Gashapon - Capsule machines from Japan

The terms gashapon (ガシャポン) or gachapon (ガチャポン) relate to a variety of capsule machines. It is quite popular in Japan and elsewhere in the world. Gashapon is a onomatopoeia Japanese that is composed from two sounds: “gas“, Or“gacha“, Representing the sound of a crank being turned, in this case, the crank of gashapon and "pon”To the sound of the toy capsule falling from the receptacle.

Gashapon it can describe both the machines themselves and the toys obtained from them. Popular manufacturers of gashapon include Tomy, which uses the shortened term Gacha (ガチャ) for its capsule machines, another manufacturer is Kaiyodo. In the United States, gashapon is a registered trademark of Bandai Company, by having gashapon usually referring to sets of secret boxes.

At gashapon they are like an arcade, where you place your chip and you are entitled to take a prize, turning the handle so that your prize can fall to you. These machines are spread all over Japan, mainly in front of game centers, supermarkets, shopping centers, stores, train stations, etc. They were invented in 1965, however, their popularity only came between 1980 and 1990.

About gashapon

The toys won in other countries, for the most part, are of low quality, however, anywhere in Japan, the price will vary from ¥ 100-600, having a much higher quality. The most searched articles are items from Hatsune Miku, in One Piece and collectibles hentai.

Many times they are built in PVC plastic of the highest quality, containing more details in their molding, in addition to paintings and finishes well done and detailed. Many items are collector's items, some very rare, with extremely high prices in auctions and second-hand stores.


Children's toys gacha they are licensed and are usually based on manga, anime and even video games, as well as products from the American industry. These toys are mostly mini figurines of characters, with a wide variety of choices.

The gashapon it has become something of generations in Japan, especially for adult collectors, both Japanese and “worldwide”. It is not uncommon to have places that sell specific products for adults, most of them being female characters.

Virtually all gacha are launched in series, each having a number of figures to be collected. By nature, it is a blind, secret and random purchase. In some places, like Tokyo and Osaka, it is possible to find complete collections. Usually cheaper than playing and winning random prizes.

Play around gacha it's fun, but it can be a frustrating game, since the game is pure luck. In addition to having the chance to catch a single figure repeatedly.

Types of gashapon

Blind-boxes: In recent years, the term “gashapon”Has been used to refer to blind-box trading figures. They are essentially the same thing, only sold randomly in sealed packages instead of machines.

Bottle cap figures: Another variation of gashapons are the bottle cap figures. They are small figures that have a bottle cap support, similar to those found in 600ml bottles. They are sold both in capsule machines and in “blind-boxes”.

Below we will leave a video of Japan Our Every Day that explains and shows these fabulous machines up close!

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