Translating songs - Sparkle - Kimi no na wa

In this article, on studying music we will break up the music from the Movie Kimi no na Wa - Sparkle. It was difficult to find a video that doesn't hurt copyrights on youtube, so I will leave a guitar version that I found the closest voice to the original.

Below I will leave an official incomplete version:



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まだこの世界は 僕を飼いならしてたいみたいだ
望み通りいいだろう 美しくもがくよ
互いの砂時計 眺めながらキスをしようよ

辞書にある言葉で 出来上がった世界を憎んだ
万華鏡の中で 八月のある朝

君は僕の前で ハニかんでは澄ましてみせた


ついに時はきた 昨日までは序章の序章で
飛ばし読みでいいから ここからが僕だよ
経験と知識と カビの生えかかった勇気を持って
いまだかつてないスピードで 君のもとへダイブを

まどろみの中で 生温いコーラに
ここでないどこかを 夢見たよ
電車に揺られ 運ばれる朝に

愛し方さえも 君の匂いがした
歩き方さえも その笑い声がした


いつか消えてなくなる 君のすべてを
もう権利なんかじゃない 義務だと思うんだ

運命だとか未来とかって 言葉がどれだけ手を
伸ばそうと届かない 場所で僕ら恋をする
時計の針も二人を 横目に見ながら進む
そんな世界を二人で 一生 いや、何章でも


Romanization of Music

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Mada kono sekai wa
boku the kainarashitetai mitai da
nozomi doori ii darou
utsukushiku mogaku yo


tagai no suna-dokei
nagame nagara kisu o shiyou yo
「Sayonara」 kara ichiban tooi
basho from machi-awaseyou

jisho ni aru kotoba de
deki-agatta sekai the nikunda
mangekyou no naka's
hachi-gatsu no aru wing

kimi wa boku no mae de
hanikande wa sumashite miseta
kono sekai no kyoukasho no you na egao de

tsui ni toki wa kita
kinou made wa joshou no joshou de
kara ii tobashi-yomi
koko kara ga boku da yo

keiken to chishiki to
kabi no hae-kakatta yuuki the motte
ima of katsutenai supposed of
kimi on moto and daibu o

madoromi no naka's
nama-nurui koora ni
naoko koko dokoka o
yumemite yo
kyoushitsu no mado no soto ni
densha ni yurare
hakobareru wing ni

aishi-kata sae mo
kimi no nioi ga shita
aruki-kata sae mo
sleep warai-goe ga shita

itsuka kiete nakunaru
kimi no subete o
kono me ni yakitsukete oku koto wa
my kenri nanka already nai
gimu da to omou nda


unmei da toka mirai toka tte
kotoba ga dore dake te o
nobasou to todokanai
basho from bokura koi o suru

tokei no hari mo futari o
yokome ni mi nagara susumu
sonna sekai the futari of
iya, nan-shou demo

ikinuite ikou

Music translation

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It seems that this world still wants to keep me attached to you.
But that's just what I want - I strive Beautifully.
Staring at our hourglasses, let's share a kiss.
We will set up a meeting at the most distant place from our eventual, Goodbye.


I grew up hating this world made of words found in a dictionary.
One August morning, trapped inside this kaleidoscope.
Whenever we were face to face, you always gave a shy smile before playing modestly.

His smile was like a description of a textbook from this world.

The time has finally come - Yesterday seemed like nothing more than a prologue to a prologue.
You can lightly pass through if you wish, from here is my story:
Wielding experience, wisdom and a slightly molded courage,
At a speed unknown until now, I dived to where you were.

During the nap, I dreamed that I saw a different place from here.
Inside my warm glue ...
Outside the classroom windows ...
In the mornings they swung from side to side on the train ...


Just as I smelled it ...
Just as I carried the sound of your laughter ...
Facing the fact that you will eventually disappear,
I have no choice but to burn your own existence inside my memory, with those two eyes;
I no longer understood it well… I feel it is my duty!
We love each other no matter the place, no matter how far we get.
Words like destiny and future are completely within reach.
We proceed like the hands of a clock that squint our eyes;
Making our way through this kind of world, we will spend our entire lives but not as many chapters.
Let's live more and more, together!

Breaking up music

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まだこの世界は 僕を飼いならしてたいみたいだ
Mada kono sekai wa boku o kainarashitetai mitai da
It seems that this world still wants to keep me attached to you.

  • まだ - still
  • この - this, this
  • 世界 - world
  • 僕 - me
  • TP いならして - tame, tame zz
    • たい - want, want
    • みたいだ - looks like

望み通りいいだろう 美しくもがくよ
nozomi doori ii darou utsukushiku mogaku yo
But that's just what I want - I strive Beautifully.

  • 望み通り - just as I wish
    • 望み - wish / 通り - street, according
  •  いい – bom
  • TP TP う - looks, I think, I wonder
  • 美し - beautifully
  • もがくよ - fight, strive

互いの砂時計 眺めながらキスをしようよ
tagai no suna-dokei nagame nagara kisu o shiyou yo
Staring at our hourglasses, let's share a kiss.

  • TP い - mutual, reciprocal
  • 砂時計 - hourglass
  • 眺め - scene, vision, perspective
  • ながら - time then, though, despite
  • キス - kiss
  • しようよ - try