Cheap Accommodation in Japan - Hostel Experience

One of the biggest difficulties in traveling to another country is finding the best accommodation. There are several accommodation options like hotels, homestay, ryokan, capsule hotels and hostel. For many, the best will always be the cheapest, so many choose a hostel. In this article, I will tell my experiences in a hostel and leave tips on how to choose a good accommodation.

Before choosing your accommodation or hostel, you need to decide which neighborhood you are staying in. Use websites to make your reservation, I used the, some prefer the AirBNB to find family homes. Pay close attention to all the hosting data to make no wrong choices.

You can cancel the reservation up to a few days before the date, and you pay only on the spot. You can make changes to the reservation dates, but this can change the price of the night according to the date of the change and the demand. It is possible to find 2 months of accommodation for less than 2,000 reais if you look well.

Cheap accommodation in japan - my hostel experience

Take into account all possible information such as laundry, internet and distance from a train station. It doesn’t matter the neighborhood, as long as it is close to a station and comprehensive train line. The closer to the center and train stations the more expensive the accommodations. Some bicycle companies often use to expedite your ride.

Hosting at Hostel Grids Akihabara

On my 2016 trip to Japan I spent about 14 days in Tokyo at a Hostel called Akihabara Grids and I paid about 1200 reais. The Hostel was 5 minutes from Akihabara station and left less than 100 a day, a very reasonable price for what it offers.

It is worth remembering that most hostels that are shared rooms do not provide breakfast, due to their low price. I really liked the Grids, because the environment is totally organized, clean and it doesn’t even look like you are in shared rooms.

The bathrooms are of high technology, the lid even opens automatically when entering the bathroom. Lockers have a password, but a giant backpack cannot fit. It’s no problem, I left my luggage beside my bed all this time without any problems.

Cheap accommodation in japan - my hostel experience

The Hostel has automatic laundry coin operated. If your clothes have not dried completely, you can leave them on the balcony in the rooms. Each room usually has 48 beds, 3 bathrooms, 3 urinals, 3 sinks and 3 showers.

The attendants are very receptive and cheerful, there is a cafe on the ground floor that also provides snacks such as sandwiches, prices are high. The place also has a floor just for leisure and socializing. It was very comforting and fun to stay at Grids Hostel Akihabara.

You can see more tips and details about the hostel that I stayed in the video below:

Types of Cheap Accommodation in Japan

If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Japan, the options below are the most appropriate:

Hostel Hostels - There are some similar to capsule hotels with several beds on a single floor, but there are simple hostels with about 5 to 15 beds in a single room with plenty of space to socialize with roommates. You can find daily rates from 50 reais.

HomeStay - Stay at the home of native Japanese in a large exchange cultural event that usually costs about 90 reais a day or 600 reais a week. Couchsurfing - On this site you can socialize and find people who can provide free hosting for you.

Capsulas Hotels - Despite the limited size and the location being shared, the capsules are well reserved and modern and provide a comfortable experience. Some capsule hotels even have a public bath or thermal bath and various forms of entertainment. The daily rates can be found above 50 reais.

Cheap accommodation in japan - my hostel experience

Volunteer work - Some companies like WWOOF Japan offer free accommodation and food for people who help work on the farm. Companies that offer similar opportunities are helpx and workaway.

To camp - You can simply set up a tent and camp in some forest or mountain, there are specific places for camping that are free or paid.

Others end up using options like Karaoke, Manga Café, onsen and other options. For more details we recommend reading our article on types of accommodation and accommodation in Japan. 

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