Sukumizu - Japanese school swimwear


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Sukumizu is the term used to refer to swimwear or swimsuits used in Japanese schools. This word is the abbreviation for School mizugi (ス ク ー ル 水 着) where the word mizugi literally means swimwear. These clothes are usually used in swimming lessons, they are traditionally colored in dark blue. The dark color prevents the swimsuit from becoming visually transparent when wet.

Most female sukumizu have a name tag attached to their chest to identify the students they are wearing. A sukumizu usually comes in the form of a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit. Men wear only one piece in the style of shorts / trunks. The material is usually a mixture of synthetic fibers with nylon and polyester.

Despite being a simple swimming uniform, sukumizu ended up gaining fame outside schools, even carrying a sexual connotation. It is very common to find fans and people with fetish girls wearing these swimsuits, we can see this in anime, manga and even in adult or idol magazines.

Sukumizu - japanese school swimwear

How did Sukumizu come about?

The original swimwear emerged in the late 1950s due to the greater availability of nylon for manufacturing, allowing more flexibility and stylability. This became a profitable business, which soon formed a direct relationship with schools. The clothes were made from one that was simple to produce, with few changes over the years.

Most swimsuits are just one piece with the top in the style of a skirt, the first version left the back a little bare. A new model used in 1985 joined May as a normal piece without looking like a skirt. The versions of sukumizu used in competitions are made with a thinner material and smaller supports.

Sukumizu - japanese school swimwear

The influence of school swimsuits in Japan

Sukumizu is often memorable for boys, as this was one of the first times that boys saw part of the girls' bodies during swimming, right at the time of strange puberty and burning hormones.

Japan's school bathing suits are quite characterized in anime and mangoes, mainly in a moe fashion. In some cases sukumizu is used to emphasize immaturity due to swimsuits in high school and out of school being more provocative bikinis.

Sukumizu has gained so much sex appeal, that if you search for sukumizu on google, you will end up falling into several sales sites that actually show a sexy bathing suit instead of the traditional sukumizu. There is a mizugi launched in 2014 with an opening right in front of the breasts that popularized in the moe world and otaku culture. This created several memes, fanart ana references to this piece of sensual clothing. This style of clothing has become so popular, that there are several variations of sukumizu.

Sukumizu - japanese school swimwear

Sukumizu is a Japanese swimsuit that has become so popular and deserves attention. What do you think of this swimsuit (mizugi)? Would you like to use one? Share with friends and leave your comments.

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