Most famous toys among Japanese children


Don't you know what to give a Japanese child as a gift? We will present the newest toy items popular with children! The likelihood of you being satisfied is great!

How do Japanese children have fun?

Some people will immediately think of computer games and other outdoor activities, such as football, cycling or tennis. But forms of entertainment vary depending on the country and season. Japanese games and activities will be featured in this article, choose one and start the fun!

Japanese toys

Some educative toys Japanese, like many other elements of Japanese culture, have their origins in Chinese tradition. Games borrowed from foreign neighbors have been enjoyed by successive generations of Japanese people over the years, who have modified their original versions, creating their own entertainment tradition.

Despite the growing popularity of computer games and other high-tech forms of entertainment, some games are still enjoyed by modern Japanese children. Discover the most characteristic Japanese toys and see how much they talk about the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun.

1 - Kites - Tako

Kites are thought to have been introduced to Japan by Buddhist monks who came from China in the Nara period (710-794 AD). There are many different styles and types of kites, in fact, each region in Japan has its own characteristic shape. The decoration usually depicts characters from Japanese folklore or has some religious or symbolic meaning.

Most famous toys among Japanese children

2 - Pokémon Card

The latest premium box “Pokémon” contains all the products needed for the Pokémon battle, so it is attractive to enjoy the battle. It is also a card game where you can improve your reasoning skills by collecting characters and thinking about the conditions for playing the game.

Most famous toys among Japanese children

3 - Koma

Koma, or simply a Japanese top, in contrast to the European version, spins driven by a rope wrapped around it. The spinning toy entertained the Japanese elite in the Heian era (794-1192) and, over the centuries, received many different versions. Some whistle, others are used to draw and still others are used for fun, called beigoma.

Most famous toys among Japanese children

4 - Kendama

This skill toy arrived from Japan from China, but its prototype was probably created in France.

It consists of a cross-shaped handle with a point and three bases, and a ball with a hole attached to it by a thread. Despite its simple structure, Kendama allows you to perform about 100 different tricks. Kendama is not only a toy for children, it also has many followers among adults.

Most famous toys among Japanese children

5 - Go (碁)

One of the oldest board games in the world. The game is played on a square board cut by 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines with white and black stones (flattened 22 mm in diameter and 7 mm high). Players alternately place stones at the intersections of the lines. The objective of the game is to obtain as much territory as possible. The captured area consists of free fields well surrounded by their own "stones".

Most famous toys among Japanese children

6 - Shogi (将棋)

Shogi is a Japanese chess game played on a 9 × 9 board. The players of the Sente (black) and Gote (white) shogi each have 20 pawns with slightly different sizes, which are marked with kanji. The game is turn based. The characteristic of the shogi is that it is possible to place one of the “dead” pieces back on the board in place of the next move, and with each move the king must be checked.

Most famous toys among Japanese children

7 - Origami

Among many types of Japanese games, origami, which literally means "folded paper", deserves special attention. You don't need any special equipment to make origami. All you need is a square sheet of paper and a dose of imagination.

In Japan, the art of paper folding has a very long tradition. Paper decorations accompanied letters and gifts sent by samurai and aristocrats, referring to this tradition origami was a popular leisure activity for children. However, Yoshizawa Akira (1911-2005), raised origami to the level of art.

Most famous toys among Japanese children


In Japan, for centuries, children played with kendama or a spinning top, or flying tako kites. Traditional games, games and toys are passed down from generation to generation.

Some games require dexterity and precision, others require logical thinking and pre-planning a dozen or more of the opponent's next moves. To become a champion, you need to be patient and, at the same time, be curious to know how many techniques and ways to play a game can offer!

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