Japanese party: tips for getting the decoration right

Organizing a Japanese party can be a challenge, after all, with so many traditional elements, choosing the right decoration is what will guarantee the success of the event. 

When talking about a Japanese party, many people associate it with a thematic celebration because it happens in a country different from its origin. However, for the Japanese it is just a way to celebrate their culture and to bet on this theme is to remember their origins.

If you are thinking of having a Japanese party, the decoration is something that should be thought about since the Orientals are very careful with all aspects, including the appearance that your guests will find when they arrive at the place.

Here are some tips for getting the decor right and impressing guests.

Japanese party: tips for getting the decoration right

Preview the decor before the party

The presentation of the environment must be impeccable, however, it is possible to make guests curious and anxious about what they may find.

You do how to make a flyer? It is possible to create an invitation to the Japanese party that uses the same theme as the decoration, so it will have something personalized and that will not let the essence of the party get lost in any moment.

Think about who the party is being held for

The theme is Japanese feast, but it is necessary to think for whom it is being held. If it is for a child, it will have more childlike elements and even some characters. In the case of adults, the corresponding age group should be directed.

Knowing who the party is being held for helps to define what type of decoration will be used, the colors and quantity of elements.

Choose which elements to use

In Japanese culture there are several characteristic elements that can be used in decoration and that would not always have this purpose.

The paper balloons are very characteristic and can be used as lamps, at night they give a very special effect. 

The cherry tree is another symbol and can be used in different ways. 

It is possible to make a panel that is the main highlight or make table arrangements with this theme.

The bamboo it is versatile and can also be part of the Japanese festival, usually used to complement the decoration. Wagasa and fans used by geishas they can also be good decorative elements.

You can choose just a few of them or mix more than one elements to achieve a beautiful decoration.

Japanese party: tips for getting the decoration right

Choose the predominant colors of the Japanese party

A very common mistake when Brazilians have a Japanese party is to always choose red and gold as the predominant colors. These colors refer to Japanhowever, it does not mean that you cannot use other shades, such as blue, green and purple.

The color should be determined by the party organizer and match the chosen theme, so it is worth remembering that there is no rule in this case, as long as the elements are able to convey the desired message.

Following these tips you can have a party without spending a lot.

The Japanese party is beautiful with different types of decoration, but beauty in this case is not everything, it must be possible to convey a message. Choosing the right props and accessories will make the decor beautiful and unforgettable. 

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