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Do you know Prit and Lohgann? Do you know our everyday Japan? In this article, I would like to do a very detailed analysis of the channel and how it positively influences people and enables them to really know Japan without the countless stereotypes and generalizations created by people.

We live in a world where misinformation, rotten and cancerous content dominates as the most popular on the internet. In this environment, some people still strive to convey a good message and reflection and manage to stand out as a light. The other thousands who make great content, end up unknown in the limbo of the internet.

The Japanese duo of ours each day is able to inform Japan curiosities in a light and relaxed way that made thousands of people fall in love with Japanese culture. All this accompanied by charisma, courage, determination, communication, sympathy, humility and love.

Our daily Japan - the best influence

Knowing our daily Japan channel

It all started when the Prit couple and Lohgann decided to show their friends and family a little bit of Japan. Even with their busy lives they ended up dedicating themselves and learning about YouTube from 2011 to 2013 to finally release their videos. In 2014, in about 6 months, the channel started to become popular.

While other YouTubers end up losing their quality as they grow up, our daily Japan went the other way improving and improving its content with several interesting pictures. Over the years we have had:

  • Vlogs;
  • Japan curiosities;
  • Japanese foods;
  • Japan sweets and snacks;
  • Vending machines;
  • Tours - Events and Festivals;
  • Does it work?
  • Kit Kat flavors;
  • Candy of the Week;
  • Apartments in Japan;
  • Cost of living in Japan;
  • Garbage separation;
  • Our daily Japan postbox;
  • Cup Noodles;
  • Lives and specials;

In addition, Japan created secondary channels focused on games (me and she plays) and in their daily lives (my common day). There are more than 800 videos (01/2018) in total and growing daily. I don't need to highlight the content enough because I believe the vast majority who are reading this article already know the channel. Otherwise, just watch and draw your own conclusions.

A random and popular video from Japan in our everyday life...

How has the Channel influenced people?

Over the years, both the otaku public and the general public have become increasingly interested in Japan and its culture. Fortunately, our daily Japan serves as a great bridge for those who wish to appreciate Japanese culture and get to know the reality of the country through positive and dedicated minds.

Unfortunately people in general tend to negate things and look only at the bad points, growing more misinformation and exaggerated opinions and people related to Japan.

Our daily Japan avoids putting things on their fans' heads like some YouTubers usually do. They know the power and influence they have on people.

The content is very diverse and I didn't just summarize Japan but the many things they find in their life and daily life. They show you exactly that through little things you are able to have fun and happiness. They are also living proof that it is possible live in Japan without working in factories.

My daily experience with Japan

I met the channel in its early days through the video of the apartment in Japan. In this way, they motivated me and made me create Suki Desu and fulfill my dream of visiting Japan. I even tried to meet them in person, but unfortunately it didn't work out...

I personally don't like most channels when they grow. I don't understand why, something changes... Fortunately, I still follow the channel a lot.

I have no contact with them, despite having added them on my social networks. I hope in the near future to be able to create content with them.

Is that you? Was our everyday Japan able to help or influence your life? Do you know any YouTube that did this? There are several YouTubers that make great content about Japan, let's leave a list below:

The article is still halfway through, but we recommend also reading:

TOP 5 videos from Japan our every day

What are the best videos on the channel? These are personal opinions, but I will list some series that I like. Personally I prefer it when they talk about Japan, its curiosities, I don’t like watching sweets lol.

5 - In Search of the Perfect Ramen

A series of videos where Prit and Lohgann venture into Japanese Ramen restaurants:

4 - Small animal coffee

In Japan there are several cafes where you pay for a snack while enjoying and playing with pets. pet like cats, owls and others. They made a very unusual video:

3 - Questions and Answers

Other interesting videos from the channel Japan Nosso de Cada dia are those where you answer questions, from Japan and your personal life. It's always good to see these types of videos:

2 - Sales Machines

All videos of vending machines are incredible:

1 - Apartments

One of the videos that stuck me most to the channel was the videos where they show their houses and apartments. Its practicality, its cheap price and convenience that we only find in Japan. I put it first as my favorite series of videos on the channel.

Daily goodies of our day from Japan

Japan is full of treats, inventions, sweets and snacks with countless exotic, strange and different flavors. One of the most successful series on the Japan's Our Daily Channel are the Treats of the Week.

This weekly series featured the strangest and most exotic flavors of sweets, drinks and snacks from Japan. You can follow their videos in the playlist below. By clicking on the icon in the top left corner, you can change the video in the playlist.

Goodies List from Japan

Some of the goodies present in our daily Japan videos are:

  • Cucumber Pepsi
  • Green tea ore
  • Kit Kat Wasabi
  • Flower Frappuccino
  • Seaweed Doritos
  • Pepsi Cheetos
  • Bacon Lollipop
  • Cockroach candy
  • Sweet of the naked man
  • "X-ray of a fish" gum
  • Squid Ink Ice Cream
  • Shoyu KitKat
  • Strawberry Cheetos
  • Pasta popsicles!
  • Horse meat ice creams!
  • Butt pudding!
  • Bean soda
  • Curry toothpaste
  • Eggplant toothpaste
  • Fish beer
  • Smoked cheese with wasabi
  • Shrimp snack with green tea
  • Fanta Watermelon with Salt
  • Vegetable Cookies
  • Melon fanta with ice cream
  • Cheese and almond doritos
  • Garlic Doritos
  • Canned bread
  • Wasp Biscuit
  • Smoked Salami Potatoes
  • Wasabi beer
  • Vinegar soda
  • Chocolate with pepper
  • Azuki Pepsi
  • Flavored water

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