Gotoubun no Hanayome - 5 Quintuple Sisters


In this article you will learn everything about Gotoubun no Hanayome or the anime of the 5 Quintuple sisters. Let's examine each sister's name and personality, trivia, spoilers, bows, sagas, phrases, easter eggs and more.

The History and Meaning of Gotoubun in Hanayome

Gotoubun in Hanayome [五等分の花嫁] means something like the quintuple brides, totally different from the English name (The Quintessential Quintuplets). The word toubun [等分] literally means equal parts.

This name makes perfect sense in the work, since in the first chapters the author already makes it clear that one of them will be the bride of the protagonist Fuutarou Uesugi. The objective of the work is to leave this mystery about which of the five sisters will be the bride.

Fuutarou Uesugi is a poor and anti-social student. One day, he gets a job as a tutor to a wealthy family who are new to the city. Future Fuutarou students are revealed as their new classmate, Itsuki Nakano, and their five-fold sisters.

Despite the girls' terrible first impression of Fuutarou, he seriously tries to do his job, only to find that they have terrible grades and terribly complex personalities.

It is a romance anime with two seasons based on a manga written and illustrated by Negi Haruba. The manga has a total of 14 volumes and 122 chapters.

Gotoubun no hanayome - 5 quintuple sisters

The Quintuplets - Names, Numbers and Personalities

Do you know the quintuplets? A curious fact that goes unnoticed is the name of the 5 sisters who are actually numerals. According to the birth of each sister, her name is based on a number. See below:

Ichika Nakano - The First Sister

Ichika [一 花] is the first to come out of the belly, establishing herself as an older sister, her name is composed with the number one character ichi [一] followed by the pink character hana [花]. She is an aspiring actress and loves to provoke Fuutarou Uesugi.

Ichika acts as the older sister of her sisters, as she seems to have a calm and composed attitude; becoming an accessible person. Fuutarou Uesugi noted that her smile is fake and encouraged her to put that smile aside.

Ichika nakano
Ichika Nakano

I wanted things to go on like this forever. I didn't want this comfortable situation to change. But in reality ... I don't want anyone else to have it.

Nino Nakano - The Second Sister

Nino [二乃] is the second daughter to leave, carries in her name the ideogram of two ni [二] together with the character of [乃] used to refer to the particle of possession [の]. It can be considered the main tsundere of the anime.

Nino usually acts as the mother of the family; cooking for the sisters and taking care of their medical needs. Among the five sisters, she is the one who has the greatest hostility towards Fuutarou Uesugi and often rebelled against him at the beginning of the series.

Nino nakano
Nino Nakano

There must be at least one person on Earth who would love a tactless guy like you.

Miku - The Third Sister

Miku [三玖] is the third and my favorite of the quintuplets, its name is composed of the character of three [三] followed by the character [玖] which can mean beautiful black jewel or nine. She seems to be the most shy of the sisters, but throughout the series she is more courageous than Ichika.

Miku is a quiet and reserved girl who has a pessimistic way of thinking without confidence, to the point of lowering herself. Fuutarou Uesugi notes that she has no faith in herself. Unlike her reserved self, she can speak directly and does not hesitate to confront others.

Miku nakano
Miku Nakano

For Fuutarou, we are just ... his students. That's why I decided ... to pass all the subjects of this exam, and with the best grades of the five of us, nothing less. So that I can graduate with pride, stop being a student of Fuutarou. This time, for sure, I will be able to tell him that I love him.

Yotsuba Nakano - The Fourth Sister

Yotsuba [四葉] is the fourth sister, her name is composed of the number four character [四] with the character [葉] which means leaf, plan, lobe and can also be used as a numerical counter for plants and fragments.

Her name has everything to do with her personality, Yotsuba is light and energetic like a leaf, she wears a green bow on her head and is usually the most active of the sisters, helping others before herself, without knowing how to say no. Being the most cheerful and positive of the sisters, she is the first to support Fuutarou as a tutor.

Yotsuba nakano
Yotsuba Nakano

I'm sorry, Uesugi-san. I cannot be special. So, no matter who you fall in love with, I can support you with everything I have.

Itsuki Nakano - The Fifth Sister

Itsuki [五月] is the fifth and last sister, her name is composed of the number five [五] together with the moon character [月], her name may end up being confused as the fifth month or May, referring to the date of birth of all the sisters that was May 5th.

One of the main characters of the series, she is serious, diligent, eager and crying. Despite being one of the girls that draws the most attention, she seems to be the most common among the sisters, she has nothing special to comment on.

Itsuki nakano
Itsuki Nakano

The many days we spent studying for exams, fireworks festival, field trip, new year celebration, we spent all that time together. Doesn't that make us… friends anymore?

Gotoubun no hanayome - 5 quintuple sisters

Quintuplets Manga - Gotoubun no Hanayome in Portuguese

If you want to buy the quintuple manga volumes, follow some links below:

Gotoubun Saga and Arches in Hanayome

Anime is divided into two sagas where the first passes in the Second Year of High School and the second saga passes in the last year of High School ending with the final arc of the marriage.

Second Year Arches of the Quintuplets

THE Second Year Saga is the first saga in the series. The saga covers the time and activities of the main character in his second year of high school. The second year saga focuses mainly on the relationship of the Nakano quintuplets with Fuutarou and their romantic feelings towards him.

The Arches of the First Quintuple Saga are:

  • Nakano Quintuple Arch
  • Arch of the Fireworks Festival
  • Mid-term exam arc of the second year
  • School Camp Arch
  • Fuutarou Flashback Bow
  • Thanksgiving Work Bow
  • Arch of Seven Goodbyes
  • Arch of the New House of Quintuplets
  • Arch of the last exam of the second year
  • Scrambled Egg Bow
Gotoubun no hanayome - 5 quintuple sisters

Arches of the Third Year of the Quintuplets

The Third Year Saga is the second and last saga in the series. The saga tells the time and activities of the main characters in the third year of high school. The story focuses mainly on Fuutarou and the relationship of the future bride.

The Arches of the Second Quintuple Saga are:

  • New Class Arch
  • Fuutaro Anniversary Arch
  • Kyoto Travel Arch
  • Quintuple Flashback Arch
  • Summer Vacation Arch
  • School Festival Arch
  • Final Arc
Gotoubun no hanayome - 5 quintuple sisters

Who is the girl chosen in Gotoubun no Hanayome?

The bride appears in chapters 1, 32, 61, 68, 121 and 122 of the manga and some episodes of the anime leaving the true mystery. She marries Fuutarou Uesugi at the age of 22, during the anime the five sisters are around 17 and 18 years old.

This part of the article has spoilers. We don't want to ruin your experience by watching the anime or reading the manga, but if you're curious about which bride in the manga, we are pleased to say that you are the fourth sister Yotsuba Nakano.

In the past during an excursion to Kyoto, Uesugi met the five twins who were all the same at the time and lived a simple life alongside their mother, who worked as a teacher at a school.

Upon seeing the scene of a boy being accused of taking pictures of a girl, Yotsuba Nakano intervened and stated that the boy did nothing, freeing him from trouble. From there, Yotsuba started to follow him because he found him interesting, soon discovering that his name was Uesugi Fuutarou.

The two walked all day, visiting the places and having fun, but they had something in common: the two had lost themselves. At dusk, they both took a souvenir photo. So, Yotsuba is both the main girl in Kyoto and the Bride.

After this event in Kyoto, Yotsuba began to use a bow to differentiate itself from the sisters. Finally, the childhood friend of an anime did not serve merely for comic relief. I initially thought that he wouldn't be with his childhood friend or the promised girl.

Of course I would prefer other girls like Miku and Nino, but to do what ... The hope I have is possible alternative endings to be released in the near future.

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