Japanese Chess Words and Terms

Do you want to play chess with a Japanese but don't know which words to use? In this article, we will share a list of terms and words related to Japanese chess. Take advantage of the situation and also highlight words from the shogi, Japanese chess.

Japanese Chess Terms

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anpasenアンパサンdeadlock capturing a pawn that has just moved with another pawn
atsuryoku wo kakeru圧力をかけるTo apply pressure to an area of the frame
banplayer turn
chesu banチェス盤Chessboard
chuuban中盤middle game
haichi配置arrangement of parts in the frame, etc.
ippo一歩one step, move a square (king)
joban序盤starting game
kaisetsu解説commentary on a game, etc.
kifu棋譜registration of a game of chess, go, etc.
komachess piece from another similar game
koukan交換swap parts (verb suru)
kuroクロplayer playing with black pieces
kuukan空間space as in the dominant space in the center of the board, etc.
kyasuringuキャスリングswapping rook and king on both sides of the board
kyokumen局面the general position or state of the council
but uマス [升]square on the board has 1 hitomasu square, 2 futamasu squares…
naito ナイトhorse
naraberu並べるto align parts in a frame, etc.
nyūmon入門chess introduction or guide
pōn ポーンpawn
puromooshyonプロモーション (also 昇格promotion of a pawn to another queen piece, etc.
rulesルールhow to play the game
senshuken選手権championship, title used for chess and other sports
shiai試合match / game
shihai suru支配するmaster
shiroシロplayer playing with white pieces
shuuban終盤game over
youa chess move
tenkai suru展開するdevelop a play
torikaesuとりかえすre-capture a piece that just took another piece
toruとるcapture a piece
ugokasu(駒を)動かすmove a part [transitive]
ugoku(駒が)動くmove a piece [intransitive]

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