How to survive the insects and mosquitoes of Japan?

During the hot, humid summer, many people face mosquitoes and insects in Japan. The most affected live in small towns close to nature, and that simple network that the windows have is not able to protect you from mosquitoes and mosquitoes. In this article, we will give you some tips and recommendations so that you can survive insects and mosquitoes during the summer in Japan.

First Tip - When buying oils, lotions, essences and other products for home or body, try to look for products that have in their ingredients Pyrethrum, a flower that is widely used in repellents and insecticides. This is because the plant has pyrethrins that attack insects, you can look in the composition of Japanese products for the words: 除虫菊 or ピレスロイド系. Other natural products that you can find are citronella (シトロネラ) lavender (ラベンダー油) and lemon eucalyptus (レモンユーカリ精油). Keep in mind that sometimes these products can cause allergies in some people.

How to survive the insects and mosquitoes of japan?

Products against mosquitoes

Spiral of Death - Katorisenko (蚊取り線香) - The famous spiral we use to scare away mosquitoes can be found in Japan by the name of Katorisenko. This spiral is basically an incense that contains an insecticide. There are even containers to put this death spiral, one of them is a ceramic pig called kayaributa (蚊遣豚) proving that the pigs are on our side.

Electric exterminator - Denshikatoriki (電子蚊取り器) - You know those things we hooked up to kill mosquitoes? This is the famous mosquito exterminator that leaves no odor in the house and eliminates insects for good. There are several different models in Japan, portable, usb and liquid. Those who have something like gum is called Katorimatto (蚊取りマット) and it usually lasts one night, since liquids in containers last up to months.

How to survive the insects and mosquitoes of japan?

Electric Shock Racket - Dengeki satchū raketto (電撃殺虫ラケット) - Do you know those famous rackets that shock you? They can be found in Japan by that mentioned name. If you want other electronic options like lamps just search for (Dengeki satchu) 電撃殺虫.

Insect Bracelet - Mushiyoke ringu 虫よけリング - They are rubber bracelets that scare away mosquitoes. They usually contain lemon oil, eucalyptus, lavender and citronella. There are also portable repellents like key chains.

Buying products against insects

There are thousands of repellents and insect products. First, you need to decide whether the product will be used to kill or prevent the presence of insects. There are also products that you can pass after the bite if insects, products that should be used at home or abroad, are many choices. You also need to decide whether the repellent will be a spray or cream, or whether it will be natural or chemical (DEET).

Below is a list of repellents you can take a look at:

  • 虫よけムシガードプッシュ (Mushiyoke mushigādo pusshu)
  • サラテクトマイルド (Saratekuto mairudo)
  • Guard キンガードエクストラ (Skin Guard Extra)
  • オーガニックマドンナアロマガードミスト (Organic with aroma)
  • お肌の虫よけミスト (Mushiyoke Mist)
  • Coleman (コールマン) 虫よけナチュラルエッセンス (Natural Essence)
  • 塗るタイプ (gel lotion)

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Below we will leave a list of vocabulary that can help you choose your products:

Japanese Roumaji English 
ka mosquito
mushi bug
虫よけ / 虫除け mushi yoke insect repellent
虫さされ mushi sasare Bug bite
防虫 bouchuu insect protection
かゆみ kayumi itch
忌避 kihi avoid
殺虫剤 sacchuuzai insecticide
蚊取り katori remove mosquitoes
天然成分 tennen seibun natural ingredients
室内用 shitsunaiyou intern use
屋外用 okugaiyou outdoor use
ジェル Jeru gel
ローション rooshon lotion
クリーム kuriimu cream


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