Does government benefits help or hinder the country?

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Does government benefits help or hinder the country? We are experiencing an economic catastrophe and a growing increase in violence and insecurity in Brazil. Social networks have become a gigantic political war and hate field in Brazil.

As I got deeper into Japanese culture and studied more and more about Japan and other countries, I learned a lot of things that happen in developed countries. I realized that countries like Japan and the USA don't offer as many benefits and help as the Brazilian government does. Why is this good?

Dealing with this subject is very delicate, because it involves thousands of factors and requires advanced knowledge on the subject. I am here just to express my opinion and try to say why I think the benefits proposed by the Brazilian government have driven the country more and more into the hole.


Sustain poverty or end it?

Millions of people in Brazil live in extreme poverty, the government tries to help these people with various social projects and things like family allowance and free public health. The idea is good, but the government is unable to manage it well, and it is going bankrupt.

Benefícios do governo ajuda ou atrapalha o país?

Think of developed countries, most of them do not have public health, people need to pay a health plan that does not always cover 100% of expenses. THE poverty it does not usually exist in these countries because they either work or starve to death (obviously there are millions of other factors and help to prevent this).

Most of the poor in Brazil make no effort. They just live in misery and generating more children in the world without any condition to raise them. While we complain about the minimum wage, these people receive less than R $ 100 in social assistance and are happy with that. They do not seek knowledge and live as ignorant in their comfort zone.

Of course, the government and its social programs are not to blame. These programs are good and necessary if they are administered correctly. It does not end poverty by sustaining it, this is the great mistake of the Brazilian government. Perhaps, instead of providing this social aid, endeavoring to provide education and employment, these ignorant poor people would act whether they wanted to or not.


There is no way to help everyone

The government steals millions of our taxes and toasts millions sustaining poverty. Perhaps the simple act of lowering absurd taxes would make it easier for the Brazilian population and also for other companies to enter the country and provide more jobs. A good salary and quality of life would fight poverty much more than giving crumbs to the poor.

Benefícios do governo ajuda ou atrapalha o país?

Some families make 10 children just to receive more social assistance. These young people end up not receiving a good education and become criminals and ignorants that end up hindering the progress and security of the country.

A birth control would help the country to organize itself much more. Today, thousands of children are being born with viruses that cause deformations (microcephaly). The government has spent millions to help children who develop this disease.


One hour the government will no longer be able to help everyone, which is why it is cutting countless benefits. Just take a look at retirement and social security, where many do not get their benefits and the government is making it more and more difficult due to the lack of conditions.

Government benefits only get worse

This will never end, because those in power need votes. Unfortunately, many prefer to live by sucking on the tits of the government instead of being independent, seeking knowledge and working. Brazil will only improve when it tries to end the population's laziness and improve education, instead of sustaining poverty.

The big problem is that the Brazilian government wants to control and manipulate its nation. The stupider and more dependent the Brazilians are, the more money the government can get out of us. The result of this is crisis, poverty, disgrace, disasters, violence, lack of culture and many bad things. We live something similar to the bread and circus policy.


Unfortunately, most Brazilians believe that Brazil is wonderful and that the government provides much good for everyone. And indeed, Brazil provides many opportunities for the rich and the middle class to profit greatly from the poor.

Government benefits induce low-income families to live on little and seek nothing. The poor need opportunities and work, the poor need social and educational support and the entire Brazilian population needs culture! Something that died in the country!

Benefícios do governo ajuda ou atrapalha o país?

Government benefits can help!

We are not saying that the government needs to stop helping the poor. Countries like Japan also offer social aid in different ways. There is even help with raising children in Japan. Everything is well supervised and organized in a way that does not harm the government and the population.

I really cannot understand the organization of social programs and government support with the population. In addition to thousands of stolen taxes, the government unnecessarily gives money to people like prisoners and even to those who already earn a good income.

The government's social programs and benefits can indeed help the population, but if there is no government reform and organization, and if the population does not strive and leave the government's teats, the country will only sink further and further. What is your opinion on the matter? We appreciate comments and shares.