How to learn Japanese with manga and anime?

When we want to learn a new language, and even for any other type of learning, it is always interesting to choose subjects and topics that inspire us, and that can motivate us and help us to progress. It could be music for learning English, for a specific purpose, like traveling abroad, or it could be learning Japanese with the help of manga and anime.

If you are interested in the latter option, we will immediately introduce some learning methods that can help you improve your knowledge of Japanese. Are you passionate about manga and anime? This is a great way to improve your Japanese language skills!

Learn the basics of Japanese in just a few lessons

While it's possible to improve your Japanese language skills through manga, if you're a beginner and don't know a word of Japanese at the moment, reading it can be tricky and you can become discouraged very quickly. As a first step, we recommend that you take some Japanese lessons, which will help you discover the basics of the language so that you don't get totally lost when reading a manga in Japanese for the first time.

To take language classes, there are different options. With regard to Japanese, if you cannot find courses available in your city, it may be beneficial to use online courses. This will allow you to take Japanese lessons for beginners, which will help you decipher Kanji (one of the Japanese alphabets) as well as learn more about Japanese culture.

This learning can also be done by downloading a language learning app on your cell phone, such as Babbel, Duolingo or Mosalíngua, although some of these apps may not always offer Japanese lessons, which can be replaced by Chinese lessons.

Mangas that help in learning the language and culture of Japan

manga to learn japanese

Now that you know the basics of Japanese, you can enjoy your favorite manga and discover new ones to improve your knowledge. Manga is indeed a very good solution to work on your knowledge of the Japanese language, being a fun method that you will definitely enjoy trying out.

To benefit from a better command of Japanese, you can study the dialogues in your manga and take the opportunity to decipher them little by little. It may take a while at first, but you will eventually understand the meaning of the phrases and the exchanges, until reading Japanese characters becomes more and more natural.

Also, thanks to the images in the manga, you have valuable clues to help you understand the texts. If this remains complex, and during your first few attempts, you can use a translation or a tool that allows you to translate the few words or phrases that cause the most problems.

Mangas that help in learning the language and culture of Japan

Where can I find Japanese manga?

To read Japanese manga, you can search bookstores, but also buy your books online, to have as much choice as possible. If you can, ask a manga-loving bookseller or friend for advice so you can start your reading with relatively easy-to-understand books, with shorter dialogues and discussions. Gradually, you can move on to a more complex manga reserved for Japanese experts.

In addition to printed manga, you will also find many websites that allow you to read manga online. This is the case of mangaZ, SenManga and even Honto.

Among the books that we recommend for a beginner level in Japanese, we find Doraemon, Pokémon, Mirumo or even Astroboy – manga for children that you will be able to decipher easily.

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Can Japanese anime help you learn the language?

Another way to improve your knowledge of Japanese is anime! In addition to reading manga, this method allows you to learn another part of the Japanese language, this time orally. This will allow you to become familiar with Japanese pronunciation and learn new words without realizing it, while enjoying the adventures of your favorite anime characters.

You can find these anime online, some of which may even be available on Netflix in their original language (with or without subtitles). For starters, we recommend the anime Nisekoi or K-ON, before moving on to Hunter X Hunter for example, or Death Note for the more experienced.

With these few tips, all you have to do is choose your preferred method to learn Japanese as quickly as possible!

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