Understand how the wallet in Japan can dictate your personality

All countries have their particularities that, seen in Brazilian eyes, can be somewhat unexpected. In Japan, for example, the Wallet has the power to dictate your personality, according to the model chosen by each person.

To better understand how this controversy arose, we must contextualize the case starting with the opinion of the Austro-Japanese model, Reina Triendl, 29, who revealed on TV the characteristics of an ideal man according to her preferences.

It is predictable that owning a well cared for skin, and have various skills such as:

  • Ease of direction;
  • Healthy skin;
  • healthy hair;
  • Healthy physique.

They are part of a group of qualities that manage to attract women. However, for Triendl, the ideal man may have several talents, but if he does not have a compact wallet, he will not be complete.

Naturally, after she made that statement, the TV show's hosts began to laugh at the Austro-Japanese's opinion.

If we are going to use this type of thinking in Brazilian lands, it is natural that an employee of a plastic mold machining, for example, finds it ironic the need to have a compact wallet in order to become a more attractive man.

One of the reasons for this to happen is the fact that people who work in this field usually have many roles related to work and personal life.

The model, in turn, was surprised by the public's reaction, because for her she has a real belief that a man's wallet should be compact.

To reinforce her position on this controversy, she reported that she grew up with this belief under the influence of her father and grandfather, who used wallets with only two folds.

According to the image that a man with a compact wallet was relatively controlled with his spending, it became common for some people to think that, having this type of wallet, it was easy to make purchases from a decorative ceramics in large numbers, because the amount spent on this type of material is large.

Consequently, this became one of the most talked about topics on social networks, so users started to raise several discussions on this topic.

It was also possible to observe how there are various types of wallets in Japan, and to understand a little more about how they influence a person's personality.

For some Japanese women who believe that a wallet can define a man's personality, when starting a relationship, it is necessary to make a risk analysis to understand if the partner is really careful with his wallet and spending.

The choice of wallets in Japan

For many years, fulfilled wallets were the preference of young people, occupying their pockets in a stylish way.

When it comes to Japan, we must comment that fashion is a characteristic of the Japanese, because in the eyes of those who are in the know about the news of this world, seeing someone with a proximity badge or any other work accessory, can compose a great look.

However, there are also reasons behind certain types of wallets to be chosen.

Bearing in mind that Japan is a country formed by a cash society, having a full wallet means that there will be enough space to store the notes.

Therefore, it is possible to find workers from a nickel plating company, or entrepreneurs of virtual stores, who end up choosing to have a long wallet to keep their money.

In this way, we can see that any Japanese is likely to acquire this idea of having a wallet that matches their personality.

Young people ended up opting for long wallets so that accessories, such as chains, could be easily stored in the compartments.

On the other hand, longer wallets can end up getting in the way at times, such as passing under a ratchet installation, or any area that is common to see in a large metropolis.

Another reason that encourages teenagers to choose fulfilled portfolios is the fact that, being larger than normal, losing it would be a difficult task. So the days of losing your wallet in a bathroom, or anywhere else, would be numbered.

In Japan, the Japanese have the custom of treating their dinheiro as respectfully as possible, so the fulfilled wallets served as a way to keep the bills clean and crease-free.

To better understand the level at which the Japanese deal with their financial life, it is enough to find an employee of a stamping company, for example, that it will not be difficult to come across a man who has his financial matters organized by every detail.

With this, we can see that the Japanese have, in their culture, a great financial care.

In contrast to the life of Brazilians, we cannot fail to point out how difficult it is to keep the accounts in the dark, given that the country is still going through uncertain times, with regard to its economy.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are particularities of some countries that, seen with Brazilian customs, are somewhat ironic.

In the case of Japan, having crumpled accounts is seen as taboo, reaching the level that even banks offer customers the option of ordering new ones as gifts.

Behind this good practice, there is a type of belief, in which people believe that maintaining these good habits, promoting a connection with the Feng Shui, which is aligned with the generation of wealth and good luck, and which can also help to save money, with the help of several books even singing the virtues of a long wallet.

The fact that rich people use long wallets was a question often asked by the arts made by Japanese accountant, Junichiro Kameda, who through his books has been able to receive a lot of attention for detailing the ways in which organized accounts can make your money. increasingly valued.

However, Trendl commented on the program that, as time goes by, it is increasingly common to find men with double-fold wallets with blank labels, to avoid the accumulation of papers that, over time, end up becoming garbage.

Who are the cardholders in Japan?

Owners of long wallets in Japan are seen as men who are aware of the main fashion trends.

On the other hand, there are men who prefer compact wallets, who are seen as solid and reliable people who are not swayed by the novelties that appear in the fashion world.

The compact portfolio, with the right number of accounts, works mainly to preserve them, naturally promoting efficient spending.

In Brazil, carrying out this type of idea can become a real challenge, considering that many Brazilians are not so careful with their accounts.

We cannot fail to mention, as technology has been working in this area, because many people are not going to lottery stores or banks to pay their bills, making payments through applications.

The fact that lotteries started to have much shorter queues, compared to the times when bank applications were not ready for these payments, was crucial for companies to develop other applications as a way to reduce queues even further.

A survey was raised to better the number of men using each type of wallet.

According to the survey, which was carried out in 2017 with 131 people who had an annual income of 10 million yen (US$ 87,344.64), it was revealed that 51.4% of people used more compact wallets, and secondly, with 34.4%, are men who use long wallets.

In Japan, the image is growing that men with compact wallets are automatically rich, stable and reliable people. In Japanese society, this kind of prejudice has been growing frequently.

To reinforce this image that compact wallets have, rich people in Japan are championing this idea, saying that having them is a big help in aligning financial issues.

In this way, we can understand that when Trendl said that the ideal man needs to have a compact wallet, we can imagine that she was referring to the image she had in mind, about the aura exhaled by the respective owner.

What we can take away from this is that, as much as Trendl has an opinion about certain types of wallets, it can define a man's personality.

It should be mentioned that being in the habit of treating your money, and your wallet with respect, are traits that women expect to have when starting a relationship.

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