Spocha - Round1 - One of the most fun places in Japan


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In Japan there is a chain of entertainment stores called Round1 (ラウンドワン), where you can find Bowling, Karaoke, Video Games, Billiards, Ping Pong and Snacks. The Round One store chain can also be found in other parts of the world, but the real center of entertainment is in Japan, especially with a place called Spocha.

Spocha is a place within Round One that you pay a one-time fee to access and participate in various games such as pitch, target shooting, mini golf, obstacle course and many others. Here you will find unconventional fun for groups of friends.

Round1 - spocha - os centros de diversão no japão

Unfortunately not all Round1 have this place called Spocha, many have only karaoke, billiards or bowling. A very affordable Round1 with Spocha is located at Diver City in Odaiba, Tokyo.

The diversions found in Round1's Spocha

Round1 is a huge entertainment center and is open almost 24 hours (from 8am to 6am) where you can participate in activities such as:

  • Arcade games;
  • Basketball, tennis, volleyball and soccer courts;
  • Batting cages;
  • Motorcycle track;
  • Rollerblading;
  • Mechanical bulls;
  • Golf;
  • Kids toys;
  • Obstacle courses;
  • Bubble Soccer;
  • Ball Pool (war);
  • Tightrope; Scooter;
  • Pula Pula; Hitting;
  • Frisbee; Pitch;
  • Darts;
  • Airsoft type;
  • Tennis and automatic ping pong;
  • Squash;
  • Kick the target;
  • Kickboxing; Badminton;
  • Relaxation Place;

Round1 - spocha - os centros de diversão no japão

You can find a Spocha just by searching the city name and spocha. Each city usually has one, in Osaka itself, it is close to the Namba station.

The best thing about Spocha is being able to play several Arcadian without paying dearly for chips. For less than 90 reais you are able to spend the whole day playing various games and sports, while in Brazil you pay for an hour of bowling ...

Round1 usually has a rest area with comfortable armchairs, manga and Light Novels to read. You will also find vending machines and lockers to store your things.

Round1 - spocha - os centros de diversão no japão

You pay approximately 2,000 yen for 3 hours having fun at Spocha, but you can stay as long as you want by paying less than 3,000. After 11 pm it is usually cheaper.

They sell food, but you can leave the premises to eat out without any problems! This place is perfect for those who like games and fun. How about setting up a Round1 in Brazil?