.

But what is share house and how does it work? To find out the answer to these and other questions, follow the next topic.

Homestay in Japan - staying with a host family

The share house concept in Japan

In a simple and straightforward way, share houses are quite cheap accommodations that can be found in Japanese cities, ranging from small houses to large apartments, depending, of course, on the residents' needs.

It can be used by Japanese and foreigners, this practice has grown a lot over the last few years, mainly because each resident has a room and shares the rest of the rooms in the place, thus maintaining their privacy.

Regardless of whether the residents work in a concierge company or in a large cosmetics factory, this type of housing encourages social interaction, helps your pocket and opens the possibility of meeting new friends, if you want.

20 types of accommodations and lodgings in Japan

We can find in this type of house some essential rooms, which will depend a lot on the place and your need, which are:

  • Single room;
  • Shared room;
  • Semi-shared room;
  • Compartment;
  • dormitory.

It is from these types of rooms that the rest of the accommodation is assembled, making the residents, in fact, choose the one that best suits their needs.

Even if some have the access control for condominiums, depending on where it is located, of course, each room has its own peculiarity in terms of the elements that make it up, and you can understand them a little better now.

single room

The single room, as its name suggests, is a room used only by you, which is located inside the share house. They are quite common not only in Japan, but also in the rest of the world, because they are simple and practical.

The idea here is to have your own privacy without spending a lot of money and sacrificing a lot of space. The room can be bigger or smaller depending on the amount of money invested and the size of the share house.

20 types of accommodations and lodgings in Japan

shared room

The shared room, regardless of whether or not acoustic treatment, is usually one of the cheapest prices for having a comfortable space for two or more people to share the room.

Such an action helps to lower the price of it, as well as making it much more affordable for many people. Usually, when there are more than two people in the same room, there are bunk beds to help allocate more consumers within the same room.

20 types of accommodations and lodgings in Japan

semi-shared room

The semi-shared rooms already offer a similar experience, but different in some ways. A partition with curtains or other material separates each person's environment, creating greater privacy, while providing the necessary space.

Of course, it's nothing revolutionary or technological like a biometric turnstile, but it offers what is needed in a simple and very straightforward way.

Cheap accommodation in Japan - experience at a hostel


already the dormitories are better known. It is a small space that has practically no privacy and everyone lives in the same place, sleeping in bunk beds and agreeing on the best way to manage the place.

There are several people looking for this type of environment, whether for economy or quality of life. But the truth is that the share house is very attractive and worth the investment, whatever your reason.

It can be said that single people or young people at the beginning of their careers and students are the public profiles that most seek this type of housing, showing that a house goes beyond a roll up door and other traditional items.

However, people with children, single parents and people with pets should look for another type of home because of their children and pets, after all, share houses do not provide the necessary care for these cases.

Cheap accommodation in Japan - experience at a hostel

Advantages of Shared Homes in Japan

When we think about the way that share houses started to be successful, a good part of this fame, obviously, is because of their affordable and very attractive prices, especially for foreigners.

A japanese currency it is not so expensive when compared to the rest of the world, making a foreigner who goes to Japan to study or travel to spend much less than he thought, and not have a big impact on his pocket.

However, even so, 60% of the people who use share houses are Japanese, because of the practicality and versatility of use, in addition to being much simpler, even in the case of those who can count on a condominium management.

So, check out some advantages when using these houses and how you can make the most of your stay in them.

01 - Room with furniture

One of the biggest advantages of moving to a share house in Japan is that they are already equipped with furniture, making life a lot easier for anyone who decides to sleep for a while in a comfortable and peaceful way.

In other cases, usually in large urban centers, it is common that you have to buy your own furniture to be able to live in a common apartment, and this attitude already shows how efficient a share house is.

20 types of accommodations and lodgings in Japan

02 - Interaction with other people

If you have an ideal environment for you to meet new people and become friends with them, it is definitely the share houses, especially when there are several units close to each other.

All kinds of people can be there, making it easy for you to meet people from other parts of the world, in addition to Japan itself, and share cultures, experiences and very interesting stories, something that an apartment alone cannot offer you.

These houses are designed with common areas for leisure and interaction, making this interaction even easier. If you're going to live with one or more roommates, why not meet them and make this experience a great memory for the future?

Homestay in Japan - staying with a host family

03 - Very practical

Usually, when moving into a new home, you will need to fill out a lot of forms and paperwork, that is, all the bureaucracy that a rental needs for the security of the owners and your own.

Share houses understand that many people need urgent assistance when using these services, so it is much more practical and simple to get a room and start sleeping in a comfortable bed.

Not to mention the price, which has already been discussed throughout the text. Therefore, if you are looking for economy, agility and practicality, the share house is ideal for you.


Final Thoughts on Japanese Share Houses

Today's text addressed what share houses are, how they are important for those who need a quick and safe home, highlighting the types of rooms and profiles that are most suitable for using the services, in addition to some advantages.

In a world where the quality of life is directly linked to your pocket, distances and comfort, these shared houses in Japan are of great help and have been a real “hand in the wheel” to help people from all over the world.

Now that you know how they work and are curious to know one, you will be able to enjoy the experience much better and you will be prepared for any setback that may happen. So, prepare your bags!

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