The most visited sites in Japan and Brazil

Have you ever stopped to think about how the Japanese spend their time on the internet? What are the most accessed sites in Japan and Brazil? With that in mind, we did a survey to share not only data and statistics regarding the Japanese internet, in this article we go further and make comparisons of internet use in Japan and Brazil.

About 100 million people use the internet in Japan, while in Brazil only 119 million have internet access. Of this number, about 75 million Japanese use the internet by cell phone, while in Brazil the number is about 80 million.

The data in this article refer to the year 2017, so there may be differences with the present. Despite being old, they can serve as a cultural reference and ideas. We do not intend to update these rankings, data is provided by Google itself.

The most visited sites in japan and brazil

The most visited websites in Japan

The data used in this article is from the similarweb site, in the list you can see its position, link and the category that the site fits into. The list below shows the most visited sites in Japan:

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
2 and Media
3 google.comSearch
4 youtube.comFootage
5 twitter.comSocial networks
6 store
7 and Telephony
8 store
9 fc2.comweb hosting
11 facebook.comSocial networks
12 and Media
13 wikipedia.orgDictionaries and Encyclopedias
14 nicovideo.jpTV and Video
15 pornhub.comAdult
16 livedoor.jpNews and Media
17 xvideos.comAdult
18 pixiv.netVisual Arts and Design
19 auone.jpInternet and Telecom
20 amoeblo.jpSocial networks
21 syosetu.comArts and Entertainment
22 instagram.comSocial networks
23 eroterest.netAdult
24 livedoor.comNews and Media
25 naver.jpNews and Media
26 movie.eroterest.netAdult
27 and Media
28 blog.jpweb hosting
29 news.livedoor.comNews and Media
30 kakaku.comShopping
31 mbga.jpSocial networks
32 ampproject.orgComputer and Electronics
33 and Media
34 store
35 dmm.comVirtual store
36 5ch.netRelative to 2ch and 4ch?
37 tablelog.comfood and drinks
38 cityheaven.netAdult
39 doorblog.jppeople and society
40 amoeba.jpSocial networks
41 dmkt-sp.jpTV and Videos
42 tenki.jpnews and weather
43 gamewith.jpGames
44 line.mesocial network, messenger
45 xhamster.comAdult
46 cookpad.comfood and drinks
47 nifty.cominternet and telephony
48 jma.go.jpnews and weather
49 granbluefantasy.jpgames

The most visited sites in japan and brazil

The most visited websites in Brazil

The list below shows the most visited websites in Brazil:

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1 Engine
2 google.comSearch Engine
3 youtube.comTV and Video
4 facebook.comSocial networks
5 globe.comNews and Media
6 and Media
7 live.comInternet, Email
9 instagram.comSocial networks
10 xvideos.comAdult
11 yahoo.comNews and Media
12 twitter.comSocial networks
13 netflix.comTV and Video
14 whatsapp.comSocial networks
15 ampproject.orgComputer and Electronics
16 ???????????
17 xnxx.comAdult
19 wikipedia.orgDictionaries and Encyclopedias
20 msn.comNews and Media
23 pornhub.comAdult
24 pinterest.comSocial networks
26 Some ADS
27 and Media
28 and Media
29 and Media
30 linkedin.cominternet and telecommunications
31 bet365.comGambling
32 and Media
34 and Telecommunications
35 letters.mus.brArts and Entertainment
36 and Government
38 aliexpress.comShopping
39 and Media
40 and education
41 and Industry
42 wpadx.comAdult
44 xhamster.comAdult
45 mediafire.comInternet and Telecom
47 Ads for adult websites
48 goo.glInternet and Telecom

Comparing most visited sites in Japan vs Brazil

What can we understand from the most accessed sites in Japan and Brazil? One of the most shocking things was to see in the Brazilian list an ADS site (ads) for adult sites (+18). This makes us understand that many Brazilians try to make money with adult sites in the country and in the world.

I was also impressed with the growth of the digital and physical products website, which surpasses access to the famous hotmart. Apparently manages to be more popular than youtube in Japan. The Google video site also apparently manages to outpace the hits of the famous Japanese site nico nico.

Netflix is relatively new in Japan that it doesn't even appear in the ranking of the 49 most visited sites in the country. In Brazil we had several advertising or invisible sites on the list, which conveys the idea that many try to profit from ads in a heavy and violent way, using alternatives other than Google Adsense or ADX.

I wanted to put the number of views for each country, but unfortunately the site I took as a source does not provide this data. We believe that the average number of hits for the first sites on the list is above 50 million per month. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it share and leave your comments.

See What Japan Google Searches

At the end of 2017, Google revealed a list of the most performed searches on its search platform. In Brazil, the most searched term was Big Brother Brazil showing the level of culture. You will see that the Japanese are not so different from the Brazilians and are not as interested in knowledge as some imagine.

Let's start by showing the list of the 10 most searched terms in Japan and also in Brazil to make a comparison.


  1. Kobayashi Mao
  2. North Korea
  3. Dragon Quest 11
  4. Typhoon
  5. WBC
  6. Kazuyo Matsui
  7. Namie Amuro
  8. Fumika Shimizu
  9. iphone 8
  10. Chiemi Blouson


  1. Big Brother Brazil
  2. Brasileirão table
  3. And either
  4. Marcelo Rezende
  5. The call
  6. FGTS
  7. Sisu
  8. Hurricane Irma
  9. despacito
  10. The farm

This first ranking is about the words that had the most increase and consequently were the most searched in the world. Of course, there are several other words and terms that had more searches, but should not be selected for the ranking.

The most visited sites in japan and brazil

In the Japanese ranking we find several outstanding people, let's talk a little about them below. First we should mention the concern about North Korea and the Japanese summer typhoons. The Iphone 8 is another common and affordable thing for the Japanese, I feel sorry for everyone who lives in Brazil, which makes the device a status thing.

It was impressive to see the role-playing game Dragon Quest 11 as the 3rd most searched on Google. Perhaps its release on the Nintendo switch and other portable platforms has made the demand become great. The installed base of the 3DS plus the success of the switch and even the dear PS4 should cover a large part of Japanese netizens.

In fifth place we have the WBC which stands for World Boxing Council or national boxing council. I had no idea that the Japanese liked boxing that much.

Japanese from Google searches 2017

Now let's talk about the people who appeared in Japanese google searches in 2017.

Kobayashi Mao – A famous Japanese news presenter who was once an actress. Sadly, she died this year on June 22, 2017 at the age of 34 from breast cancer. This must be the main reason for high google searches.

Kazuyo Matsui – Japanese actress, investor, businesswoman, essayist, university professor and life counselor. The high search for this name on google was because the actress started talking about an affair that her husband of more than 17 years of marriage was having. A lot was talked about, even forbidden Viagra the man took.

Namie Amuro – A popular Japanese pop singer who announced her retirement on September 16, 2018.

Fumika Shimizu – Actress, idol and model. In February 2017 she announced her retirement to join a religion called Happy Science.

Chiemi Blouson – A Japanese comedian and actress who participated in several shows in 2017.

Other Japanese Google Rankings

Finally, let's share other rankings that google shared this year 2017:

Which is?とは

  1. What is 忖?
  2. What is Premium Friday?
  3. What is liberal?
  4. What is Conspiracy?
  5. What is value?
  6. What is an alert?
  7. What is a hand spinner
  8. What is hemolytic bacteria
  9. What is the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies What is an exclusive economic zone?

Comparisons 比較

  1. Parties
  2. Speaker
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Ideko
  5. gas liberalization
  6. App comparison
  7. electronic cigarettes
  8. Net Super
  9. Delivery charges
  10. VR Goggle

Below is a ranking separated by gender:

Most wanted by men

  1. Card games
  2. Kim Mio
  3. Sota Fujii
  4. Aki Takahashi
  5. Kei Komuro
  6. Ito Motoya
  7. Ikeda University
  8. Eiichiro Funakoshi
  9. fukuoka
  10. toro samon

Most searched by women

  1. Kobayashi Mao
  2. Matsui Ichiyo
  3. Namie Amuro
  4. Fumiji Shimizu
  5. Chumimi Blouson
  6. Kobayashi Rina
  7. Mayaa Matsuno
  8. Sato Rin
  9. Toyoda Mayuko
  10. Yoko Nozomi

What do you think of this ranking? Hope you enjoyed the article. We appreciate the comments and shares.