Nightlife tips and care in Japan

Have you ever imagined your nightlife in Japan? Many tourists imagine that they will arrive in Tokyo and go to neighborhoods like Kabukicho and pick up the girls. Others want to go further, and hire special services. If you intend to do these perverted things, or just want to experience a night out in the red light districts of Japan, this article will help you stay smart with the problems these neighborhoods can bring.

Depending on your intention at night, be with friends to avoid problems. In most cases you don’t have to worry, Japan is a safe place, you can really enjoy it at night in clubs, concert halls, hostess and love hotels. The big problem with these red light night quarters is that they are full of people with ulterior motives trying to snatch your money and even steal it.

Japan nightlife tips and care

Get smart with the price

These night districts tend to vary the price according to service, club size and quality of partners. There are bars that can cost up to 7,000 yen without all drinks included. Those special shows can easily exceed 10,000 yen. If you really want a service, prepare more than 20,000 yen.

Suspicious people often approach tourists on the street offering cheap options, at least they make it seem. Even if you find it cheap, be careful because they use strategies to raise the price. They usually add additional fees to the account if they notify customers in advance. They may have said it cost 15,000 yen, but end up charging 20,000 yen in the end, inventing a mandatory fee for newbies or similar apologies.

Japan nightlife tips and care

There was a bar that even charged 2.6 million yen from some customers despite promising an invoice of 4,000 yen. In this incident, victims of fraud were threatened with violence after refusing to pay. There are thousands of strategies in these neighborhoods designed to steal your money, be smart! and look, it's not just Japanese trying to suck your money, but foreigners too. Even in Akihabara these sucking men appeared, and in Osaka I saw many young women lurking.

Get smart with Nightlife

These suspicious people also deceive in another way, they can present posters of beautiful young women, but in reality it takes for a middle aged lady.

Women need to be careful, even men. Foreigners stand out in Japan, the Japanese can create stereotypes, already hear cases of Japanese dragging women to a love hotel, perhaps the language barrier has contributed to this.


In Japan the law prohibits prostitution! As well? You may have heard several reports of these services, because every law has a loophole. In Japan the hired girl becomes your partner and you go on a date. As soon as you are a couple, even if temporary, the law no longer prohibits you from having sex. This entertainment industry is smart, isn't it? Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there are so many innocent services where girls just go out on a date to chat and have no relationships.

Also be careful with the Yakuza, they tend to be in night quarters like Kabukicho, because that's where their business is run. But you need not be afraid of Yakuza, just be careful not to be harmed. Yakuza is an officially recognized organization, it works together with the police to maintain peace in these neighborhoods. They don't like people breaking the local rules, don't be a troublemaker.

Final tips for your nightlife

Be careful not to enter places that are prohibited to foreigners. They are usually signposted, but we do not always find this signage in this light show. Some locations in these night quarters require that you have knowledge of Japanese to enter.


If you're looking for a good red light district for nightlife, the most famous ones are Kabukicho in Tokyo, Nakasu in Fukuoka, Susukino in Sapporo and Tobita Shinchi in Osaka. It's not dangerous, but be smart! If you want a basic nightlife without worry, there are many similar, cheaper and safer neighborhoods spread across Japan.

And you don't have to be afraid of the neighborhood because of this article. Being in red light neighborhoods in Japan is as safe as walking during the day in Brazil. The neighborhood is packed with people and tourists. If you are a tourist who just wants to walk and enter the famous and well-known bars, you can go without fear. Have you ever visited a red light district in Japan? Have you seen the nightlife? What is your experience? We appreciate comments and shares.

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  1. Bem informativo o artigo, e sempre agrada-me quando vejo a desmetificação da imagem que a Yakuza possui para a maioria dos brasileiros.

    Apenas uma nota: ” Estar em bairros da luz vermelha no Japão é tão seguro quanto andar durante o dia no Brasil.”. Kevin, acredito que no Rio de Janeiro seja mais inseguro em qualquer parte do dia… Abraços

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