Meaning of "Daijoubu desho datte kimi yowai mon" from Jujutsu Kaisen

"Daijoubu desho datte kimi yowai mono" is a Japanese phrase that appears in the anime "Jujutsu Kaisen". In this article we will examine and study the meaning of this expression spoken by Gojo Satoro.

Daijoubu deshou, datte kimi yowai mon

In free translation into Portuguese, this phrase literally means “No problem, after all, you are weak”. See the meaning of each word below:

  • 大丈夫 - "Daijoubu": means "everything is fine" or "no problem".
  • でしょう - "Desho": is an informal form of statement, equivalent to "isn't it?" or "certainly".
  • だって - "Datte": is a conjunction that can be translated as "after all" or "since".
  • 君 - "Kimi": means "you".
  • 弱い - "Yowai": means "weak" or "insecure".
  • もん - "Mon": is an informal ending that indicates that the statement is suggestive or that the person is referring to something as obvious.
Meaning of "daijoubu desho datte kimi yowai mon" from kaisen jujutsu

The complete sentence, "Daijoubu desho. Datte, kimi yowai mon.", means something like "No problem, certainly. After all, you're weak, aren't you?" or "It's okay, you're weak anyway, aren't you?

It is a form of provocation for the enemy and a sarcastic reassurance for friends. It is a very frequent and popular phrase in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

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In anime it is also common to hear the variation:

Daijoubu desu, datte kimi yowai mon

In practice, it doesn't change anything and usually has the same meaning, only the way of saying it is more polite and formal than 「でしょう」deshou.

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