You need to visit the Mori Building Digital Art Museum

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One of the most epic places I visited in Tokyo in 2018 was the Mori Building Digital Art Museum teamLab Borderless located in Odaiba. This is no ordinary museum, it is an epic, digital and colorful place that impresses anyone, even those who don't like museums. In this article, I want to share my epic experience in this museum and recommend it to everyone!

This museum is perfect for a romantic meeting for couples, children and people of all ages. Here you embark on a universe full of colors made using technology using mirrors, LEDs, spotlights, 3D cameras, augmented reality and many other combinations of technology that make a show of light and colors accompanied by an epic soundtrack.

In addition to the museum being large, digital art works are constantly changing in real time, which requires you to stay all day or make more than one visit to appreciate the entire museum. There are more than 50 works and some still interact with the public.

You need to visit the mori building digital art museum

What do you find at the Mori Building Digital Art Museum?

At the Mori Building Digital Art Museum you will find several areas and exhibitions such as:

  • Borderless World;
  • Forest of Lamps;
  • En Tea House;
  • Athletics Forest;
  • Future Park;

Despite the website dividing the museum in these 5 areas, only the Borderless World it consists of numerous exhibitions. You enter and are faced with a place full of mirrors and animations, arts and colorful images moving across the floor and wall along with effects created by mirrors in strategic locations. In addition to coming across paintings of works of art.

Advancing a little further you find a room with a half-high floor and a waterfall going down in the middle of it. On the walls you find ideograms falling and if you touch them they dissipate, thus creating an interaction with the visitors. If you go a little further you will find a room full of waves and puffs to lie down and relax.

You need to visit the mori building digital art museum

Still on the first floor of the museum you will find a room full of LED tapes making fantastic animations accompanied by a fabulous soundtrack (it was one of my favorite rooms). You will also find the infinity room, a place full of mirrors with characters and arts creating a fantastic illusion of infinity in addition to a spotlight show.

On the first floor you will also find a forest full of lights and a place with exhibitions of ancient civilizations and animals. No matter which corner you walk to, there will always be something to impress you. When you climb a ladder to the second floor you can also find a magnificent forest full of traditional Japanese lamps that change colors.

You need to visit the mori building digital art museum

On the second floor (the other way) you will also find Athletics Forest and Future Park, a place full of digital arts that involves exercise and athletics. There you will find giant balls, a slide, a children’s play area and two climbing places to test your skills.

On this floor you can also color your arts and transform them into something digital. Here you will also find the En Tea House where you can have tea together with a digital and interactive experience at your table. Remembering that the museum exit is on the second floor, then leave to go up to the Athletics Forest after having explored everything.

I had the chance to record the museum and made a video that I will leave below:

Mori Building Digital Art Museum and TeamLab Borderless

TeamLab emerged in 2001 formed by several visual artists, professionals, animators, programmers, musicians, engineers, architects and mathematicians in order to explore a new relationship between humans, nature, technology and art. Borderless means without borders and is linked to the name of Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Odaiba.

This permanent Museum came about with a partnership between TeamLab Borderless and the urban developer Mori Building responsible for creations like ARK Hills, Roppongi Hills and Toranomon Hills. There is a museum in Tokyo called Mori Museum, so be careful not to confuse the two.

In addition to Mori Building Digital Art Museum, in Tokyo we have teamLab exhibitions called teamLab Planets. You can also find one of his works of art at VenusFort located in Odaiba next to the Pallet Town and also in the Ginza neighborhood in the Ginza SIX. It is best to always follow the teamLab website to see all its attractions and works.

You need to visit the mori building digital art museum

In other countries you can find some digital work of art from teamLab like the Massless in Helsinki in Finland. In Singapore there was also a display of a crystal tree at the end of 2018. In reality there is another museum similar to Borderless. In Singapore we have the FUTURE WORLD ArtScience Museum by teamLab.

How to access Mori Building Digital Art Museum

Access to this museum is at Pallete Town in Odaiba after that car center. Do not try to follow Google Maps as it will not take you anywhere, just access the Pallet Town (where there is the Ferris wheel) and try to pass the place full of cars until you reach the entrance to theMori Building Digital Art Museum.

Preferably buy tickets online as tickets are limited. Unfortunately, admission for adults is a bit pricey, costing around 3200 yen, but it's definitely worth the investment. Much better to go toMori Building Digital Art Museum than paying 3,000 yen to climb the SkyTree and come down in an hour.

You need to visit the mori building digital art museum

In my opinion theMori Building Digital Art Museum from TeamLab Borderless is one of the best attractions in Tokyo and Odaiba, you cannot visit Tokyo without going there. If you have already had the opportunity to know these works of digital arts, share your experience in the comments. Don't forget to share and let your friends know about this epic place!

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