Parque do Japão in Maringá - Knowing the Place


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Those who live or visit Paraná, in the city of Maringá there is a park in Japan. It occupies an area of 100,000 m² and is located in the Industrial Park on Rua Tulipa. The Japan park in Maringá is a true symbol of the Japanese culture in Brazil. It seems to be a prominent tourist spot with a high demand on the internet. In this article we will know some details about this Parque do Japão in Maringá.

The park reflects the strong influence of Japanese immigrants in the region. In it you will find several significant and ancient forms of expression of Japanese culture. The park of Japan in Maringá presents from artistic, cultural and environmental things. Here you will find sports gyms, an event room, theaters and even a traditional tea house! In addition to a beautiful 46,000m² imperial garden

Parque do japão em maringá - conhecendo o local

The history of Japan park in Maringá

The park came about with a brotherhood agreement between Maringá and the city of Kakogawa in Japan. The agreement was signed on July 2, 1973, allowing the exchange of socio-cultural and economic information for the development of the two cities.

The Parque do Japão de Maringá was inaugurated in 2014, its project “Japan Memorial Park Imin 100” it appeared in 2006 with the purpose of paying homage to all the immigrants who settled in Maringá, especially the Japanese who, in the year of 2008 completed 100 years of Brazil. The project was developed in 2005 and was managed by Mayor Sílvio Magalhães Barros II. Soon he received help from the mayor of Kakogawa, Shoichi Tarumoto, who assembled a team for the job.

The site chosen to house the Japanese park, was a permanent preservation area (APP), with a spring and a stream. There were many conflicts and difficulties in the place, since some were dumping industrial waste and there was a point of drugs and criminals.

Parque do japão em maringá - conhecendo o local

The park took 10 years of preparation and has the potential to be the largest theme park on Japan in Brazil and even in Latin America. The park is beautiful and very well maintained. Some feel even in Japan! The Park has landmarks of Japanese immigration in Brazil, such as the Japanese immigration monument, bonsai and carp.

Knowing the Japan Park in Maringá

This Park is in honor of the Japanese immigrants who colonized the region. It has a large monument at the entrance in honor of Japanese immigration. There are kiosks and restaurants on site. The Japanese koi pond is indescribable. You can buy feed to feed the fish. There are cherry trees that are in bloom (in their season), already in winter and at Christmas the park is lit up. The place is great for walking and taking pictures, remember the water and sunscreen.

Watch some videos below for details of this beautiful Japanese park in the city of Marínga:

Unfortunately there are reports that the 2017 crisis may affect the future of Parque do Japão in Maringá. So, have the opportunity to visit him before something tragic happens! Have you ever visited Parque do Japão in Maringá? Do you know other Japanese parks in Brazil? We would like to hear your opinions in the comments.

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