Screen collapses on Mirror members

Two members of the Chinese band Mirror, suffered injuries after the screen where they were performing fell on them. The accident happened on July 28, Hong Kong time, China, at the Hong Kong Coliseum. The boyband was doing a presentation when the screen hit one of the 12 members of the band, then the panel ends up hurting another member. The injured performers are Mo Lee Kai-yin – hit in the neck – and Chang TSZ-fung. The local press claims that the show had to be stopped in a hurry.

However, the South China Morning Post reported that one of them is in serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to a neck injury. The other member suffered minor head injuries and is stable. Ambulances took about 10 minutes to take the Mirror artists to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

three fans they also had to receive medical attention after going into shock. They were treated at the scene, only one of them was taken to a medical care unit. The local government has suspended the next eight shows they would have at the venue until they ensure it is safe. Authorities and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will carry out an investigation to understand how the accident happened. The event security requirement will also be reviewed. The event organizers apologized for the incident on behalf of MakerVille and Music Nation.

In videos played on various social networks, they show the exact moment when the heavy LED object hits the artists.

Reproduction of Twitter in which it shows the exact moment of the accident.

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Dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin, whose neck was hit by a screen, may become quadriplegic, that is, lose movement from the neck down. According to the Sunday Chinese Morning Post, a medical source claimed the impact dislocated the artist's third and fourth cervical vertebrae. Lee also suffered serious head and lung injuries.

Another information is that the artist suffered a brain hemorrhage and had to undergo an eight-hour surgery. The other member of the group, Chang TSZ-fung, remains in stable health.

the beginning of mirror

The boyband Mirror has 12 members, they are: Keung To, Anson Lo, Edan Kui, Ian Chan, Frankie, Anson Kong, Jeremy Lee, Jer Lau, Alton, Wong, Atanley Yau, Lok Man Yeung and Tiger. The group started in 2018 with a talent competition to choose its members. The search for artists began in July 2018, through the Viu Tv Good Night Show – King Maker. The company began to make the selection of who, of the 99 boys registered, would go to the next round until it reached the final.

The reality show final was on October 14, 2018, but the group's official debut was held on November 3, 2018, with the 12 team members. The group's leader, Lokman, claims that the band's name literally means a 'mirror'. “When members look in the mirror every morning and see their true selves. When there are multiple mirrors, they can reflect infinite images. The combination of these unique members.”

The band's first concert was only in December 2018. And ticket sales were sold out in a few days before they even released their original songs. The show taking place at the Hong Kong Coliseum was the fourth of twelve shows that were on the artists' schedule. Security at the venue had already been beefed up following a fall that dancer Frankie Chan fell from the stage two days earlier.

Despite being a relatively new band, Boyband has achieved several achievements and are regarded in the locality as "The New Kings of Cantopop". The first prize Mirror received was "Diamond New Artist", "Diamond Popular Idol" and "Diamond Dance Song" at AEG Music Channel Award 2018 on January 27, 2019. Two years later the group won the Silver Prize for " Best Perspective Award "on the 42nd RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards.

In December of the same year, Mirror also won Madden Group at the Metro Radio Hits Music Awards Presentation 2020, and the group members won Madden Popular Idol and Madden New Artist. On January 1, 2021, at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards presentation, Mirror won the Ultimate Group Bronze Award. Keung To won “My Favorite Male Singer” at the ceremony. Also in January 2021, Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2020 awarded the Mirror Local Music Group Award, Three months later, at the inaugural presentation of the Chill Club Chart Award, Mirror won Group of the Year and Ten Songs of the Year for the group's song "Ignited".

On January 1, 2022, Mirror won My Favorite Group and the Ultimate Group Silver Prize at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2021. Their single “BOSS” won the Top 10 Songs, ranking at Number 2 at the same awards.

The Suki Desu team wishes the Mirror members a good recovery. Let's bring more information.

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