Japan VS United States - A Moral Comparison

I don't like making comparative articles (or do I?), But I found it on the website Quora a gigantic comment from an American who possibly lives in Japan on this subject, I found it very interesting and decided to share it with you in the form of an article.

The discussion asked whether there is a moral compass among the Japanese. Some believe that due to the lack of a religion that believes in the Bible, moral values do not exist.

The following commentary involves a comparison of morals between Japan and the United States, but it can also serve as a cap for Brazil and other countries. It is clear that the comment written by the author Don Murray has a critical tone against his homeland ... Just like the other comments in that same post from Quora they were saying that Japan doesn't have a moral compass.

So instead of criticizing my article just because it expresses an opinion different from yours, it will fight with the author of the comment… I prefer to look at the good things and not the bad things, the only thing I want from negative people is distance…

Japan vs united states - a comparison of morals

Japan vs United States

Japan does not have a government that is closely linked to some religion (like most governments that are linked with Catholicism) that makes codes of morals and conduct. Fortunately, there is a law and order that keeps the Japanese in line at all times. These rules are instilled at an early age in children.

There is a very strong sense of right and wrong, there are not a gigantic number of meddlers ready to stick their noses in yours and talk about their mistakes and failures. In Japan, violent crime is relatively rare.

Japan vs united states - a comparison of morals

Compared to the USA, Japan could not be a safer place to be. People don't have firearms. There are no gangs, car thefts, or rifles with rifles shooting at schools or stores.

There are no dangerous places where you cannot go even in broad daylight. You won't see countless meth dealers, drug addicts looking like zombies everywhere. You won't find a lot of red-eyed freaks waving assault rifles in the air and protesting against the government.

Hospitals in japan

You will not find the huge income inequality that is so prevalent in other countries that are supposed to be more "moral". A company CEO earns 5,000$ per hour, while janitors are paid with salary miserable people would be obscenity in Japan.

Nor are there tens of millions of people without health insurance as in the United States. In Japan you don't see people dying because they can't afford the high prices of drugs.

AND if you lose your wallet in your country, what are the chances of you getting it back? In Japan, there is a good chance that you will recover in the same place and without losing anything. When disaster strikes in many western countries, looting and theft begins. Not in Japan!

Japan vs united states - a comparison of morals

Not to mention that Japanese people are generally very friendly and welcoming to foreign visitors. Japan's customer service will make you feel disappointed after you return home, with anger at how you are mistreated on your own. (I felt like this) ...

It is also worth remembering the countless things that the Japanese do for others, but that are hidden because bragging and standing out for an achievement is not part of Japanese culture.

Obviously in Japan, not everything is flowers

Finally, Americano added, since many take it literally ...

This does not mean that Japan is a utopia! There is a very strong nationality mentality in Japan, so much so that if disaster strikes in another country, Japan will be one of the last to help.

Japan vs united states - a comparison of morals

The suicide rate is also a little high, there is often no way out for people who fall into the depression of losing a career or spouse. And the notions of “equality” and “justice” of some people can be extremely strange, since there is also a strong complex of envy in society.

The Japanese social and equality mentality makes many different people feel excluded and suffer my treatment.

So, in short, the Japanese don't want someone with their own moral compass, they want someone who conforms to the same moral compass that everyone else has.

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