Different age of the world? Discover this and other South Korean customs

A Korea do Sul is a tourist destination that has attracted more and more working people, mainly because of its culture and entertainment that are gradually gaining international prominence.

The country, which is located in Asia, was for a long time left out to the detriment of other interesting countries in the region, but it has done an excellent job of attracting different types of audience.

With the musical phenomenon spreading across the world, more and more people are seeking this type of destination, which is often quite different from Western customs and, despite causing an initial strangeness, it can be an incredible experience.

Korean and Eastern culture as a whole is, on many occasions, quite different from the Western one, which creates a series of unusual situations for tourists. It is important to know this before starting your vacation trip.

Another very important point to know before starting your journey is knowing the laws of South Korea. That's because there are some quirks for Western audiences, and what is often considered normal for you might be an infraction there.

This type of concern is essential to create a structure of safety and quality for your trip, taking full advantage of all the benefits that the country can offer and creating an unforgettable experience.

These elements help anyone to better understand the place they are going to visit, and it is necessary that you plan ahead even if you are going with a tour or tour guide, who has a specialized company.

It is important to remember that, on a trip, you are the visitor in the country, and it is up to you to understand the local culture and adapt to avoid complications and be able to explore all available resources, especially in a destination where the culture is not like yours. .

For this, it is interesting to have a little knowledge about a series of details that are completely out of what you are used to, especially if you are from Brazil, where culture and society are very different.

Understanding these elements helps you to enjoy the tour much more and ensure a quality structure for a trip to that destination, taking better advantage of all the elements available for your trip to be fantastic.

Traveling goes far beyond choosing a destination, booking a hotel and buying tickets, it is about an exchange of cultures, with rich experiences in various issues, such as:

  • Mores;
  • cooking;
  • Religion;
  • Entertainment.

Korean age differences

One of the most unusual and curious differences is the fact that the age count in Korea is different from Western countries. This is because they consider the entire gestational period when calculating how old a person is.

For simplicity, the nine months of management are considered one year, so every Korean child is born at one year old, regardless of the month of birth. Also, every New Year's Eve, all Koreans are one year older.

This also means that a person who was born in December of a given year will have two in January of the following year, because he counts the turning point as one more year of life for everyone.

At the time of the birthday, regardless of the celebration, he will remain the same age, since in Korea there is no relationship between the birthday and age.

hierarchical treatment

In Korea, age is highly valued. That's why it's one of the first questions any native asks a person they're meeting. The information will dictate a number of social interactions, particularly how the Korean acts with that person.

This is important to determine the type of language that will be used, forms of treatment and other fundamental elements for communication.

The most common terms related to this hierarchy are:

  • Untranslatable: as a woman calls an older man;
  • Unnie: what a woman calls an older woman;
  • Hyung: as a man calls an older man;
  • Noona: as a man calls an older woman.

But that's only if you already have some intimacy with the person. If it's a person you don't know, the most likely to be used are the ssi it's the nim, always used together with the full name of the person to whom you refer.

Concern about aesthetics

Korean people are extremely vain, and it's not uncommon for men to wear makeup to beautify themselves. In addition, the capital of South Korea, Seoul, is known as the capital of plastic surgery, because this type of activity is very common.

When someone completes high school and is starting their journey into adulthood, it is very common for parents to gift the young person with a cosmetic procedure of their choice, some of the most popular being eyelid modification and facial thinning.

Skin care is also very important among Koreans, and people usually use various gadgets to protect themselves from the local climate and sun rays, in addition to using foundations to make their skin lighter.

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Dating more than once with the same person

Relationships in Korea aren't that different from relationships in Brazil, but you need to understand some elements so you don't get into any trouble when you're dating locals.

Usually, the act of “staying” with someone happens in clubs and bars, very similar to Brazil. However, when a Korean takes your phone number and calls you on a new date, it is an indication that he is serious about something.

religion in korea

Korean culture has much of its origins in Buddhism, especially among more traditional issues. During the 1960s, however, Christianity received strong popular appeal and began to spread among cities.

That moment was right after the Korean War, when the country was still looking for hope in a chaotic environment. Among the Christian religions, the most prominent are the Protestant ones.

Tank tops are inappropriate

Wearing tank tops is considered common among locals, so it's not uncommon to find Koreans wearing long-sleeved shirts under tank tops, especially among women.

The female lap region is a taboo for Koreans, so even if women wear very short skirts, they end up avoiding this type of garment. This usually doesn't bother when the person has clearly foreign traits.

However, for those of you who are of Asian descent, it is still possible to find some disapproving looks when you are walking down the street in a tank top and especially in a clothing company. new daters. [/trp_language]

Take off your shoes on a visit

This is a very common custom in most Asian countries. When you visit someone's home, it's polite to take off your shoes and leave them in a designated area near the door.

This is because it is considered impolite and hygienic to enter a residence with any type of footwear.

So, when visiting someone's home in Korea, remember to check your socks and, if possible, put talcum powder or deodorant cream on your feet to avoid any discomfort.

Receiving and giving things with your hands

During the day, you will have several interactions with other people, such as paying for a product and getting change, delivering a gift and other elements. It is important to note, however, that giving or receiving things with just one hand is considered impolite.

Therefore, whenever you make any kind of movement in this direction, use both hands to show that you are acting in accordance with local customs. If you want, you can train this habit to get there without any problems.

Final considerations

When you plan to visit a country, knowing some of its main customs and methods is essential. This is what helps people spend a more satisfying and comfortable time in the long run.

Therefore, it is very important for you to be able to identify some curiosities about South Korea before planning your trip, understanding better the customs and peculiarities of the place to make a good impression and improve your experience in the country.

In this way, you optimize your trip and guarantee a quality structure throughout your stay, getting to know a little more about this incredible destination.

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