Ice sculpture festival at Matsumoto Castle

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Matsumoto Castle (松本城) is located in the city of Matsumoto in the province of Nagano, the castle was built between 1592 and 1614 and is one of the most beautiful castles in Japan, and was built on plains instead of mountains.

Every year, for over 30 years, an ice sculpture festival takes place between January and February at Matsumoto Castle. During this time of the year the temperature remains between 0 The -10 degrees, enough to keep the ice sculptures outside the castle in good condition.

The photos of the sculptures are perfect with the Matsumoto Castle in the background:


Like any festival, you will enjoy a lot of typical city food, and street food.

You can enjoy the sculptors working on the sculptures on Saturday night, or Sunday morning you can see them newly built. Children also have fun with an ice slide and some shows on stage.

The video of our friend Santana shows a little more about this Beautiful Festival:


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