Grammatical Structures of Japanese N3


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In this article we will share a list of Japanese language rules and grammatical structures studied in JLPT N3. It is a complete list of Japanese grammar N3, involving particles, adverbs and other expressions that form the basis of Japanese.

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Japanese grammar of the N3 JLPT

We recommend examining grammatical expressions in isolation, as some errors may have occurred during translation. The purpose of the list below is just to show you what you need to study to take the exam. JLPT N3.

あまりamariso much that
あまりにもamari ni motoo much; so much that; excessively ~
いくら~てもikura ~ fearno matter how ~
うちにuchi niWhile; before ~
おかげでokage ofthanks to; because; because of ~
かけるkakeruhalf-; not yet finished; in the middle of ~
がたいcatvery difficult; hard to ~
がちgachiwant; tendency to; often; often; do something easily
から〜にかけてkara ~ ni kaketethrough; from a to B]
か何か(かなにか)ka nani kaor something ~
きりkirionly; only; Since; after ~
くせにkuse niand still; Although; despite the fact that ~
くらい・ぐらいkurai / guraiabout; on; around; as far as ~
こそkosowith certainty (emphasize the previous word); precisely; definitely ~
ことkoto(must do
ことからkoto karathe fact that ~
ごとにgoto nieach; each; at intervals of ~
ことになっているkoto ni natteiruto be expected; to be scheduled for; it was decided as a rule that
ことは~がkoto wa ~ gaAlthough; but ~
ことはないkoto wa naiIt is not necessary; (something) never happens; there is no possibility that ~
さえleaveup until; As well as; not even
さえ~ばleave ~ baif only; While
さてsateconjunction: well; now; so ~
さらにsara niBesides that; again; more and more ~
しかないshikanaihave no choice but to ~
しばらくshibarakufor a moment; for a while; for a while
じゃないjanaiperhaps; probably; confirmation of information; Express surprise to the listener
ずつzutsuone piece; each; at once
すでにsude nisomething has already been done / happened; is already the case
すなわちsunawachiin other words; to know ~
ずにzuniwithout doing ~
ずにはいられないzuni wa irarenaiI can't help feeling; I can't help doing it; must do ~
せいぜいseizeimaximum; at best; The maximum
せいでI know ofbecause of; because; as a result of ~
そうもない / そうにないI'm mo nai / I'm ni naivery unlikely for ~; showing no signs of ~
そのためにsleep tame niconsequently; therefore; because of ~
それともsoretomoor; or else ~
だけdakeas much as ~
だけでなくnaku dakenot only, but also
だけどdakedoYet; but
たってtatteeven if; Even though; no matter how ~
たてtatejust did it; freshly made; newly done
たとえ~てもtatoe ~ feareven if… is the case
たとたんta totanas soon as; just like ~
たびにtabi niwhenever; every time ~
ためにtame nifor; in order to; for the benefit of; because of; as a result of ~
たものだit's mono daused to do; would often do
だらけdarakefull of; covered with; very (something undesirable)
ついtsuiaccidentally; involuntarily; by mistake
ついでにtsuide niwhile, incidentally, at the same time, on the way ~
ついにtsui nifinally ~; anyway ~; In the end
っけkkea casual suffix to confirm something you're trying to remember
っぱなしppanashileaving (something) on; leaving (something) still in use
っぽいpooplooks like; a little ~; -ish; easily ~; often does ~
つまりtsumariin other words; In short; in short ~
つもりだったtsumori dattaI thought that ~; I believe that ~; was planning ~; intended ~
つもりでtsumori fromwith the intention of doing ~
ている場合じゃない(ているばあいじゃない)teiru baai janaiit's not time to do ~
てからでないとkara from nai to youmust first do; can't do without first doing ~
てごらんgoran(please, try; (please look
てしょうがない・てしかたがないte shou ga nai / te shikata ga naiI can't help but ~; very; extremely
てはいけないからte wa ikenai karanot to ~; to prevent a negative situation
てばかりいるte bakari iruonly; nothing but ~
てはじめてhajimete younot even; only after [x] i
てもかまわないI fear kamawanaiit doesn't matter if ~
てもしょうがない / てもしかたがないI fear shou ga nai / I fear shikata ga naithere is no reason for ~; it's no use ~; there's no way
ても始まらない(てもはじまらない)I fear hajimaranaieven if you… it's no use; it doesn't make sense ~
て済む(てすむ)sumu youenough for; no problem for; solve for ~
といい / たらいいto ii / tara iiit would be good if; we must; I hope ~
ということだto i koto daI heard ~; means that ~; in other words ~
というのはto iu nowathis means; the meaning of ... is; Because; mean ~
というよりi i yoriinstead of ~
といってもI have italthough I say; although you can say ~
どうしてもdoushitemono matter what; At any cost; after all ~
とおりにtoori niJust as; on the way; like ~
ところがtokoro gaeven so; Yet; though ~
ところでtokoro fromby the way ~
としてtoshitelike ~; in the role of ~
とすれば・としたら・とするとto sureba / to shitara / to suru toin the case of ~; assuming ~; if A then B
とても~ないtotemo ~ naiit can not be; hardly ~
とは限らない(とはかぎらない)towa kagiranainot necessarily; it's not always true
とみえる / とみえてto mieru / to mieteit looks like ~
どんなに~てもdonna ni ~ fearno matter how much)
と共に(とともに)I'm here nitogether with; at the same time as; as well ~
と言うと(というと)I'm i totalking about; When you talk; when you say ~
と言えば(といえば)to iebatalking about; When you talk; when you say; if it were the case for ~
ないことはないnai koto wa naican; it's not impossible ~
ないとnaitomust do; unless / if you don't ~
なかなかnakanakavery; quite; beautiful; instead; just not ~
ながらもnagara mobut; Although; despite ~
なぜならnazenaraBecause; the reason is; if you want to know why
なるべくnaru bekuas much as possible
なんか・なんて・などnanka; nante; swimminggive examples; show modesty; make light of ~
において / におけるni oite / ni okeruat the; at the place); in relation to ~; as for ~; in relation to ~
にかけてni kaketefor a period); through ~; in relation to ~; in relation to ~
にかわって / にかわりni kawatte / ni kawariinstead of ~; replacing ~; in the name of ~
にしたがってni shitagatteLike; Therefore; in accordance with; according; consequently
にしてはni shite wafor; considering it is (something or someone)
にしてもni shite moeven if; Even though; regardless of ~
についてni tsuiterelative; about; on; in ~
につれてni tsureteLike; in proportion to; with; how… so ~
にとってni tottefor; for; relative; concerning…; in relation to ~
にはni wafor the purpose of; in order to ~
によって / によるni yotte / ni yoruthrough; because; because; because of ~
によると / によればni yoru to / ni yorebaaccording to ~
に反して(にはんして)ni hanshiteagainst; contrary to; in contrast to ~
に対して(にたいして)ni taishitetoward; against; about; in contrast to
に慣れる(になれる)ni narerube used to something
に比べて(にくらべて)ni kurabetecompared to ~; compared to ~
に違いない(にちがいない)ni chigai naiI'm sure / sure; no doubt that ~
に関する / に関して (にかんする / にかんして)ni kan suru / ni kan shiteon; about; related to ~
のでしょうかno deshou kaask a question politely
は~で有名(は~でゆうめい)wa ~ de yuumeifamous for ~
ば~のにba ~ noniit would have; should; if only ~
ば~ほどba ~ hodoHow much more
ばいいba iishould, can, it would be nice if ~
ばかりでbakari'sonly; only (negative description)
ばかりでなくbakari denakunot only, but also; as well ~
はもちろんwa mochironnot to mention; not only; but also ~
ばよかったba yokattashould; it would have been better if ~
は別として(はべつとして)wa betsu toshiteBesides; Besides; except for; whether or not ~
ふとfutoSuddenly; accidentally; unexpectedly; involuntarily ~
ぶりにburi nifor the first time in (period)
ふりをするfuri o surupretend; act as if ~
べきだbeki dashould do; must do ~
べきではないbeki dewa naimust not do ~; shouldn't do ~
ほどhododegree; extension; Limits; upper limit
ほど~ないhodo ~ naiit's not as ... like ~
まさかmasakathere's no way; This is impossible; you must be kidding
まるでmaru deAs if; as if; just like ~
むしろmushiroinstead; rather than; better ~
めったに~ないmetta ni ~ naidifficultly; rarely; rarely
も~ば~もmo ~ ba ~ moand; Besides that; too; or; neither nor
もしかしたらmoshika shitarapossibly; perhaps; by chance; by chance ~
もしも〜たらmoshimo ~ taraWhat if; inside the case; guessing ~
ようがないyou ga naithere is no way; it's impossible ~
ようとしないyou to shinaido not try; don't make an effort to ~
ようとするyou to surutry; try; be about to ~
ような気がする(ようなきがする)you na ki ga suruhave the feeling that; looks; looks like; I think ~
ようにyou niin order to, so that ~
ように見える(ようにみえる)you ni mierulook; seem; to appear ~
よりもyorimocompared to; instead of ~; more than ~
わけがないwake ga naithere is no way ~; it's impossible ~
わけだwake datherefore; no wonder; as you would expect; The fact is that; so you mean ~
わけではないwake dewa naiit doesn't mean that; It's not the case; I did not mean that; it is not true that ~
わけにはいかないwake niwa ikanaiShould not; can not afford; should, have no choice but to ~
わざとwazatoon purpose; intentionally ~
わざわざwazawazahave the job of; go out of your way to ~
をはじめthe hajimefor example; starting with
を中心に(をちゅうしんに)the chuushin nifocused in; centered on
を込めて(をこめて)the kometefilled with; full of
を通じて / を通して (をつうじて / をとおして)the tsuujite / the tooshitethrough; by; over; per
んだってndatteI heard this; heard that ~
一体(いったい)ittaiemphasis; what on Earth; what in the world ~
一度に(いちどに)ichido niall at once
一方だ(いっぽうだ)ippou daMore and more; continue to ~
上げる(あげる)agerufinished doing ~
上で(うえで)eu deon; after; When; for; in order to
上に(うえに)u nitoo; Besides that; Besides; not only… but also ~
中(ちゅう)chuu / juucurrently; during; at some point; over; before the end of ~
代わりに(かわりに)kawari nirather than; as a substitute for; in exchange for; in exchange for
例えば(たとえば)tatoebafor example; for example ~
最中に(さいちゅうに)saichuu niWhile; during; in the middle of ~
切る(きる)kirudo something completely until the end
切れない(きれない)kirenaiunable to do; much to finish / complete
別に~ない(べつに~ない)betsu ni ~ nainot really, not particularly
割に(わりに)wari nirecital; comparatively; relatively; unexpectedly; exceptionally ~
合う(あう)audo something together
向き(むき)mukisuitable for ~
向け(むけ)mukedestined to; destined for ~
数量 + は(すうりょう + は)suuryou + waat least ~
気味(ぎみ)gimi-to like; -looking; -like; tending to ~
決して~ない(けっして~ない)kesshite ~ naiNever; not at all ~
的(てき)tekichange noun to adjective-na (-ish; -like; -ish)
直す(なおす)naosuto do something again; do it again
確かに(たしかに)tashika nicertainly, certainly ~
結局(けっきょく)kekkyokuafter all; eventually; at the end ~
結果(けっか)kekkaas a result of; after ~
込む(こむ)komudo something for a long time or move something in
途中で / 途中に (とちゅうで / とちゅうに)tochuu de / tochuu nion my way; in the middle of ~
通す(とおす)toosudo until the end; do continuously; through ~
際に(さいに)get out niWhen; at the time to; in the case of ~