Why are there so many singles in Japan?

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The Japanese population is declining because many couples do not wish to have children, while a large proportion of Japanese remain unmarried. Ever wonder why there are so many singles in Japan?

There are a number of reasons why the rate of singles in Japan exceeds 25% among adults aged 20 to 49 years. See below in the summary for a list of reasons why Japanese people are single, then we'll talk about each one.

How did weddings in Japan work?

In the past, weddings were made by omiai [お見合い] that is, it was the parents who decided who their children should marry. Today, though rare, some parents still like to meddle in their children's relationships.

Today, parents decide “only” to study, save money (who can) for college (very dear). and they invest in sons and daughters. Even today, those who marry in Japan are aware that they are also marrying the family.

In the past, women were also submissive, walking even after their husbands. As the intellectual level of women is high, they soon become independent. They can work and sustain their lifestyle.

For men to conquer this new generation of women, it is increasingly difficult. Apart from games and gambling, Japanese men have some habits that do not match women with a high level of critical thinking.

Some Japanese women have become so focused on themselves and their careers that they are not interested in family life, especially when they are younger. Some decide to get married only after 30 or 40.

The Japanese did not choose their spouses in the past, and they do not choose today!

Why are there so many singles in japan?

Prostitution leaves Japanese single

Prostitution in Japan and exposure of adult content harms both men and women to have a relationship and get married in Japan. First, many men are addicted to adult content, including cartoons, which detonates their social life.

About 10% to 25% of the Japanese female population are believed to work in a sector related to pornography, escort, cafes or bars. Even if the job has no relationships, there are still consequences.

Consequently, there is an increasingly materialistic segment of Japanese society that spends years renting their bodies. Which can make the idea of marriage and children “inconvenient”. Many young women are materialists and do everything for money.

Fortunately, many of these women, somehow, return to decent jobs and social respectability, although many of them are already mentally damaged forever and are less likely to have a normal marriage or children.

Others simply satisfy their sexual desires by consuming such material and using toys that are quite popular and of high technology that provides a unique pleasure, removing the need for a serious relationship or a marriage.

On the other hand, many Japanese don't even care or care about sexual intercourse. Japan is so frantic full of entertainment and different and unique places that there is no time to think about these things.

Japanese don't need a relationship to be sexually satisfied!

Japanese are single because they spend time on adult entertainment
The Famous Tenga!

Work disrupts Japanese relationships

Despite the generalizations, the Japanese do tend to work hard, in their spare time they prefer to drink and rest. Even those who do not work overtime, end up keeping their mind busy in the job.

Japanese women also prefer men with stable jobs and higher educational levels than theirs ”. This idea ends up creating a huge barrier between men and women, in a country where most people are trained.

Many workers in Japan do not have a stable job, the proportion of temporary workers exceeds 40%, which leaves many unsure of getting involved in a relationship and supporting a family.

Many people met future spouses in the workplace, but increased job insecurity does not help. Even though it is possible to find a spouse at work, another thing that hinders Japanese dating is shyness.

If a man receives less than a woman in Japan, he will probably not be able to marry her!

Japanese are single because they work and forget relationships
Works and forgets relationships

Shyness - The Greatest Enemy of Japanese Singles

In Japan men are extremely shy, sometimes much more shy than women. They can be great salespeople and have good social communication, but when it comes to women they are super shy and don't know how to behave.

Shyness totally hinders a possible relationship on both sides. As long as one has no initiative, things will never move towards dating and marriage. At least a kiss is necessary to awaken the desire to have a relationship.

Shyness results in a great challenge for couples in Japan, due to culture, things like taking the hand and kissing in public, can be quite rare. Even when they are alone, the couple may have difficulty initiating a kiss. 

The shyness ends up being so great that even the perverts in Japan are not arrested for rape anymore for stealing panties or doing other things that don't involve sex between 2 people.

If there is no initiative, there will be no relationship!

Why are there so many singles in japan?

Japanese think it's better to be single

Some make up the excuse that it is better to be single and have no expense or problems. Many feel that maintaining a relationship is something mendokusai [めんどくさい], that is, something problematic and laborious.

Those Japanese who seek to enter into a relationship because of romanticism and love, end up creating disappointments, since real life is not the same in movies and anime. Many who married this idea end up getting divorced.

Japanese people generally choose not to be alone when they need a partner and know the difficulties of spending a life alone. Unfortunately they realize it too late, try to enjoy their youth and forget to find someone.

Passing 30 in Japan is also staying for uncle (a)!

Japanese are single because they spend time on adult entertainment
Hostess is quite common in Japan

Is it easy to be single in Japan?

It is actually very easy to get involved in a relationship in Japan. Foreigners have good results when trying to find and conquer a japanese. They lack the attention of Japanese men, so only those who want to be single are left.

The same goes for women who want marry a japanese. Sometimes you need to take the initiative, provoke, be direct with your feelings, just be prepared because some Japanese people are really cold or don't express their feelings.

I hope this article has clarified that the difficulties of maintaining a relationship in Japan are to be posted by the Japanese themselves. Be aware that it is not an absolute thing, in Japan you find all kinds of people who face everything.

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