Belle Delphine - The girl from Ahegao and the bath water

Have you heard about the controversy, viral and meme maker Belle Delphine? In this article, we’ll talk about this famous girl who helped spread the word ahegao and created the new commercial trend of bath water.

Belle Delphine is a cosplayer and model from the United Kingdom, her real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner. She became popular and got rich on social media for posting videos and photos of ahegao and shake the perverts on duty.

Belle Delphine’s Origin

It all started on March 27, 2015, where she posted her first photo on Instagram named @ belle.delphine. Since then, she has posted sexy cosplay photos on her social networks and has reached many followers.

On August 14, 2016 Delphine sent a makeup tutorial as her first YouTube video. Only on September 5, 2018 she posted a second video showing a tour of her room.

In March 2018 she created a Patreon entitled "Belle Delphine is creating photos and obscene content”In order to raise money. Supporters had access to private snapchat and exclusive photos.

Belle delphine - the ahegao and bath water girl

In just 8 months it reached more than 1190 supporters. In September 2018 she started posting photos making faces of ahegao. One of her popular photos, she was cosplayed by from Overwatch.

She also created a Reddit who in less than a month gained more than 22,000 followers. At its peak, it is believed to generate more than $ 15,000 a month from just over 2,500 supporters.

Ahegao it is when a woman makes a strange face expressing an intense amount of pleasure during sexual intercourse. Very popular in Japanese pornography, hentai and even in certain situations in anime.

Belle Delphine the trolladora and creator of memes

Since she started gaining several followers, she has always posted provocative and engaged content to gain more followers. I honestly have to clap for this girl and call her smart.

His videos are always meaningless, doing unusual things that turn into memes and go viral. There are videos of her playing with a dead octopus, getting into a fridge, which have become memes in the 9gag and reddit.

Just video of the octopus titled “finding my best friend“, has racked up over 4.3 million views and 52,000 comments. While some ridiculed, others followed the uproar.

Belle delphine - the ahegao and bath water girl

The most incredible happened on June 16, 2019, where Belle Delphine promised her followers that she would create a page on the Pornhub website if she reaches 1 million likes. In 5 days your post got 1.8 million likes.

She kept her promise and created a page and posted several videos with flashy and provocative titles, but in reality it was not pornographic at all. This further boosted his popularity and gave rise to several memes.

On Pornhub she posted a video with a title where she said she would caress 2 cocks (which refers to the male genital organ) but which also refers to cocks. She actually stroked 2 cocks, the animals.

She also posted a video where she says playing with her pussy which also means cat. She just played with a stuffed cat. In another video she said she would squirt (squirt) throughout the room. She did this, using a water gun.

The Belle Delphine store and its bath water

On July 1, 2019 Belle Delphine launched the BelleDelphineStore, an online store that sells products with her photos, things like a mousepad, posters and the controversial bath water.

Delphine posted a photo on Instagram of herself cosplaying D.Va from Overwatch, while sitting in a bathtub announcing that she would be selling her own bath water in the new online store.

After this announcement, his fame rose even further on Twitter and news sites. Several youtube channels started making videos on the subject, some criticizing her, others calling her a genius.

Belle delphine - the ahegao and bath water girl

Hundreds of stupid men were willing to pay $ 30 for a meager jar of a few ml of water with a print titled “GamerGirl Bath Water ”. Is this girl smart or not?

In a short time the bath water supply ran out. She got even richer selling chewing gum and even a pot of her pee for about $ 10,000. How far does the virjões go?

Some even claimed to have contracted herpes because of the bath water. Others said they did analysis in the water and said they found no trace of DNA. Did she just fill the pots with tap water?

Once again, this boomed on social media and further increased the girl’s popularity. Unfortunately his joy ended when he lost his official Instagram account on the 18th of July. Not that it was a problem.

Interestingly if you start typing Belle Delphine on Google, it will suggest Belle Delphine died.

People who pay for exclusive content

Although there are tons of pornography on the internet, there are sick people who desperately follow someone, even paying to have exclusive access to Snapchat and obscene videos and photos of that person.

In recent years several social networks have emerged just to make people pay to access adult content from certain girls who spend their time posting sexy photos on social networks like Instagram.

Belle delphine - the ahegao and bath water girl

This is the new modality of pornography, where any girl can become a prostitute and sell her own magazine, without depending on being chosen by tests. In fact, many do not even engage in sexual intercourse.

After such a phenomenon, other girls, including Brazilians, tried to raise money from unusual fetishes that are also popular in Japan. Some even raised a lot of money by selling standing photos.

Tell me? Why would anyone pay for bath water? Why would anyone pay for standing photos? What is your opinion about this absurdity? I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it, share and leave your comments.

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