Rage - What is happening to the human being?

Working on the internet, I realize how stressed the human being is, without intelligence and self-opinion. Over time I follow not only fights in the Brazilian community in Japan, but in any area like youtubers, game fans, not to mention the political discussions on social networks with no relevance. I think we all know that we live in the mimimi era.

I am a person who cannot resist and I spend my time arguing in comments from gaming sites with haters who criticize the Nintendo console for lack of hardware power or colorful games. I am used to meaningless comments, insistence on being right and an illogical lack of interpretation of my comments.

Today I witnessed a different event, which despite being something common, made me think of some things to the point of writing this article. On social media I saw two facebook pages fighting, the ONLY in JAPAN and the Elisa in Japan. I don't want to focus on these people, but they reminded me of a very common scenario that I want to discuss.

The power of manipulation

People who have a certain reputation on the internet have the power to control people. As a fan of some youtube channels I have already made decisions influenced by the people I admire. Today, in less than 24 hours, a terrible phenomenon happened, the result of the attitude of these famous people who do things without thinking.

O ONLY in JAPAN posted a review of the content that goes viral and is successful on the internet. THE Elisa in Japan ended up thinking that this post was an indirect one for her, and created a text on her page venting about it. The fans following the hatred were on the page of the Japanese hick and unleashed a rage attack, cursed and commented saying that the content was garbage, just because Elisa spoke.

Rage - what is happening to the human being?

I don't blame Elisa for what happened. If I think that text was for me, I would also be angry and end up taking a similar attitude. But this reaction from fans and the reach of the publication only shows the generation of people we are living with. Caipira is right to say that what generates more views are controversial subjects, fights or articles that spread hate.


Something similar has already happened with Kefera who made a video saying that she was humiliated by a taxi driver, the worst of which she still identified the guy and ended up being sued for it. several youtubers use their power, most of the time without wanting or thinking. This results in a band of fans attacking or doing bad things against the person.

The herd effect

People react to the impulse without even thinking about what they are doing. The internet is a huge source of knowledge, but it seems that with each passing year people are getting increasingly stupid. It is very embarrassing for someone to go out on the page of others cursing, no matter the reason. People are being easily manipulated and following the herd effect, that I want to highlight in this text!

What is the herd effect? These are situations where individuals in a group all react in the same way, at the same time, without any planned direction or relevant objective. This happens not only with socialite followers or youtubers, but in all areas of life.


I know the herd effect mainly in marketing, because I realize that content creators are doing the same thing to sell their courses. They use the same approach without trying to be different. On youtube the same thing happened, it was just someone making a viral video that thousands of others copy, without ever trying to innovate.

Even in Brazilian cuisine I notice the herd effect. There are thousands of Japanese or culinary dishes from other countries, but people always open restaurants of the same thing, sushi, yakisoba, xtudo or pizza. Innovation, ideas and thoughts of its own in Brazil are dead. While in Japan we have a capitalist industry focused on inventing new things, in Brazil we have an industry prepared to copy successful ideas.

Rage - what is happening to the human being?

The cancer content of the Internet

Caipira in Japan cited the Day McCarthy case that racially attacked Bruno Gagliasso's daughter. As he quoted, the girl quickly got 50,000 followers in one day. In addition, several fake Day McCarthy pages and profiles were created by others to take advantage of the moment and gain followers.


It just shows how stupid mankind is to the point of worshiping other people and following everyone's good and bad steps. There is no problem with admiring other people's work or content. I am very happy when I notice an increase in visits to my website or a constant number of comments. It's just that people are crossing the line to the point of idolizing other famous people.

The worst is not even following these people, but the content that is successful on the internet today. People just like shit, that's the truth! Knowledge, information and content that will bring education, honesty and benefits to our nation has absolutely almost no interest for society. I love anime, but as I struggle to write articles about Japan, I realize that the Otaku audience is 100X larger than the community of people who admire Japan and its culture.

On youtube the same thing is happening. I know friends like Wilson da Colônia against attacks that take months to make a well-edited video, stopped at 400,000 subscribers, while others who make videos without any editing or preparation receive millions of subscribers.

Rage - what is happening to the human being?

People's lack of intelligence

The problem is not in the content that people watch, but in the lack of self-thinking and reasoning on the subject. We are living in a gigantic wave where all ages are using apps like whatsapp and social networks like facebook. Even so, with google in hand, thousands of people share fake news every day just because they read a sensational title and believed it.

People don't look for sources, they share everything that seems controversial and sensational. The result of this is less and less quality content and more fake and poorly worked content, made only to generate visits and earnings. I even realized a much greater reach and sharing in articles without intelligent content that I write, than those articles that I spend all day researching to do.

Try harder! Think before you act! If you find it offensive I call people stupid, or say that they are being manipulated and influenced. The answer is simple: Don't be these people! I was once a person who acted on impulse! I already spread hate! Most of the time, all problems happen because of a lack of patience and reasoning!

Many say that violent movies and games, adult content and friendships do not influence people. So how are most of them being influenced by simple text comments on social media? Yes, the problem is not in the content they watch, but in the person himself! I don't really understand what happened to the human being.