Henn-na Hotel - Strange or Revolutionary?


Have you heard of the Henn-na Hotel? This is considered one of the first hotels in the world to use robots as staff at the site. In this article, we will talk a little about the history of this strange hotel.

At Henn-na Hotel is a franchise of hotels spread across Japan where virtually everything is controlled by robots. From reception to cleaning, practically everything in the hotel makes use of technology and in a strange way.

Guinness has certified Henn-na Hotel as the first hotel in the world to operate with robots. The motto of the Hotel is evolution! He always promises to bring the newest technologies to help the guest's comfort.

Henn-na hotel - estranho ou revolucionário?

The name Henn-a Hoteru [変なホテル] derives from the ideogram [変] which means strange, odd, peculiar, weird, curious, eccentric, funny and suspicious. All of these names represent the meaning of the Hotel.


The ideogram [変] also forms words like change, transformation and alteration, thus giving the idea that the hotel is evolving into the future, something revolutionary and unique.

The reception robots do not interact fully, nor do they answer any questions, but speak more than four languages including Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.

Henn-na hotel - estranho ou revolucionário?

Check-in and check-out are all automatic through a touchscreen machine. Your room access key and other information automatically come out of there, without requiring human contact.

Henn-na Hotel getting weirder and weirder

Even more true to the hotel's name, on one occasion the attendant robots were replaced by dinosaurs. several strange characters how Ninjas and butlers started working at the hotel.

Inside the rooms you will find a dry cleaning or deodorizing machine instead of the traditional coin laundries found in Japanese hotels.

Henn-na hotel - estranho ou revolucionário?

Guests also receive a smartphone device to perform various functions inside and outside the hotel. With this device it is even possible to rent bikes.

The smartphone offered by the hotel has free calls to Japan and the whole world. It also warns you about discount coupons. All rooms are equipped with an automatic cleaning machine, “LG Styler”.

In addition to the robots, the hotel has a great restaurant and leisure area. There are other iconic characters to interact with, vending machines, gashapons and many other things to get attention.

Henn-na hotel - estranho ou revolucionário?

If you have difficulty with the robots or do not speak their language, there is a human waiting to assist you. The room is very clean and modern, the restaurant offers coffee and western lunch.

How to stay at Henn na hotel?

I still haven't had the opportunity to stay with him. I usually stay in hostels cheaper and with onsen. As the Henn Na Hotel works with robots, its price is more affordable with daily rates of around 200 reais.

Carefully examine which of the Henn at Hotels you want to stay. Some may have different things that catch your eye, are closer to a train station or are not located in the region you are in.

Henn-na hotel - estranho ou revolucionário?

Henn at Hotel has hotels available in several cities and provinces across Japan. We will list some of these hotels for you to find below. Remembering that it was Sasebo who entered the Guinness World.

  • Sasebo, Nagasaki;
  • Hakata, Fukuoka;
  • Kansai Airport, Osaka;
  • Nishinsaibashi, Osaka,
  • Haneda Tokyo;
  • Asakusabashi Tokyo;
  • Ginza, Tokyo;
  • Akasaka, Tokyo;
  • Hamamatsucho, Tokyo;
  • Nishikasai, Tokyo;
  • Maihama (close to Disney);
  • Chiba;

You can check the daily rates and book your reservation and date clicking here. Remembering that the price will vary according to the location and season and days you will be staying at the hotel.

Videos of Henn na Hotel

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