Japan's amazing practical packaging

Japan thinks a lot about the consumer and a great proof of this is in the milk cartons and other similar Japanese products. Starting with the format and other details that show the practicality of Japanese products.

In this article, we are going to talk a little about Japanese packaging, how they are practical and help the visually impaired, and also a little about the countless variety of packaging that circulates throughout the country.

The Japanese seem to have no pity to spend on product packaging. They simply throw paper and plastic into the products. To make this article easier to read, we will leave a summary below:

The amazing Japanese packaging

The first example of how Japan values consumers is in the packaging of cookies, chocolates and other industrialized products. Companies spend more plastic to store small amounts of a particular product instead of having just one package.

The amazing practical packaging from Japan

That is, you buy a package of cookies and instead of getting 20 cookies in a package, inside the package you find 5 small packages with 4 cookies inside each. Allowing you to carry less food and preventing it from losing its original flavor by being fully opened.

Some end up annoyed by this because they eat too much and have to open several packages instead of just one. Still, it is very practical to be able to buy a package of cookies without having to worry about it being exposed and ending up losing its crunch.

When a package does not divide its contents into several, at least it usually has a vacuum seal for you to close your package and prevent its contents from losing their original essence.

The amazing practical packaging from Japan

Even the gum and candies are wrapped in a thick and hard paper that resembles a little aluminum, its purpose is that after chewing the person put the gum inside that paper instead of throwing it directly in the trash.

Paper Packs - The amazing juice and MILK packaging

The famous Paper Packs are paper packaging similar to the milk and juice boxes we have in Brazil, but they have some exclusivity that increase their practicality in 100% in addition to being easy to fold for recycling.

The Video of Japan our everyday below shows this practicality very well, what these packages are like and how to recycle them. I hope you enjoy the video, and that it shows how practical Japanese packaging is:

Tetrapak and paperpak packages are usually easy to open and some even have a similar opening to bottles with a lid. No need to drill holes or cut both sides, it has an easy way to close and open.

These Japanese paper boxes are often used in juices, milk, yogurts, flavored milks, and other dairy products. They are even available in small sizes and some offer the convenient option of sticking through a straw.

The small cut in the milk cartons

Japanese milk cartons have a small bow-shaped cut. Have you ever wondered what that little cut is for? This gap has a secret that shows how much Japanese people think about consumers.

The amazing practical packaging from Japan

This small arc is only for the visually impaired to distinguish pure milk from other drinks that use similar packaging. By using touch, the visually impaired can easily distinguish pure milk from other drinks, in addition to knowing the correct position to open the milk carton.

It's amazing how well the country's small number of disabled people are treated. Who doesn't remember the traffic signs that play little tunes or the long banners to guide the blind on the sidewalks?

So the government, together with private sector manufacturers, designed this small arch-shaped opening on the opposite side. In addition to helping to identify, this opening prevents the visually impaired from spilling milk or straining to open the wrong side of the box.

The amazing practical packaging from Japan

It all started when Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries conducted a survey, where they found that the visually impaired find it extremely difficult to differentiate milk from other beverages. I miss research like this in Brazil.

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Japanese packaging customizations

Japanese packaging is not only practical, it is also innovative in design and is lively and full of energy. While some companies are focused on spending less on packaging, the Japanese try to do something flashy.

Japanese packaging often has mascots, colors and even anime characters. Others go further and even put textures on their packaging or exotic formats that impress any consumer.

The amazing practical packaging from Japan

Some companies try to put packaging with motivational, cute and enigmatic phrases. Other companies invest in using recyclable or unique materials, while some invest in the minimalist concept.

Do you know any Japanese packaging that impressed you in design or format? What is your experience with Japanese packaging practices? Did you like the article? Don't forget to share and leave your comments.

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