Ninja Weapons – The Deadlier the Better!

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Ninja, famous warriors who have been immortalized by legends. Specialized in secret assassinations, being the best warriors in this area. And nothing is more important to ninjas than a deadly ninja weapon.

After all, it's no use wanting to live murdering people discreetly, with flashy weapons. And much less with ineffective weapons. They had to be very deadly to finish the job in the shortest possible time with the greatest possible efficiency.

Thus, ninja weapons have always been considered deadly. By the way, we are going to introduce you to some ninja weapons now. Remembering that there are dozens, even hundreds of weapons. So let's name just a few.

Ninja Weapon – Manriki-gusari

The manriki-gusari was, or is, a very versatile weapon that ninjas used. It was used to shoot, whip or strangle. This turned out to be a handgun used in the feudal japan. But let's not discuss why they chose this weapon.

Ninja weapons – the deadlier the better!

This ninja weapon consists of a chain with a weight attached to each end of the chain. Various sizes and shapes of chain and weight could be used. After all, it never had any established rules for its construction.

Ninja Weapon - Kama

Kama is nothing more than a miniature scythe. It is very similar to agricultural tools. They were very easy to transport. In addition, they were extremely easy to conceal when wielding. Remembering that these were two essential needs for ninjas.

Ninja weapons – the deadlier the better!

This ninja weapon was originally used in agriculture to cut rice. Yes, that's right, she was just a farm implement like a hoe. It is a weapon that can be used both alone and in pairs. Kama is often included in martial arts weapons training segments.

ninja weapon - Kusarigama

And as a weapon well known in the world, we have the Kusarigama. For anyone who has watched "assassin ninja" knows what this weapon is. She was created from some sort of junction between kama and manriki-gusari.

Ninja weapons – the deadlier the better!

That is, a chain with a small sickle at one of its ends. The kusarigama's unusual appearance perfectly matches its mystery and potential. After all, they are weapons that can be used in short, medium and long range attacks. All with high death potential.

Especially when used for this purpose. Its strange shape and complex movements always have a great deadly effect. The deaths that were caused by this weapon are innumerable.

ninja weapon - Shuriken

The most well-known weapon in the ninja's arsenal is the ranged weapon, known as a shuriken. This ninja weapon is a kind of star made of metal. Remembering that there are many types and forms of Shuriken. They are used by throwing, being kept hidden until the last minute.

Ninja weapons – the deadlier the better!

They are silent, accurate and deadly weapons, that is, everything a ninja wants most. I believe they are known worldwide. After all, it may be the most popular ninja weapon, due to movies and other media. In addition to anime like Naruto, which showed these weapons to children and teenagers around the world.


The famous ninja knives for assassinations. another ranged weapon used through throwing. An easily concealable knife perfect for throwing, the kunai was a favorite among ninjas.

Ninja weapons – the deadlier the better!

And just like the previous one, it has a wide range of shapes and types. It can vary even more than Shuriken. But let's leave this part alone. This is another ninja weapon that gained a lot of popularity through the Naruto anime.


Well, the latter may not be specifically considered a weapon like the previous ones. But it is still a type of weapon, in fact, an extremely lethal one. And we can list it as the most lethal so far when the quality is high.

Ninjas have always needed to be discreet. So often they couldn't just slit the person's throat or pierce the heart. In these cases, they needed something less flashy.

Thus, they preferred to kill their enemies, with small, almost imperceptible wounds. Which should never be detected. The poison was decisive at this stage, which would be injected into their weapons to infect the wounds.

Because of this method, poison has become a hallmark of the ninja. After all, they needed to murder without being seen, much less discovered than captured. The poison turned into the perfect “ninja weapon”.

Myths about Ninja and Shinobi 

ninja weapons list

  • Boken – Wooden saber for training;
  • – 1.8 meter long staff;
  • Fukiya – Blowpipe
  • Fukumi Bari – Small throwing needles, blown from the mouth;
  • Hanbō – Short staff of 90 centimeters;
  • Jitte – Used to fight sword;
  • Kaginawa – Rope with cross hook, used to climb houses and walls;
  • Kama yari – Long staff with scythe;
  • Kama – Small sickle, initially used for harvesting cereals;
  • Kemuridama – Explosive or blinding black smoke bomb;
  • Kodachi – Small saber similar to wakizashi, but without a guard, handle a little longer and more curved;
  • Kunai – Utensil similar to a garden shovel or sharp trowel;
  • Kusari-fundo – Chain with two weights at the ends;
  • Kusarigama – A Kama with a chain and a metal weight;
  • Kyoketsu Shoge – Similar to kusarigama, chain and metal bow;
  • Musubinawa – Rope with a single hook, used for climbing;
  • Naginata – Staff with halberd machete;
  • Orthos – Blade-tipped staff;
  • Shaken – Throwing javelin;
  • Shikomi Zue – Wooden staff with camouflaged saber;
  • Shinobi Kumade – Rope used to climb, using a claw-shaped hook;
  • Shinobi Zue – Staff with camouflaged chain;
  • Shinobigatana – curved saber;
  • Shuriken - Throwing Star
  • Tanbō – Two small wooden sticks, for attack and defense;
  • Tanto – Japanese knife;
  • Te yari – Small hooked spear;
  • Tessen – Metallic fan usually used by women;
  • Tetsubishi – Pyramid-shaped harpsichord, used in pursuit;
  • Wakizashi – Curved saber, similar to the katana, but its blade is smaller;
  • Yari – Spear with approximately 2 meters;
  • Yumi ya – Kyudo – Archery (Art of throwing);

What is your favorite NINJA WEAPON?

My favorite weapon will always be the Kusarigama. Leave the comments which one is your favorite. Remembering that you do not need to choose between those mentioned in the text. There are many other weapons that are not included in this list. If you want, leave your weapon along with its description.

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything like that, just leave it in the comments. Also, share the site on social media, it helps a lot. Anyway, thanks for reading the article so far, until next time.

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