Towers and Skyscrapers of Tokyo and Japan

Do you know the tallest towers and buildings in Japan? In this article, we are going to see the tallest skyscrapers in Tokyo and a complete list of the tallest buildings in all of Japan.

Most of these skyscrapers are designed for office and commercial use, but some have their space open to tourism, allowing you to dazzle the city view. We will mainly see those from the city of Tokyo, but we can mention others.

Before quoting Tokyo I want to mention a special place in Osaka called Umeda Sky Building, one of the funniest skyscrapers I visited in Osaka city. As the focus of this article is Tokyo and a ranking, I decided to quote him first.

Tokyo's Towers and Skyscrapers

Tokyo Sky Tree – The highest point in Tokyo, is a broadcasting tower in Sumida, with an incredible 634 meters high and is also considered the tallest tower in Japan and one of the tallest in the world.

Towers and skyscrapers of tokyo and japan

Mori Tower – The Mori building is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, at 238 meters, and is part of the complex Roppongi Hills and opened in 2003 with a total of 54 floors.

Tokyo City Hall - It has 243 meters, was completed in 1991 with 48 floors. It houses the headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Sunshine 60 Building – It is currently one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, with 240 meters, it was completed in 1978 with 60 floors.

Towers and skyscrapers of tokyo and japan
  • Tokyo Opera City Tower – With about 234 meters high, it was opened in 1997 with a total of 54 floors;
  • NTT DoCoMo Yoyogi Building  – Located in the Shibuya district, it is 240 meters long and has only 28 floors.
  • Shinjuku Center Building – It has a total of 223 meters and was opened in 1979 with 54 floors;
  • Shinjuku Mitsui Building – It has a total of 225 meters and was opened in 1974 with 55 floors;
  • Shinjuku Park Tower – It has a total of 233 meters and was opened in 1994 with 52 floors;
  • St. Luke's Tower – It has a total of 221 meters, and was completed in 1994 with 51 floors

Tokyo TowerOne of the most famous that always appears in manga, anime and dramas as a reference in Tokyo, even though it is not one of the highest. Tokyo Tower is 333 meters tall.

Towers and skyscrapers of tokyo and japan

Other Towers and Skyscrapers in JAPAN

Now we are going to share a table with all the skyscrapers and towers in Japan in a sort of ranking along with the number of Floors, year of construction and City. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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NameCityfloorsmeters (ft)Year
Bless HarukasOsaka60300 (984)2014
Yokohama Landmark TowerYokohama70296 (970)1993
Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima BuildingOsaka55256 (840)1995
Rinku Gate TowerIzumisan56256 (840)1996
Toranomon HillsTokyo57255.5 (838)2014
midtown towerTokyo54248 (814)2007
midland squarenagoya47247 (810)2007
JR Central Office Towernagoya51245 (804)2000
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1Tokyo48243 (797)1991
NTT Docomo Yoyogi BuildingTokyo27240 (787)2000
Sunshine 60Tokyo60240 (786)1978
Roppongi Hills Mori TowerTokyo54238 (781)2003
Shinjuku Park TowerTokyo52235 (771)1994
Tokyo Opera City TowerTokyo54234 (769)1996
Fukuoka Towerfukuoka5234 (768)1989
JR Central Hotel Towernagoya53226 (741)2000
Shinjuku Mitsui BuildingTokyo55224 (734)1974
Shinjuku Center BuildingTokyo54223 (732)1979
Saint Luke's TowerTokyo47221 (724)1994
Shiodome City CenterTokyo43216 (708)2003
G1TOWERHitachinaka9213 (700)2010
Dentsu BuildingTokyo48213 (700)2002
Act TowerHamamatsu45213 (699)1994
Shinjuku Sumitomo BuildingTokyo52210 (690)1974
Toshima Incineration PlantTokyo11210 (689)1999
The KitahamaOsaka54209 (689)2009
Ark Hills Sengokuyama Mori TowerTokyo47207 (678)2012
GranTokyo North TowerTokyo43205 (672)2007
GranTokyo South TowerTokyo42205 (672)2007
Park City Musashi-Kosugi Mid Sky TowerKawasaki59204 (668)2009
Mode Gakuen Cocoon TowerTokyo50204 (668)2008
Shinjuku Nomura BuildingTokyo50203 (667)1978
Izumi Garden TowerTokyo45201 (659)2002
X-Tower Osaka BayOsaka54200 (657)2006
ORC 200Osaka51200 (656)1993
JP TowerTokyo38200 (656)2012
Shin-Marunouchi BuildingTokyo38198 (648)2007
Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand TowerTokyo40195 (641)2011
KEPCO HeadquartersOsaka41195 (640)2004
Harumi Island Triton Square Tower XTokyo44195 (639)2001
Nihonbashi Mitsui TowerTokyo39195 (639)2005
Sanno Park TowerTokyo44194 (638)2000
Sompo Japan BuildingTokyo43193 (633)1976
Nittele TowerTokyo32193 (633)2003
mid towerTokyo58192 (631)2008
sea towerTokyo58192 (631)2008
Kachidoki View TowerTokyo55192 (631)2010
Acty ShiodomeTokyo56190 (624)2004
herbs OsakaOsaka40190 (623)1997
Shinjuku I-Land TowerTokyo44189 (621)1995
Owl TowerTokyo52189 (621)2011
Atago Green Hills Mori TowerTokyo42187 (613)2001
Umeda Hankyu BuildingOsaka41187 (614)2010
Elsa Tower 55Kawaguchi55186 (610)1998
Cerulean TowerTokyo41184 (604)2001
Sumitomo Real Estate Shinjuku Oak TowerTokyo38184 (603)2002
Makuhari Prince HotelChiba49183 (601)1995
Shibuya HikarieTokyo34183 (599)2012
Nagoya TV Towernagoya5180 (591)1954
NEC SupertowerTokyo44180 (591)1990
Century Park TowerTokyo54180 (591)1999
Nagoya Lucent Towernagoya40180 (591)2007
JA BuildingTokyo37180 (591)2009
Sendai Trust Towersendai37180 (591)2010
Park City Toyosu Building ATokyo52180 (590)2008
Keio Plaza Hotel North TowerTokyo47180 (589)1971

There are countless buildings to explore, and we cannot speak in detail about each one here. I hope this is enough to show how Japan is full of curiosities and attractions. If you liked it, share it and leave your comments.

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