Do you know what Kuchisabishii means?

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Kuchisabishii [口寂しい] is a Japanese term meaning something like binge eating, gluttony, craving for food, or for putting anything else in your mouth. In this article we will talk a little about this peculiar Japanese word.

Meaning of Kuchisabishii

The word “kuchisabishii” [口寂しい] literally means lonely mouth and refers to a person's desire and anxiety to put something in their mouth. It can refer to desires, comforts, compulsion, addiction and loneliness.

Kuchisabishii can also indicate to refer to gluttony, the desire to eat even when not hungry. Some of the kuchisabishi's compositions can be cigarettes, drinks, sweets and specific things.

Unlike addiction and compulsion for food, the word kuchisabishii is lighter, it can simply refer to people who usually eat out of boredom, without any peculiar reason.

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Causes of Kuchisabishii

Often the craving for food without being hungry happens due to stress or isolation. As babies, food is one of the main ways we feel loved.

Some believe that genetic factors are also related to Kuchisabishii. Many people's brains do not register satiety efficiently, in addition to increasing cravings for fatty foods.

Kuchisabishii gained strength during the isolation of the pandemic of COVID-19. During the quarantine many started to eat impulsively due to boredom.

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Is Kuchisabishii dangerous?

Kichisabishii for some people is one of the ways to overcome loneliness. Others use it as an excuse to maintain certain vices they say they don't have, such as cigarette.

When it comes to food, it may not seem healthy, but used correctly it can kill hunger, boredom and still maintain a healthy diet by not filling your entire belly.

Japanese cuisine restaurants make perfect use of kuchisabishii as they offer appetizers that can keep your appetite, without filling your hunger, providing a long and satisfying experience.

The Japanese also adopt a system that helps control kuchisabishii. Generally, all packages of cookies and snacks are usually packaged in small portions to prevent the person from eating everything at once when opening a certain package.

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