All about Tenkuu Shinpan - High-Rise Invasion


Looking for information about the Tenkuu Shinpan or High-Rise Invasion anime that launched February 25, 2021 on Netflix? In this article we will see everything about the anime, information about continuation and new season, spoilers and curiosities.

Tenkuu Shinpan infos

The anime Tenkuu Shinpan [天空侵犯] literally means invasion of the skyscrapers or violating the skies, which in Brazil has strangely gained the name of dead end, but which in English is called High-Rise Invasion.

The anime as usual is based on a manga Japanese written by Tsuina Miura and illustrated by Takehiro Oba. The manga was published online from 2013 to 2019 compiled in 21 volumes. A sequel to the manga is currently being published.

In the anime the high school student Yuri Honjō she finds herself lost in an “abnormal space” where countless skyscrapers are connected by hanging bridges and “masked figures” tend to cause people to despair, killing them or causing them to kill themselves.

All about tenkuu shinpan - dead end
all about tenkuu shinpan - dead end

Tenkuu Shinpan New Season and Continuation

The anime was published with a partnership between Netflix and produced by Zero-G, responsible for the anime Grand Blue, One Room, and Science Fell in Love. It looks like an average studio, but I really liked the dead end animation.

The anime was announced in October 2020 and released its first season in February 2021. Netflix is not usually reliable with the continuations of its series, but anime does tend to win new seasons.

We had the recent case of Great Pretender that received its second season shortly after the first. Other animes that have been on Netflix for many years have received their continuation, so I believe there will be a second season of Tenkuu Shinpan.

Another reason for a continuation is the end of the first season that ended without closing and with Cliffhanger. If Netflix follows the pattern of Great Pretender and other animes, we will have the second season already in 2021, maybe in 6 months.

It may also be that Netflix signed a 24-episode deal and aired only 12 at first. We believe that the next season of the anime will be able to finish the entire manga.

Anime has adapted about 150 chapters, I believe that the second season finalizes the first manga that has a total of 258 chapters. We don't know if there will be a sequel to the Tenkuu Shinpan manga sequel.

All about tenkuu shinpan - dead end
all about tenkuu shinpan - dead end

Tenkuu Shinpan Spoilers - High-Rise Invasion

I recommend waiting for the new season, but if you are curious about some details of the work, the first manga ends with a reasonably satisfying ending, with defeated villains and all the favorite characters alive.

After the events of the first season, Mamoru Aikawa is defeated by a new antagonist called the Administrator, who has the ability to own people. He does this with individuals like Tanabe, Miko Mask and Rikuya Yoshida.

I didn't read the sequel to the manga, but apparently it is another story along the same lines with a male protagonist still being released (I found only 17 chapters online).

The original manga series left many plot topics pending and unsolved, including the main problem of the protagonists. Not even the Supervisor was able to answer the reason for the conflicts or the system.

As the manga is already complete, I recommend you read the manga (at the end of this article) to follow the rest of the story if you are not patient enough to wait for a new season. Who will be closest to God?

All about tenkuu shinpan - dead end
all about tenkuu shinpan - dead end

The Sequel to Tenkuu Shinpan - Arrive

The end of the first manga was not entirely conclusive, perhaps some future connection is possible in the sequel to the manga. At the end of the first manga, peace was only a temporary solution, as the unstable worlds of dominance still pose a major threat to Earth.

The new manga series features a new male protagonist named Senya Matsuda, 16, who dreams of being an astronaut. These dreams are figuratively shattered when a tower falls unexpectedly from the roof of his school.

The story of the High-Rise Invasion sequel apparently takes place much later in the timeline, since the world of skyscrapers before perfectly maintained it now appears to be in ruins.

So far, there is no alternative answer provided other than Candidates for God, and even the Supervisor does not know who created the murder system. Skyscraper humans face diminishing food supplies and the threat of unknown groups.

All about tenkuu shinpan - dead end
all about tenkuu shinpan - dead end

High-Rise Invasion or Tenkuu Shinpan Manga

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