Japan Wireless brings you portable Wi-Fi in Japan

Stay connected to the internet during your trip to Japan. Send messages, use Netflix and more with the mobile internet model in Japan. In this article, we will talk about Japan Wireless, a Portable Wi-Fi for your trip.

Japan wireless brings you portable wifi in japan

There is no free Wi-Fi in Japan

Not having free Wi-Fi is something that can scare people thinking about visiting Japan in the coming months. However, there are a few internet access points as in airports and hotels.

In addition, there are several fallacies about the Wi-Fi service that Japan offers. When I lived in Brazil it was common to hear people spreading two main fallacies about Japan. 

The first fallacy was that there was internet everywhere in Japan and it was possible to stay connected anywhere and everywhere. Part of this is true, even at the top of Mount Fuji you can stay connected, but the internet in Japan is not free.

The internet that exists everywhere is the quality, high-speed internet that can only be obtained through Japanese telephone operators. In other words, you need a prepaid card or portable Wi-Fi to connect.

The second fallacy I heard a lot from people was that every Japanese speaks English. This is also a fallacy, even though many Japanese people are interested in the English language and have studied since elementary school, they also do not speak as much, it is very similar to Brazil, there are people who speak, but a large part of the population does not speak and cannot communicate using English. Especially if you go somewhere in the countryside, because places farther from the capital people speak less and less English. 

Having a pocket Wi-Fi will only bring you benefits, Google Maps, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Translator. Having your own internet is essential, especially if you plan to spend a longer time in Japan.

Otherwise, how will you be able to get around? Catch trains? Talk to natives and post photos on Instagram? For your surprise, unlike restaurants in Brazil, Japanese restaurants do not offer Wi-Fi, so you will not be able to count on them as an access point.

So if you don’t have a mobile internet model in Japan, you won’t be able to stay connected until you return to your hotel. Imagine if you had this inconvenience on your trip! Without a doubt, he would spend a lot of time looking for places and how to get there, not to mention that he would not be able to communicate easily. 

Japan wireless brings you portable wifi in japan

How can I get internet everywhere in Japan?

The problem with getting internet in a country like Japan is that there is a lot of bureaucracy and many contracts that need to be fulfilled. Unlike Brazil, having a credit card is not enough. To get internet in Japan, internet operators ask for the Japanese residence card, account in Japanese bank, not to mention that it is necessary to speak Japanese to be able to read and close the contract of course. 

In order to minimize this problem, there are companies that seek to help foreigners who need to stay connected during their trip by offering internet services such as mobile Wi-Fi and others.

It's quick and easy to hire the service and the entire process can be done all in English, I suggest you hire the service at least two weeks before your trip to Japan, just to make sure you have your portable Wi-Fi when I arrive.

Japan Wireless offers two options to solve your internet problem in Japan, mold Wi-Fi internet and SIM card. In addition, you can choose to receive your order at airports, hotels, post offices, residence and others. 

Japan wireless brings you portable wifi in japan

Which one should I choose? Mold from Mobile Internet or Internet SIM Card?

Both have strengths and weaknesses. We will compare the SIM card with Japan Wireless portable Wi-Fi. And you can choose the one that suits you best.

With a pocket Wi-Fi, you and your friends have UNLIMITED internet and without slowing down during your entire stay in Japan. You can use Netflix, YouTube and many other resources unlimitedly.

The Japan Wireless mold accepts up to 10 users connected at the same time. Not to mention that it is much cheaper to share a template among 10 people than to buy 10 SIM cards.

The battery of the portable mold lasts for 10 hours, but in our package, you will find an extra external battery, in case the internal battery of the device becomes weak when you are out, you can easily charge your mobile internet mold just by connecting our battery external to the mold.

The SIM card is great if you want to separate yourself from your group of friends and if you don't want to use a lot of internet. Because the internet on the SIM card is limited. Regarding the battery, clearly the time you can use your SIM card is directly associated with the battery of your own device.

Regarding the quality of the internet and connection speed, both products have high connection speed and are covered all over Japan. Now that you know both, which is the best for you or your group?

Japan wireless brings you portable wifi in japan

What is the most convenient place to start having internet when traveling to another country?

Perhaps you have thought of the airport, and that is exactly where you can receive your internet template or your SIM card. This way you will be able to stay connected and take your train to your hotel correctly.

Unlike other ways in which you have to take a train, put your bags in the hotel, ask someone where to get internet and then connect, Japan Wireless services deliver your mold or SIM card to any airport in Japan as also in the places that were previously listed, so it’s up to you where to receive.

You will have the convenience of receiving internet at the airport and throughout your trip, and the best part is that you can also return your Wi-Fi internet model or SIM card at any airport in Japan, so you will be 100% of the time connected. In fact, you can return it anywhere you have a post office box, they are many and are scattered everywhere.

For example, if you arrive at Haneda Airport in Tokyo your mold or SIM card will be waiting for you at the airport, in fact your package will be there 1 day before your arrival, if your flight magically works, you will also receive the your package quietly.

And if you have your flight back at Osaka’s Kansai Airport, you can return your internet template or your SIM card to the airport a few minutes before going through customs.

Japan wireless brings you portable wifi in japan

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Japan wireless brings you portable wifi in japan

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