SkyCycle - Cycling on a bike in Japan

In Okayama in the city of Kurashiki, there is a park called Washuzan highland and for some reason it is called Brazilian Park. In this park in addition to several Brazilian attractions and toys, there is a kind of roller coaster of 16 meters in height where you yourself cycle a kind of bicycle for 2 people. This attraction is called SkyCycle.

Of course, all of this at a low speed and without many curves, since the trails are on top of a mountain and have no security other than a simple belt. The journey takes about 3 minutes and you can enjoy the view of the park, the city and the interior sea of Seto.

The website's slogan in English Washuzan highland says: Enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the sun surrounded by the rhythm of Samba. Enjoy Brazilian dishes and presentations. The park also has several roller coasters, a skating rink and even Bungee Jumping. For details, access the official website clicking here.

Know the route by watching the video below. Will you face it? The view from the Shimotusi-Seto bridge is already worth the courage!

SkyCycle - Other locations in Japan

This park in Okayama is not the only one that has the attraction of cycling high. At the Ibaraki Flower Park one of the attractions called Flower Cycle, you also ride high. several parks in japan have this attraction, but not in the heights of Washuzan. Let's see a list of parks that have this attraction:


  • In Amanohashidate in the city of Miyazu in Kyoto they have a very high skycycle;
  • amusement park Yomiuriland located in Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi, Tokyo. 
  • Amusement park in the city of Dazaifu in Fukouka;
  • A waterfront park called Tsujido Seaside Park;

It is not only in Japan that this SkyCycle attraction exists. In the Angkor park in Cambodia there is one over the lake. Do you know another SkyCycle in Japan or somewhere in the world? Have you ever walked or have the courage to walk? Leave it in the comments and share it with friends.

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