N2 JLPT Kanji List


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In this article we will see a complete list of N2 ideograms or Kanji used in JLPT, a Japanese language proficiency test. A total of 387 Kanji organized by the JLPT table with their kun and on readings and their meanings. 

We don't put Romanized readings, not least because it doesn't make much sense to do that. If you are already studying N2 your minimum obligation is to know how to read hiragana and katakana.

Lista de kanji do n2 jlpt

Does Kanji N2 have meanings? 

We don't want you to be looking for the meaning of Japanese ideograms, because they don't exist. Most of the time they just pass on a certain idea or concept according to the words in which they compose. 

An ideogram alone will not convey the idea of anything at all, the meanings you will see in this article are just a few words and similar in which they compose. Get out of your head that ideograms have meanings! 

There are exceptions where isolated ideograms are used literally as words as in the case of kuchi [口] which means mouth, chikara [力] which means strength, inu [犬] which means dog and many other exceptions. 

Lists ideograms and Kanji N2

The translation is done from English to Japanese and has several meanings in a single ideogram. This does not necessarily mean that this kanji means that, but that perhaps a word composed with that kanji has that meaning. 

Japanese ideograms usually give the idea of something, it may not make sense to imagine that idea in isolation. The translations may not be 100% accurate, if you want to search further we recommend jisho.

トウparty, faction, clique
キョウco-, cooperation
ソウgeneral, all, everything
ward district
リョウjurisdiction, domain
ケンtown hall
セツもう(ける)establishment, provision
ホ、ホウたも(つ)protect, guarantee, maintain
カイあらた(める)reform, change, modify
ダイno number
ケツむす(ぶ)、ゆ(う)tie up contract
faction, group, party
district, city hall, government office
ゆだ(ねる)committee, trust the
グンarmy, force, troops
アンplan, suggestion, draft
サクscheme, plan, policy
ダン、トンgroup, association
カクおのおのeach; or
カクかわleather; skin; remodeling; become serious
ソンむらvillage; City
セイいきお(い)forces; energy; military force
ゲンへ(る)decay; decrease; reduce
サイ、 サふたた(び)again, twice, second time
ゼイtax; to owe
エイいとな(む)occupation; camp; run; ramp up; conduct business)
くら(べる)to compare; breed; reason
ボウふせ(ぐ)to put away; defend; protect; resist
おぎな(う)supplement; provide; displacement; compensate
キョウさかいboundary, border, region
ドウみちび(く)guidance; leading; conduct; usher
フクvice; assistant; advisor; double; copy of
サンそろcalculate; divination; number; probability
ユ、 シュtransport, send, be inferior
ジュツの(べる)mention; state; speak
センline; track
ノウagriculture; farmers
シュウstate; province
ブ、 ムたけ(し)warrior; military; cavalry; arms
ショウ、 ゾウかたど(る)elephant; standard after; Image; form
イキreach; region; Limits; stage; level
ガクひたいforehead; board; framed image; sum; amount; volume
タンかつ(ぐ)、 にな(う)shoulders; to charge; rise; bear
ジュンじゅん(じる)、 なぞら(える)semi-; stands for; imitate
ショウほ(める)premium; reward; compliment
ヘンあた(り)、 ほと(り)surroundings; border; proximity
ゾウつく(る)cryo; I do; structure; physicist
こうむ(る)、 かぶ(る)incur; to cover; shelter; wear; put on
わざabiliity; art; ramp up; abiliity; vocation; Art
テイひく(い)lower; I enjoy; humble
フクまたrestore, return to, revert
うつ(る)change, move, change
individual; article counter
モンかど、 とgate
chapter, lesson, section, department
ノウbrain; memory
キョク、 ゴクきわ(める)poles; settlement; conclusion; end
ガンふく(む)to contain; include
ゾウくらwarehouse; hide; own; Tue; to possess
リョウはか(る)amount; measure; Weight; amount
ケイかたtype; model
キョウまし(て)disease; situation
シンはりneedle; pin; clip; sting
センもっぱ(ら)specialty; exclusive; mainly; only
コクたに、 きわ(まる)Valley
story; chronic
カイladder; accountant to build history
カンくだpipe; wind instrument; to control; jurisdiction
ヘイ、 ヒョウつわものSoldier; private; troops; army
セツつ(ぐ)Touch; contact; adhere to; get together
サイほそ(い)、 こま(かい)slender; limit; detailed; need
コウき(く)merit; efficiency; efficiency; to benefit
ガンまる、まる(い)return; complete (month); perfection
ワンいりえgulf; bay; input
セイ、 ショウかえり(みる)、 はぶ(く)focus; government ministry; keep
キュウふる(い)、 もとold days; old things; old; ex-
シュウまわ(り)circumference; the circuit; lap
ザイlumber, log, wood
door; balcony for houses
オウcenter; middle
ヘンあ(む)compilation; knit; braid; twist; edition
ソウさが(す)search; look to; to locate
チョウこ(える)transcend; super-; ultra-
ヘイな(み)、なみ、なら(べる)line and in addition
リョウheal; cure
サイと(る)to choose; takes; search; assume
シンもりforest, woods
キョウ、 ケイきそ(う)、 せ(る)compete with; bidding; contest; breed
カイstuck; shellfish; mediate
コンroot; radical
ハンmarketing, sale, trade
レキcurriculum; continuation; passage of time
ショウまさ(に)、 はたleader; commander; general; admiral
フクはばhanging roll; width
ハンcarrier; to charge; all; general; order; type
貿ボウtrade; exchange
コウlecture; club; Association
リンはやしgrove; forest
ソウ、 ショウよそお(う)costume; wear; pretend; disguise
ショもろseveral; Many; several; together
ゲキdrama; Touch
コウto sail; candle; cruise; fly
newborn baby; kid
キンprohibition; banning; forbid
インしるしstamp; seal; brand; symbol; trade mark
ギャクさか(らう)inverted; to reverse; opposite
カンか(える)exchange; period; change; to convert; replace; renew
キュウ、 クひさ(しい)long time; ancient history
タンみじか(い)I enjoy; fault; defect; weak point
あぶらoil; fat
ボウ、 バクあば(く)explosion; force; violence
リンwheel; ring; circle; Link; cycle; wheel and flower counter
センし(める)、 うらな(う)lucky reading; divination; forecast
ショクう(える)to plant
セイきよ(い)pure; purify; to clean
バイdouble; twice; fold
キンなら(す)level; average
オクone hundred million; 10 ** 8
アツお(す)pressure; push; overload; oppress
ゲイtechnical; art; ramp up; performance; acting
ショsignature; government office; police station
シンの(びる)expand; stretch; enlarge
テイと(める)stop; stopping
バクは(ぜる)pump; burst open
リク、 ロクおかEarth; six
ギョクたまjewel; ball
タイお(びる)track; belt; obi; zone; region
エンの(びる)extend; stretching
は、 わ、 はねfeathers; counter for birds, rabbits
かた(める)toughen up; set; clot; curdle
ソクのっと(る)rule; Follow; based on
ランみだ(れる)turmoil; war; disorder; disturb
あまね(く)universal; usually
ソクはか(る)probe; plan; scheme; measure
ホウ、 ブゆた(か)、 とよabundant; great; rich
コウあつ(い)thick; heavy; rich
レイよわい、 としwas
かこ(む)to surround; cabinet; to preserve; keep
ソツそっ(する)graduate; Soldier; private; die
リャクほぼabbreviation; omission; outline; shorten
ショウうけたまわ(る)listen; be informed; to receive
ジュンto obey; order; turn; occasion
ガンいわBoulder; rock; cliff
レンね(る)practice, polish, train, drill, polish, refine
ケイかる(い)slightly; insignificant; not important
リョウcomplete; finish
チョウやくしょgovernment office
ジョウ、 セイしろCastle
カンわずら(う)afflicted; disease; to suffer from; be sick
ソウstratum; social class; layer; story; floor
ハンprinting block; edition; print; label
レイrequests; command; decree
カクかど、 つのangle; corner; square
ラクから(む)intertwine; coil around; get caught
ソンそこ(なう)Damage; loss; disadvantage; it hurt; hurt
つの(る)recruit; campaign
うらback; to reverse; inside; rear
ブツほとけBuddha; the dead
セキexploits; achievements
チクきず(く)manufacture; ramp up
freight; assets; property
コンま(じる)mix; mixture; to confuse
ショウのぼ(る)rise up
いけlagoon; pool; reservoir
エイなが(い)eternity; long
チョ、 チャクあらわ(す)、 いちじる(しい)reputed; publish; write
document; records
コ、 クくらwarehouse
カンpublish; sculpt; record
ゾウstatue; scenario; Image; figure
コウ、 キョウかお(り)incense; smell; perfume
ハンさかslope; to lean; hill
テイそこbottom; single; depth; low price
ぬの、 し(く)linen; cloth; propagation; to distribute
てらBudhist temple
eaves; roof; House; sky
キョgigantic; big; wide; great
シンふる(う)earthquake; shake; shake; tremor
まれ、 こいねが(う)hope; to beg; solicitation; pray
ショクふ(れる)、 さわ(る)contact; Touch; to feel; hit; proclaim; announce
イ、 エよ(る)dependent; to depend; consequently; therefore;
セキsign up; record; affiliation
よご(す)、 きたな(い)、 けが(す)dirty; to pollute; disgrace; canyon
マイ、 バイsheet of…; counter for flat thin objects
フクdouble; double; compound; multiple
ユウsubmit; due diligence stop
チュウなかintermediate; relationship
エイさか(える)flourish; prosperity; honor
サツふだticket; paper money; grades; note
ハン、 バンいたboard; edge; dish; stage
コツほねskeleton; bone; remains; picture frame
ケイかたむ(く)thin; to lean; trend; bias
カイとど(ける)deliver; reach; to arrive; report
カンま(く)、 まきScrolling; volume; book; part; to roll; finish; coil; text counter (or book rolls)
ネンも(える)burn; flame; shine
セキあとtracks; brand; print
ホウつつ(む)、 くる(む)package; pack; to cover; to hide
チュウstop; reside in; resident
ジャクよわ(い)weak; fragile
ショウintroduce; inherit; help
やと(う)employ; to hire
タイか(わる)exchange, spare, replacement
あず(ける)deposit; custody; leave with; entrust to
ショウや(く)bake; Burning
カンえら(ぶ)simplicity; Brevity
ショウbadge; chapter; composition; poem
ゾウはらわたentrails; viscera; entrails
リツ、 リチrhythm; law; regulation; to control
ゾウおく(る)gifts; submit; give to; award for
ショウて(る)light up; brightness; to compare
ハクうす(い)dilute; thin; weak tea)
グンむ(れる)、 むら(がる)flock; group; crowd; flock
オウおくheart; inland
キツつ(める)packed; close; rebuke; fault
ソウふたpair; set; Comparation; counter for pairs
さ(す)、 さし、 とげthorn, pierce, stab, sting
ジュンgenuine; purity; innocence
ヨクthe following; next
カイこころよ(い)joyful; nice; comfortable
ヘンかたunilateral; piece
ケイうやま(う)fear; respect; honor; reverence
ノウなや(む)problem; concern; in pain; anguish; disease
センいずみspring; source
かわskin; hide; leather
ギョ、 リョウあさ(る)fishing; fishing
コウあら(い)、あ(れる)rude; wild
チョた(める)savings; store
コウかた(い)hard; difficult
マイう(める)bury; to be filled; built-in
チュウはしらcornerstone; post; cylinder; support, support
サイまつりritual; offer prayers; celebrate
タイふくろbag; handbag
ヒツふでwriting brush; paint brush; calligraphy
クンよ(む)、くん(ずる)instruction, explanation, read
ヨクあ(びる)bathe; be favored with; Warm
ドウわらべjuvenile; kid
ホウたからtreasure; wealth; valuables
フウ、 ホウseal; closure
キョウむねsinus; chest; heart; feelings
サ、 シャすなsand
ケンかしこ(い)intelligent; sensible; wisdom; intelligence
ワンうでarm; abiliity; talent
チョウきざ(す)trillion; board; omen; symptoms
ショウとこ、 ゆかbed; bed counter; floor; fill; mat
モウskin; hair; pity
リョク、 ロクみどりgreen
ソンとうと(い)revered; valuable; precious; noble
シュクいわ(う)celebrate; congratulate
ジュウ、 ニュウやわ(らかい)contest; weakness; kindness; softness
殿デンとの、 どのmr .; Hall; mansion; palace; temple; Mr
ノウこ(い)focused; thick; dingy; undiluted
エキfluid; liquid; juice; sap; secretion
イ、 エころも、 きぬclothing; clothes; band Aid
レイぜろzero; pour; overflow; nothing
Baggage; charge; freight
ハクと(まる)overnight stay
コウ、 オウyellow
カンあま(い)candy; coaxial; treats; sugary
シン、 ジンretainer; subject
センあさ(い)shallow; superficial; frivolous
ソウは(く)sweep; brush
ウンくもa cloud
クツほ(る)excavation; dive; dig
シャす(てる)to discard; throw away; abandonment
チン、 ジンしず(む)sink; be submerged; decrease; be depressed
トウこお(る)、 こご(える)frozen; cool
ニュウちち、ちmilk, breasts
レンこい(しい)romance; in love; yearn for; Ms
コウ、 クべに、 くれないcrimson; dark red
コウperiphery, suburb, rural area
ヨウこしloins; hips; waist
ヨウおど(る)jump; dance; jump; jump
サツbook counter; volume
ユウいさ(む)courage; cheer up; bravery; heroism
カイcontraption; machine; instrument
サイvegetable; side dish; greens
チンめずら(しい)rare; curious; weird
キツの(む)consume, eat, drink, smoke, receive
カンほ(す)、 ひ(る)dry; parched
チュウ、 キむしbug; mistake
サツす(る)、 は(く)print; brush
トウhot water; shower; hot spring
ヨウと(ける)foundry; to dissolve; thawing
コウあらがねmineral; ore
ルイなみだtears; sympathy
ヒツひきcounter for small animals
ソンまごgrandchild; descendants
エイするど(い)pointed; sharpness; border; weapon; sharp; violent
えだbranch; branch; branch; member; branch counter
ぬ(る)、 ぬ(り)painting; smear; coating
ケンのきapartments; balcony for houses
ドクpotion; germ; loss
キョウさけ(ぶ)shout out; exclaim; shout
ハイおが(む)worship; adore; pray for
ヒョウこおり、 ひice; greet; Freeze
カンかわ(く)dry; dry; drink; sky
ボウstaff; stick; walking stick; pole
いの(る)pray; wish
シュウひろ(う)take; get together; meet
フンこなflour; powder; dust
カンあせsweat; sweat
湿シツしめ(る)wet; wet; damp
ビンかめ、 へいbottle; jar; pitcher; urn
ショウめ(す)turn on; send to; wear; buy, eat, drink
カンかまtin; container
セキvessels; ship counter; fish; one of a pair
あぶらfat; grease; lard
ジョウ、 セイむ(す)steam; heat; foment
はだtexture; skin; body; grain
コウたがや(す)up until; plow; grow crops
ドンにぶ(い)、 なまく(ら)dull; slow; foolish; blunt
デイどろmud; adhere to; be attached to
グウすみcorner; nook
トウひ、とも(す)light fixture; a light; light counter
シンから(い)、 つら(い)spicy; hot
みが(く)grind; Polish; improve; brushing teeth)
バクむぎbarley; wheat
セイ、 ショウsurname
トウつつcylinder; pipe
はなnose; Snout
リュウつぶgrains; drop; tiny particle counter
part of the speech; words
stomach; harvest
ジョウ、 チョウたたみtatami mat; fold
つくえtable; table
はだskin; body; texture
タクすす(ぐ)laundry; to wash; rinse
トウpagoda; tower; steeple
フツわ(く)see the; boil; ferment
カイはいash; cremate
candy; cakes; fruit
ボウcap; helmet
か(れる)wither; die; dry; be seasoned
リョウすず(しい)refreshing; good and cool
シュウふねboat; ship
symbol; board; brand
ゾウにく(む)hate; loathe
ベイさら、 ざらdish; a help; dish
コウがえんじ(る)wake up; consent; comply with
チクlivestock; poultry and animals
ボウ、 ボッpriest boy
キョウはさ(む)pinch; in between
ドンくも(る)cloudy weather
テキしずく、 したた(る)drip; drop
うかが(う)visit; ask; investigate; question