The controversial anime that caused controversy

Most controversial anime in and outside of Japan. Below you will see a list of the anime that generated the most stir to the point of being stopped in Japan and other countries. Unfortunately the list of anime that caused controversy is long, but we can't talk about all of them, so we selected only 3 to talk in detail about them and what happened.

1. Hetalia Axis Powers

This anime takes different countries and personifies them in eccentric characters. These characters interact and make important political decisions during World War I and World War II.

In addition to being politically incorrect, it also resembles some of the nationalist stereotypes during the war. The anime was considered offensive by the South Korean government and a petition to have the series banned received more than 16,000 signatures. The South Korean station that was to premiere the series received death threats. Probably because of this, the show was removed from the channel's schedule and was never shown.

The controversial anime that caused controversy

2. Hadashi no Gen

Japan and the USA have been at war for three years. Gen, the protagonist, lives in the city of Hiroshima with relative peace, before the Americans bomb it.

Gen and his family deal with the destruction of the city and malnutrition due to lack of food, putting his pregnant mother in danger. He and his family are trying to work to survive the wartime.

Hadashi no Gen is a manga-based film written by Nakazawa Keiji, a man who survived the Hiroshima bombing. This anime covers the subject of the atomic bomb and represents it graphically.

The controversial anime that caused controversy

The real effects of the atomic bomb are shown as people's eyes melt, skin and muscle fall on bone and people burn to death. While the film describes the real suffering of the victims of Hiroshima, it does not show Japan as a victim.

Manga was briefly banned from school libraries in Japan for its one-sided portrait and violence. The film was restricted to schools in Japan and the USA for its graphic images.

3. Death Note

Shinigami are able to kill people with the use of a Death Note, as long as they have seen the face and know the victim's name. Ryuk decides that it might be interesting to watch what happens when a human receives a Death Note, so he falls into the world of humans.

Light finds the Death Note and tests it on a criminal. Upon seeing the power of the Death Note, Light decides to use it. Unfortunately, the police realize that a serial killer is on the loose, but cannot understand how or who could be to blame, so they enlist the help of a man known as L.

The controversial anime that caused controversy

Most people recognize Death Note as a worldwide successful anime, but not really controversial. Children all over the world made Death Notes from notebooks and wrote the names of the people they want to kill.

Children in the US have been reported for having Death Notes. In Russia, attempts are being made to ban the series for its influence on children. In China, Death Note was banned due to its influence on children, although it is available in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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  1. In Russia, anime of Isekais was banned for allegedly encouraging suicide so that the dead could be resurrected in a perfect world. Well, I didn't read the whole article but in short, it seems to be that. I found the claims to be weak, as not every Isekai, the character needs to die to be transferred or resurrected and not even the world where he is resurrected or transferred can be perfect, quite the opposite.

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