2021 Olympics: See the legacy games have brought to Japan

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At Olympics Tokyo 2020, which ended up taking place in 2021, sent a great message to the whole world: the overcoming achieved by discipline, method and focus. Japan, one of the most conservative countries, put on a show for the whole world.

If we could talk about a legacy left in these games, we could say that each person is special and plays a different and relevant role in society, so people need to treat each other more as individuals and less as groups.

Japan had already hosted the Olympics in 1964, in the so-called “Olympic Summer Games”, and later the Winter Games in 1972 and 1998. It happens that decades before, Japan was selected to host the Olympic Games.


Specifically in 1936, when Tokyo was chosen to host the games, but unfortunately with the outbreak of World War II in 1940, the idea of keeping the games was dropped. 

Olimpíadas 2021: confira o legado que os jogos trouxeram ao japão - olimpiadas

COVID-19's interference in games

Who would have thought that almost 100 years later Japan would have the opportunity again to host the games, but with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic the dream would be postponed once again, after all, the focus in 2020 was on thermometer calibration and non-crowding.

Furthermore, it is important to reinforce that the world this time was facing a powerful and invisible enemy, COVID-19. So the year 2020 was extremely melancholy and complicated for many people, like athletes.

After all, they were training the way they could, that is, many were preparing at home, in adapted environments, mainly to be able to maintain their focus and physical lineage at the time, to win the long-awaited gold medal. 


It was necessary to use a alignment machine, as well as the construction of platforms that simulated the sea, a court and even gyms. Technology was of great help in this regard and turned out to be a great helper for these athletes.

A lot was said about whether or not the games could be held, much discussion was held around strict protocols aimed at protecting athletes and people who work directly on the Olympic committee. 

Now let's look at some of the main highlights that we've gathered about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but which took place in 2021. Focusing, also, on this very complicated period and on the lessons he left us.

Olimpíadas 2021: confira o legado que os jogos trouxeram ao japão

Japanese style exemplary organization 

That the Japanese are organized is no doubt for anyone, but it's impressive when you see it up close. All systems properly organized according to the needs of each sport, athlete and the like.

Everything was already prepared in advance and there wasn't what is common in Brazil, the famous “jeitinho”. The games took place in an extremely organized manner and strictly followed the protocols with private security companies and other needs. 

It is extremely difficult to pull some kind of error, scandal or sporadic event related to the organization of the event. There was an attempt to show people a highly technological world, but the pandemic has undermined that desire a little.


Despite this, it was still possible to see a lot of the country's technology, such as the large hologram made by drones at the opening of the games. Finally, thanks to all this effort, there were no outbreaks of COVID cases within the Vila Olímpica, something incredible. 

Olimpíadas 2021: confira o legado que os jogos trouxeram ao japão
Mascotes das Olimpiadas de Tokyo

Olympic and sustainable games 

There are many studies that say that a sportsman's performance comes from his ability to make an internal connection with natural instincts and perform them within a sport under specific conditions. 

Japan understood that to create a healthier and more competitive environment, it was necessary to use a highly sustainable space, showing that technological advances reduce the degradation of the world and not the other way around.

More than 5,000 medals were made using 80 million tons of electronic waste collected. In addition to having been able to reuse more than 6,000 cell phones. The Olympic podiums were built on the basis of plastic packaging. 

It was quite common to have environmental consulting companies interested in participating in these projects, as the demand was high, and thanks to this it was possible to build a better world. 

The model presented by Japan should be based on the Paris Games in 2024, which promises to expand this type of sustainable performance within the new reality of the world. 

Athletes' Decisions During Games

24-year-old American gymnast Simone Biles at the height of her 146 centimeters was widely regarded as the Frankish favorite to win all the gold medals in Olympic gymnastics, wherever she competed. 

However, after the first day he presented a somewhat negative result, he decided to give up participating in the other competitions, due to the need to deal with problems related to his mental health.


Simone would still win a Bronze medal on the crossbar, which would mark his second consecutive medal in the race, the first was in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Simone's attitude was the subject of several discussions around the world.

These are problems that need to be taken into account, since a large part of society competes, but unfortunately these are terms little addressed by people, without any clamping elements to help with that.

Olimpíadas 2021: confira o legado que os jogos trouxeram ao japão - olimpiadas1964

News from the 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo games were marked by the debut of five new sports, they were:

  • Surfing;
  • Skateboard;
  • Karate;
  • Sport climbing;
  • Baseball/Softball.

Then, the Olympic Games had 46 sports, and Brazil had great chances of getting a gold medal in two of them: Surfing and Karate. Right at the beginning of the competitions, the public went wild on Skate Female.

And at just 13 years old, Rayssa Leal became the youngest Olympic medalist in the history of Brazil, or as the world learned to call her, Fadinha. It was exciting as the sportsmanship hovered throughout the competition.


Brazil also secured a medal in skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Pedro Barros, 26, was a silver medalist in the men's park category. It practically took a CO2 fire extinguisher to erase calls from Brazilians that day. 

The first gold medal in Brazil came to Ítalo Ferreira from Natal. However, there was a detail for the controversial decision that took the favorite Gabriel Medina out of the final, taking away the dreamed of Brazilian one-two.

Brazil would still finish the games with other outstanding names, such as Rebeca Andrade in Artistic Gymnastics, women's heel. Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze with the Olympic championship in sailing, in addition to the Olympic championship in men's football. 

A total of 21 medals, two more than Rio 2016. They were: 7 gold medals, six silver and 8 bronze. A historic achievement, which will remain in everyone's heart. 

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Olimpíadas 2021: confira o legado que os jogos trouxeram ao japão - para olimpiadas

legacy of the olympic games 

We have seen throughout the article the main challenges that compromise the delivery of the Olympic Games in 2020, but which were overcome in 2021. It is not possible to dismiss the feeling of emptiness brought about by the lack of public.

Japan is a country marked by the consumption of famous animes and certain characters that marked the childhood of many people. All these components were not possible to be used in the way it was intended.

Despite everything, the games went wonderfully well, contrary to what many critics said. Showing that effort and cooperation are capable of solving many problems. 

There are also great stories of overcoming athletes who tried their best. Other stories are also noteworthy, as well as the commitment of all Japanese people to deliver the best games, under countless determinations that limited people's performance.

The great legacy these Olympics bring to everyone is the ability of people, as unique individuals, to help each other through their personal experiences as well as life stories.

Another very striking point at the Olympics was the way people cheered even with the distance, even using a safety cap custom and other items such as t-shirts and custom banners.


Without that, what would have motivated Simone Biles to return to competition on the last day? What would motivate Daniel Cargnin to dedicate the bronze to his mother after suffering serious injuries? In addition to many other athletes who made a name for themselves at that time.

Well, what is clear is that the professionals who worked on the games need to be remembered, something that will certainly happen, mainly because they take care of everything very carefully, preventing the disease from taking on new proportions.

These were the Tokyo 2020 games, which gave a show of technology and care, going back to the dedicated transport athletes until the moment when matches and competitions started to happen. 

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