Measurement Day - Physical exam and tape measure test in Japan


Have you ever seen an anime where a certain episode arrives where the characters need to pass a tape measure to take measurements? In schools it is part of the physical fitness test done on both men and women. Also known as measurement day.

In Japan there is a culture called Metabo Check [メタボチェック] or the famous Tape Measure Test that can be seen constantly in anime, but which became an official law called Metabo Law. What do you think about seeing a little of the subject?

In the case of young people, these tests are carried out for the purposes of physical education, but for the older ones, these tape measure tests are done to prevent obesity in the country that is only about 3% compared to Brazil that is half overweight .

Metabo Law for Weight Control

The culture of measuring the body with a measuring tape is not only present among young people. All adults usually go through these measures, either at work or while visit a hospital. In fact, there is even an annual measurement law for the annual circumference called the Metabo Law.

There is a specific day in the year to take this measurement, recommended mainly for those over 40 years old. The World Health Organization determines that men need to have a circumference less than 94cm and women less than 80cm.

If the measures are not adequate, the responsible bodies or companies encourage the person to participate in support sessions, nutritionist and to do more physical exercises. through this Law, Japan shows the importance of healthy weight and exercise.

The measurements of abdominal circumferences should not exceed 85 cm for men and 90 cm for women, if it exceeds the values, the person would enter the dietary reeducation program and would be advised to exercise.

Measurement day - physical examination and tape measure test in japan

School Health Exam

In addition to physical fitness tests, the tape measure also appears in school health exams that students are often required to take. The Health Law stipulates that the exam must be carried out by all students by June 30 of each year.

School health checks include nutritional status, the presence of diseases and abnormalities in the spine, chest and other limbs. They also do eye exam, hearing, tuberculosis, urine, blood pressure, blood and others.

The day of the physical exam in Japanese is called karada kensa no hi [身体検査の日] or it can simply be called a physical exam which in Japanese is shintaikensa [身体検査]. As mentioned, schools are not the only places where this test is conducted.

Measurement day - physical examination and tape measure test in japan

The Day of Measurement in Anime

We can see the measurement day frequently in school anime. This annual school event usually takes place throughout the day and anime is often used for fanservice.

These anime scenes generate a lot of jokes about the weight and size of the breasts. Plus, it's a reason to take your clothes off or show off your underwear and create more scenes ecchi in the school setting.

In anime, some student always tries to spy on girls from somewhere, does that also happen in real life? I hope you enjoyed the article. What do you think of the Japanese concern with testing your waist?

Measurement day - physical examination and tape measure test in japan

Metabo Ranger - Health Power Rangers

Metabo Ranger [メタボレンジャー] is a group of volunteers from the city in Mitsuke, in Niigata Prefecture, who act as monitors to take care of the diet and exercise of each citizen in order to repel the metabolic syndrome and make the city healthier. Japan.

The 5 Metabo Rangers are:

  • Yamada Pink
  • Murakami Red
  • Kobayashi Blue
  • Yellow Shimomura
  • Iwai Green

In addition to the Rangers, the city of Mitsuke offers gymnastics classes, exercise guidelines, bicycle training machines, nutritionists and nurses assigned to each citizen. There were several works in order to bring the whole city to health.

Measurement day - physical examination and tape measure test in japan
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